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gaming etiquette

  1. PaladinTroy

    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    Personally for me, I hate the following. 1. People who clown around too much, especially in serious situations. 2. People asking me what’s my class and abilities in game. ( learn what I am and what I do in game....that is, if I so choose to show or tell you, either way, let’s role play it out )...
  2. SteveD

    Is there a Men Against Gamer Sexism movement/organisation/groundswell?

    Ala the Men Against Rape associations? If not, should we build one? Should I build one? Would anyone care? Answers should be shouted at me in all caps admidst anti-feminist conspiracy theories.
  3. R

    [Etiquette] What to do if the host doesn't want to play

    Recently one of the players in my group has offered to run a game. This is great because our games are nearly always run by the same 2 people (myself and another guy) and it's nice for us to have a break. This isn't the first time this guy has GMed and he's been gaming long enough that he...
  4. A

    Gamer's etiqutte question

    Here's the situation; most of a group agrees to play a game, but there's one guy who doesn't like the system. However, said guy expresses intent to show anyway. Would you tell the guy not to show, or would you let him show up anyway?
  5. C

    [Etiquette] Why is this such a big deal?

    Why is talking about your character such a big deal? This was brought up in the 'London gaming etiquette' thread, and I've seen it complained about numerous times before. However, this type of conversation is one which our group loves to have on a fairly regular basis. As long as it isn't...
  6. stephen_dean

    London gaming etiquette

    I have been living in London since September, and all my gaming experience was in the United States, specifically in Maine, generally in a house of a friend, and usually with people I either grew up with or met through gaming. I want to join a game, or hopefully more than one, but a look at...
  7. P

    [Discussion]Guardians of Order's Role-Playing Game Manifesto

    A friend has this as his MSN Live image avatar. I posted this here, not as any kind of personal attack on GoO and their products, but because words like these sound, to my mind, a bit on the antiquated. They are as follows: I have several problems with this, and the only thing I can agree with...
  8. R

    Con Games: When Do You Walk Away?

    I'm reading the bad conventions game thread (Which I'm enjoying... drama threads are kinda my reality-show-like guilty pleasure) and people seem to have a lot more tolerance than me in that they played through the whole game even when indications were arising early that it would suck. I've yet...
  9. zenten

    How can I be a good play by post player?

    OK, I signed up for one here, and things seem to be getting close to the point where we'll start playing soon. Thing is, I'm a bit worried that I will hinder things once the game starts, because I just don't know what's expected in such a game. I get that updating frequently is good, and...
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