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  1. Uthred

    Which adventures best show off Glorantha?

    So I picked up the new Runequest Glorantha and the Gamemasters Pack. Overall I'm pretty impressed. I do think the text could do with a tighter editing pass and more or less serially makes the mistake of referencing setting elements that are never explained but I'm interested in running it...
  2. nemo

    For Sale 13th Age: Glorantha & 13th Age Core Rulebook bundle

    Both books in like-new condition. Asking $65, which includes both books and media mail shipping within the continental U.S. Please PM me if interested!
  3. Cultist of Sooty

    [RuneQuest Glorantha] Apple Lane... At Last!

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I've posted about games here. But I've decided to put an Actual Play thread up about our game of RuneQuest Glorantha. I'll start, as I like to, with some irrelevant backstory. RuneQuest was one of my first loves in RPGs. I got into gaming in 1983 when the...
  4. Cgeist7

    *Web Site* Cradle of Heroes - Character creation for Runequest in Glorantha

    The Cradle of Heroes is a free, fan created gaming tool that I developed to meet my needs as a GM and player. It's designed so that anyone can create and manage characters and creatures and to simplify the character creation process. The app takes a process of 1.5 hours and cuts it down to 10...
  5. N

    The Glorantha Pipeline

    RQ:G, the Bestiary and the Glorantha Sourcebook have been published and have a collected slipcase, fancy editions, etc. Is the 'new Glorantha product every couple of months' plan still on? Any word on what's coming next? Will the Big Rubble companion ever be released? Is a 'considered canon'...
  6. rabbithat

    Chaosium Crowdfunding campaign for RUNEQUEST: ADVENTURES DANS GLORANTHA (RQG in French)

    The crowdfunding campaign for RUNEQUEST: ADVENTURES DANS GLORANTHA (RQG in French) went live earlier today, and already 189% funded! (Funded in 90 minutes) https://www.gameontabletop.com/cf186/runequest.html
  7. Nate_MI

    Heroquest Source Books

    I'm a huge fan of Glorantha and their system of Heroquests and Heroquesting. However it seems like possible quests are only ever hinted at or outlined in the driest manner possible.. Is there any kind of sourcebook that collects possible Heroquests, or at least the mythology of Glorantha in such...
  8. rabbithat

    Chaosium Announcing Chaosium Con Down Under (Sydney, Australia - 2-3 May, 2020)

    Chaosium is excited to announce that Chaosium Con Down Under is going to take place a year from now (2-3 May, 2020) at the evocative and historic Glebe Town Hall in inner Sydney, Australia. With our friends at Aetherworks, we're planning a boutique yet captivating program that's going to be in...
  9. eggdropsoap

    Anyone played Burning Wheel in Glorantha?

    Glorantha is my favourite setting, and Burning Wheel is my favourite game. I’ve been thinking about combining them to get the best of both worlds. Burning Wheel’s personal-scale character drama and world-changing scope suit Glorantha really well, if I can get the magic and LPs to mesh enough...
  10. rabbithat

    Chaosium Black Shamrock To Bring Beloved Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure RuneQuest To Life With All-New Video Game [RuneQuest]

    After 40 years as a beloved role-playing adventure series, Chaosium Inc. is partnering with Dublin-based developer Black Shamrock to bring RuneQuest into the 21st century – as a video game RPG. Black Shamrock is developing an all new RPG adventure based on the work of legendary fantasy game...
  11. I. J. Betty

    Which Glorantha do I want? (Sell Me)

    I've been vaguely familiar with the Glorantha setting for some time, but have never played a game in the setting. The other day I picked up The Glorantha Sourcebook and fell in love. My only problem is that there are three different RPGs out right now, and I really can't decide between them...
  12. Nate_MI

    [Recruitment] Hero Wars

    This is a recruitment ad for a game set in the world of Glorantha using the 13th Age in Glorantha ruleset. The game is set during the Hero Wars and will follow a group of Heroes who are answering a call for help from the settlement of High Walls. High Walls needs someone to venture to an...
  13. Spartan

    [WIR] RuneQuest Glorantha

    This isn't going to be quick, but my first read through was very enjoyable, so I thought I'd take y'all along for the ride this time. The only version of RQ I've played has been MRQII/Legend, though I have also read RQ 2, 3, & 6. Given as I plan to run RQG in the not too distant future, another...
  14. Nick the Nevermet

    HQ2 Glorantha: Promising Benny Started It! (A Manirian Game)

    Somehow, I talked myself into running a PbP game. Even more strangely, I have found players willing to see what happens. Promising Benny Started It! is a PbP game I'm prepping and about to start off-site. I am starting this thread for a combination of amusement, and as an open invitation for...
  15. J

    Houston, TX TTRPG - RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha - GM - Need more players

    Play Location/Method: Houston, TX - TTRPG FtF Game/System: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Player or GM?: I'm the GM in this campaign. Time/Frequency: Every Friday Night at 6:00 PM Genre: example: Bronze Age fantasy in Glorantha Current needs: Looking for 2-3 more players Accept Drop-In...
  16. Lev Lafayette

    In Memory of Greg Stafford: White Bear and Red Moon

    As the memorial thread indicates most people will know that Greg Stafford has passed on. I have made my own words on this subject. For the past couple of months I have been organising a RuneQuest Glorantha Con Down Under in Australia. A couple of us have been pondering a way to memorise Greg's...
  17. Borbetomagnus

    [13G] 101 One Unique Things

    I just got the hardcover copy of 13th Age Glorantha and am reading through the first few chapters. I'll run it for my gaming group in the near future. I already have an on-going 13th Age campaign set in the Dragon Empire so system-wise the players will feel right at home. However, none of them...
  18. I

    A question for you chaos-besotted moon-curs

    Hey guys! Newcomer to Glorantha here. I've read the recent RQG thread and saw that a lot of you were sympathetic to the Lunar cause. I was open-minded, but then I read the new Glorantha beastiary which claims that the Crimson Bat requires 200 souls a week to sustain itself. How can you possibly...
  19. J

    Glorantha - John Redoes Teshnos

    I've never been very satisfied with Teshnos in Glorantha, and since everyone tweaks Glorantha anyway, I took a chainsaw to it and produced this. Comments welcomed. There's a lot more room to develop it, so suggestions welcomed. South Verenela (Fethlon Forest, Matkondu, and Teshnos) Once...
  20. theziggyed

    New to RuneQuest, interested in learning more.

    Hello All, I recently borrowed the newest version of Runequest (Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha by Chaosium). I've been going through it and I'm pretty interested in the game and it's world. Although it's a new edition, I was wondering what old supplements could be recommend to help...
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