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  1. J


    The early access version of the digital version of the critically acclaimed board game Gloomhaven was just released on Steam. I've picked it up and spent fifteen minutes trying it out. It seems decent so far, though there are some places where I'll need more time to really judge it...
  2. Evil Midnight Lurker

    Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles overview

    I've had a day or two to look it over, so here's a minimal-spoiler overview for any Gloomhaven players who haven't pulled the trigger already: One new class, intended to be playable from day one of the main game: the Aesther Diviner, which uses two new mechanics -- a Regeneration condition...
  3. capnzapp

    [5e] Gloomhaven as a ttrpg?

    A general thread on making a GH-inspired ttrpg is here: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?826768-Gloomhaven-as-a-ttrpg In this thread, I would like to share my (semi-random) ideas on how to cobble together a GHRPG based on 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons :)
  4. capnzapp

    Gloomhaven as a ttrpg?

    If you have Gloomhaven experience, what would be needed to turn it - or rther its mechanisms - into a full-fledged rpg? I'm mostly thinking it could be a refreshing experience to select to play a Brute or Tinkerer instead of Fighter or Wizard. While it would be great to see a full Gloomhaven...
  5. N

    [Kickstarter] Gloomhaven: Second Printing

    Gloomhaven is a highly talked about board game which had a Kickstarter which saw its products delivered a few months ago. It turned out that the available retail supply didn't get close to meeting demand since interest in the game blew up over the year and a half it took for the game to be...
  6. BethDragon

    [WWP] Gloomhaven: Where it's dark and it's mean and it's cooooold...

    Thanks to the gracious glorious Calliope (may all her dice rolls be crits), Random Nerd and I were able to get a Gloomhaven box! (And whoa, whatta box! It's hyuge!) After the many many punching out of everything and getting stuff organized, we started it up! Party: SkitterThwack Enterprises...
  7. Calliope


    Well, us KS backers should mostly have the game by now, and those people lucky enough to grab one of the scarce retail copies should probably have theirs on Tuesday. I'm curious what people think. For those who aren't familiar: Gloomhaven is a scenario-based dungeon crawler for 1-4 players...
  8. V

    GLOOMHAVEN - Incredible game on Kickstarter with great substance, depth, and mechanics!!!!

    GLOOMHAVEN HAS IT ALL!!! Incredible substance, depth, and mechanics in a tactical co-op board game. Awesome components too!!! Here is a link to the Kickstarter: LINK Just check out Rahdo's impression of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_1p_pGuG4Y Needless to say, I backed this game!!
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