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george r. r. martin

  1. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20181005

    Game of Crowns, Birthrights, and Politics aka a Noble game of Politics and Intrigue. Done as of 10/05@1430 Ever since Game of Thrones/ Song of Fire and Ice have become so large in the public consciousness, players have wanted to play Games with Crowns, Birthrights, Politics, and Intrigue...
  2. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180602

    George R. R. Martin Sayeth Love or hate the man (after his last set of books), he is a skilled and gifted writer. From Wild Cards on, he has written some very memorable characters. So I found this quote and needed to share. Tangled Knots Your characters are strikingly multifaceted. What's...
  3. Old DiceMan

    [SoFaI]Has Martin tipped his hand at all toward what the ending will be?

    I am not familiar with the books, just the HBO series, but I would ask of the more informed Martin fans out there: Is this going someplace meaningful? It strikes me that with this long succession of revenge-fueled war, machinations, murder, and mayhem that the entire meaning of the literary...
  4. Andrew Sheeler

    ASoIaF Spoiler Party

    So yeah, spoilers. If you've got spoiler theories for GRRM's series, let's hear them. Who is the Harpy? What is Varys and Illyrio's game? What happened to Jon Snow at the end of Dance? What subtle part of the book has everyone but you overlooked? Let's get spoiler-y!
  5. Menocchio

    [WiR] A Song of Ice and Fire Vol. 1.5: Dunk and Egg

    Hello! And thanks for joining me as I take a little journey down the byways of Westeros before returning to George R.R. Martin's epic series of incest and intrigue in the Seven Kingdoms. I've been commentating on A Song of Ice and Fire and in that thread have covered the first three books (the...
  6. O

    Has GRRM and A Game of Thrones Created a New Fantasy Subgenre?

    I was just reading another fantasy series and it sure seems inspired by GRRM and his A Song of Ice and Fire, and it seems that a lot of recent authors have been inspired by this series. So... 1) Is there a new fantasy subgenre emerging influenced by A Song of Ice and Fire, or is it just a...
  7. B

    John Scalzi and George R.R. Martin: One prolific author salutes another

    This is golden, from fine author and excellent human being John Scalzi: A bit of perspective well worth keeping mind.
  8. J

    [A Dance with Dragons] Twas Beauty Killed The Beast

    Fresh from the not-a-blog, looks like he's finished. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence.
  9. Yo! Master

    [books] The 'ASoI&F' general discussion thread *spoilers of all 4 books galore*

    With the TV series looming what better chance to get a discussion going on about the books again, eh? :) So, post whatever your thoughts might be on aspects of them. Let's start with a list of the various players & the kind of game they're involved in: The game of the Westeros throne: -...
  10. T

    A Dance with Dragons - RELEASE DATE

    Official date in official site http://georgerrmartin.com/if-update.html TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011
  11. Praetorian

    [AsoIF] Any Confidence Left for ADwD?

    Pretty simple really, its been the better part of 5 years since we saw Feast. At that time, GRRM said that Dance would be a quick turn around since much of it was written at the same time as Feast. Since then, pretty much nothing. Nothing but GRRM enjoying the visits circut and not having...
  12. S

    GRRM has only 5 more chapters left.

    George RR Martin's publisher (or editor, one of the two) has spoken out that he has only 5 more chapters left to go. They predict the book will be done by the end of the year, and published early on in 2011. Sexy news to be sure. However, whether GRRM can follow through remains to be seen.
  13. C

    GRRM posts short Lannister story

    http://grrm.livejournal.com/140797.html :D ;)
  14. E

    H: DA-Fae and other stuff W: Game of Thrones d20 / Deluxe

    Hi, As implied by the title i am looking for a copy of the Game of Thrones D20 or the Deluxe Book variant (prefered, but see below). I can not pay a lot but i have some things i could trade (the last 4 items are in german, but you'll never know) HAVE: Codex of Erde Setting Book DnD Sword and...
  15. C

    (aSoIaF) - Feast of Crows.. DONE (sort of..)

    Salutations, http://www.georgerrmartin.com/nextbook.html CR
  16. A

    George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire general discussion thread

    I can't seem to find any good ASoI&F forums out there, so I figured I'd start a general discussion thread here. Threads about Martin's books pop up here every once in a while, so I know folks out there are willing to talk. I'll start things off with a question: Who gave the Valyrian dagger to...
  17. Kevin Mowery

    Martin's Song of Ice & Fire, looked at another way.

    George R. R. Martin is saying now that he hopes to get the next book in the series done by the end of the year (I'll believe it when I see it, since it's been five years or so in the making, but I'm cautiously optimistic). That, combined with the constantly-delayed but impending release of the...
  18. Quasar

    A Storm of Swords

    So, I cruising though A Storm of Swords for the first time. And have just gone through the Red Wedding section. Good God. I was expecting it to be a trap, but I didnt expect it to go THAT badly for the Stark family. I feel even sadder for Sansa now than I did when her planned wedding to Willis...
  19. M

    I (heart) George R.R. Martin

    I can't help it. Listening to Storm of Swords all over again I get chills as the ravens descend on the wights so that Sam and Gilly can get away. He has ruined me for all other fantasy authors out there. 'Cept Pratchett, of course. Sometimes, I have to shout out my love for this mans...
  20. johnnype

    Song of Ice and Fire - pointless speculation

    I'm a big fan of Martin's SoIaF series. I'ts been a while since I finished the third book and like many others I'm anxiously waiting for the fourth. At the same time I'm concerned that the pace it's going Martin might die before the series is completed. I wonder if he has any idea of how the...
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