1. Jaybug1001

    Rise, Rapture, Rise!- A Genesys RPG set in the city of Rapture. (Bioshock 1 & 2)

    I have been working on stats for weapons, enemies, and character creation for the Genesys system to fit with the Bioshock (Specifically 1 and 2) settings. Free to use at your own leisure. Have yet to test them out but planning on creating a one-shot using these rules. Rapture Armory Rapture...
  2. CitizenKeen

    Technoir Transmissions in other Systems

    Okay, so with the news that Justin Alexander is bringing back Technoir, I went back and reread it. (Tangent: Alexander makes perfect sense as the person to take over, since the initial three-connection triangle is essentially the three-clue rule writ large.) I love Transmissions. As someone...
  3. R

    All Purpose Genesys Thread

    I recently picked up Genesys and imagine I am going to have lots of questions and am going to want some input on stuff, so I figured an all purpose thread would be useful for myself and anyone else exploring the game. My first question is pretty straight forward: how many players does the game...
  4. Matt.Ceb

    [FFG] Android RPG is Go. :)

    Just announced. :) "Shadow of the Beanstalk is a 256-page sourcebook for use with the Genesys Roleplaying System. In this book, you’ll find new rules for character creation, new weapons, equipment, and adversaries...
  5. Lenin

    Daniella Sofia Ruiz Ortega

    An extra/ultra-terrestrial excursion has occurred in Philadelphia and the city is now inhabited by things with too many tentacles. Something something teams of disparate individuals something Daniella Sofia Ruiz Ortega, a Genesys character built on 100 pts. Daniella Sofia Ruiz Ortega Human...
  6. NinjaWeasel

    [Genesys] Using Star Wars Books For A Cyberpunk Game?

    Okay, so let's say that I want to run a Cyberpunk game using Genesys and I'm not patient enough to wait around for the Android sourcebook to be released... which I'm not... well there's a lot of somewhat-compatible material in a sci-fi vein in the various Star Wars books, right? The big question...
  7. Tango Samurai

    Genesys Terrinoth Careers Creation Question

    Suppose I want a SpellSword or BattleMage for Terrinoth. Do I just take 4 skills out of Warrior and 4 out of Wizard and Bang! Done!? Or do I try to make something else, and what's stopping me from making a jack-of-all-trades monster? Or worse yet a career trap that makes a useless character?
  8. CitizenKeen

    Genesys Android Character Sheets

    Link. Android is arguably the best cyberpunk setting in recent memory. Getting the new setting book is going to be great, but the character sheets will tide me over. Looking forward to seeing what favors look like, but I love the new Talents and gear.
  9. C

    D&D-Genesys Hybrid System - Eberron

    Good afternoon everyone, This is my first time posting in this forum but I've progressed far enough in my project where feedback would be extremely helpful. The Problem For several years now FFG's Star Wars RPG system (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny) have been my...
  10. JobotBobica

    O Genesys Where Art Thou?

    So I recently managed to play a demo of Edge of the Empire, and it re-sparked my interest in Genesys. Of course I went to see what is out there. Is it odd that only Terrinoth managed to come out and no other announcements? Is Genesys a dud for FFG - in the sense of not performing up to their...
  11. A

    [Sell Me On] Realms of Terrinoth, please.

    I found a copy of the book recently for a good deal, and I'm curious. What exactly is it? What separates it from assorted other Fantasy RPGs I may well already own? Thanks!
  12. S

    [Genesys] At its core, what sorts of games is Genesys good for?

    What I mean is, where does it shine? For example, while it can be dialed all over the place, GURPS seems to work best when you want something "gritty" or "low cinematic", with the option to shovel in detail as you wish. You CAN make it much more cinematic (and there are rule for that both in the...
  13. M

    Realms of Terrinoth...too generic?

    Briefly scanned through FFG's new Realms of Terrinoth book for Genesys. I realize that one of its functions is to help folks mold the Genesys system for fantasy roleplaying, but the default setting seems...well, pretty much the same as many other fantasy RPGs. There're elves, dwarven kingdoms...
  14. A

    Genesys: Magic vs Might

    So a question to people who have been playing/trying out Genesys for some time, preferably for Fantasy games: How powerful is magic compared to mundane/melee combat? For instance, take two PCs built using the same xp pool, except 1 focuses on arcana and attack spells, while the other focuses on...
  15. T

    Your experiences with Genesys/Star Wars FFG?

    Hello all. I'm a huge fan of the system mentioned in the title, and I am really keen on knowing what everyone's experience has been with Genesys/Star Wars, both the good and the bad.
  16. S

    Realms of Terrinoth - any “black” or “Asian” characters?

    First off, I put that in quotes because we’re talking about a fictional setting. That said, FFG really impressed me with the inclusiveness in the SW line; great artwork, and showed lots of different folks and genders (never mind aliens!). So, well pleased. Big fan of their NDS system, and...
  17. gundark

    Genesys or Infinity rpg?

    Hi I'm interested in putting together a sci-fi campaign that uses transhuman elements. The two rpgs that I'm looking at are Infinity and Genesys. Even though Genesys isn't specifically about transhumanism I imagine it would be easy to bake in. I own both and have read or am reading both, but I a...
  18. Snow Goon

    I want to run a game in the Fallout setting

    Like so many others, I've wanted to run a tabletop campaign set in the wasteland ever since I played Fallout 3, the first game in the series that I played. The aesthetic, factions, humor, music, and overall themes; I fell in love with them all. That said, I'm trapped in a prison of analysis...
  19. J

    Genesys - Star Wars Books for Idea Mining (mechanics)

    I recently picked up the Genesys core book, and I am kind of digging it. I was wondering if had any suggestions on Star Wars (EotE, AOR, FoD) splat books that would be useful for as working examples of the design principles. For example: The core books use a flow/chart table for...
  20. Tango Samurai

    Genesys Realms of Terrinoth preview

    From the Hype Machine I really dig this idea. It gives every character a great "power" or way to shine outstanding from everyone else. This is Big Damn Hero stuff and it's baked right into the rules. And I love the artwork. See that pic...
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