1. grodog

     Celebrating Greyhawk: A Fandom Renaissance - GaryCon XI Seminar

    The audio recording, slides, and handouts from our Greyhawk seminar at GaryCon are now available for download. Details at and at Allan.
  2. Majestic

    [The Big Bang Theory] Gary Con and E. Gary Gygax mentioned numerous times

    One of my favorite shows is TBBT. I haven't seen anything posted about it here yet, but I was pleasantly suprised to see them not just mention D&D, but Gary Con (which I've attended twice) and E.Gary Gygax, along with some jokes about Sheldon or Penny dressing up/cosplaying as Gary. Did...
  3. DrFaust

    Carnagecast 40: Gygax Magazine and Gary Con

    In episode 40 of Carnagecast, James Carpio, games editor of Gygax magazine, joins us to talk about the launch of the periodical, the process of assembling a magazine’s worth of content and finding the balance in the old and new schools of role-playing. He also shares some of his trip this past...
  4. Keyes

    Villains & Vigilantes event @ GaryCon feat. Dee, Herman, & Willingham

    This weekend March 25-27 at GaryCon, Bill Willingham (Fables, Elementals, Death Duel with the Destroyers) is running a 3 day Villains & Vigilantes campaign for Jeff Dee & Jack Herman (V&V co-creators), plus a handful of lucky die-hard fans (myself included :)). I'll be updating our progress...
  5. M

    GaryCon in Lake Geneva, WI March 19 - 21

    Gary Con is an annual convention held in honor of Gary Gygax, the Father of Role Playing Games. Gary's children started the event to celebrate his life by doing the thing he liked most: Gaming! Gary Con is reminiscent of the gaming conventions from the pioneering days of the hobby; the focus is...
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