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gm tools

  1. M

    GM Technique/ Tools Actors

    So Actor Idea https://forum.rpg.net/entry.php?242-MoonHunter-Sayeth-20171204 From memory, whihc works... but only if everyone has seen the same TV shows. Cards A list (before all this computer stuff... and imdb...) Why. It gives a hook, easier undrstanding It ensures that you have...
  2. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180502

    I have to admit. I am a frugal gamer. (Book Salvage) Gamers love their books. Despite our appreciation for digital copies of the game, we do like to have tangible books for play. However, we tend to use them so often, we express "the weakness of the paper media". Bindings crack, glue...
  3. A

     The Thread of Awesome RPG Resources

    I realized that I have some links to great online RPG resources hiding in my browser that probably not everybody knows about. I bet you do, too! Let's build a thread sharing all of our awesome links with other RPGnetters! I'll go first: Abulafia Random Generators (of all kinds, for many...
  4. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180411

    I have to admit. I am a frugal gamer. (GM Screens) You know, I am so cheap, I won't use a GM's Screen. It is just one more thing to buy and really... not that useful. I have a binder or clip board I work out of. My GM Journal or my PRBs or Personal Reference Binders have everything...
  5. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180409

    (cue reverb)Rollllling Thunnnnder(/reverb) aka Roll it on the table and Dice Shakers While many might deny it, gamers love rolling dice. Sure we all roll dice. One, or three, or maybe two dice at a time. But I am talking about A LOT OF DICE. That is where the fun is: a hand full. It is the...
  6. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180402

    I have to admit. I am a frugal gamer. (Battle Mat/ Board - Magic Board II) Magic Boards, a handy tool from long long ago. It is still one of the best tools I use. Today, you have lots of alternatives as portable tablets and apps, stationary technology, and material technology with clever...
  7. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180326

    GM's Tool: The Little Books. Not those little books (which are usually phone files these days.) Most players have a different idea about GM Tools than GMs do. GM's tend to need more tools than most players realize. Better GMs tend to have some extra tools, beyond the basics. That is what...
  8. Jürgen Hubert

    Digital Mapping Workshop for Gamers

    As an expansion of a thread over on the d20 forum, I think it might be useful if we started a thread where we can talk shop about creating digital maps for our games - I have my techniques from which others can learn, and I am sure others have their own techniques which I will find at least...
  9. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20171117

    GM Tools: Scene Journalling or where play by post RP meets Table Top Convergence Point Update After some wrangling, I managed to get the document to conform to the formats and style of the rest of the book. I found the corrected, updated format for lifeforms. I am updating the example...
  10. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20170809

    GM Tools: Data Maps Data Maps combines the use of the Human abilities of handling spacial positioning (distance and location) and finding patterns and relationships to help people explore connections between ideas and things and find new ideas that emerge from the relationships. Wow that...
  11. M

    PBP PC Faces

    The issue is simple. I've recently joined a new pbp game, and they like us to have avatar pics which are 'us'. All fine and good. However, for the first time ever I picked my PC to be a utterly ordinary girl attractiveness-wise. Yet I am finding it surprisingly hard to find a decent enough pics...
  12. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20170717

    Scene Thoughts While I have internet, I want to doodle on about scenes. In a story or a game, the scene is the basic building block of action and time in a story/ game. A scene is a unit of dramatic action or exposition that stands alone in a general location and time. When the action...
  13. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20170608

    Core Things to know 1) Cue Cards 2) Riffing 3) Magic Boards 4) Chronicle Packet (aka world pack/ packet, aka Campaign Packet, aka Setting Book) 5) GM Journal (aka GM Pad, GM Notebook, etc) GM’s Journal aka GM’s Pad, GM’s Grimoire, GM’s Notebook, Chronicle Notes, Chronicle papers, and so on...
  14. Matt.Ceb

    [GMing] GMs, share your prep process!

    I'm currently deep in campaign prep for a Dark Eye campaign I'll start next Saturday. (That makes three active Dark Eye campaigns I'm running. All three in different time periods. Add to that one Shadowrun campaign under my auspice and one Mage/Vampire cWoD chronicle. I'm also playing in a...
  15. R


    A lot of games have fun subsystems built into them -- particular mechanical tools used for a specific thing. One of the nice things about subsystems are that they tend to be portable: you can take a subsystem from one game and use it in another with little or no modification. I really like...
  16. candidgamera

    What Do YOU Put in Your Player Expectations Document?

    I've done it a number of different ways over the years - in person chats, mixed with surveys, emails, et cetera. As I was gearing up to potentially run a second Pathfinder game months from now, I decided to compile it into a Google Doc to share with the group - my Player Expectations document...
  17. H

    What's the best way to print RPG PDFs as a book?

    I want to turn some of my PDFs into a book for myself, preferably hardback but softcover or spiral bound would be okay. What would be an easy and cheap way to do this?
  18. R

    As a GM, do you try to up your game? If so, how?

    I know some GMs carry on doing the same thing they did, and their players are happy. Do you? Or do you consciously try to get better at GMing, and how do you go about it? ------- I know I can fall into ruts quite easily (I've run a lot of occult investigation games lately), and I try to do...
  19. wirecrossing

    What are your best & innovative GM tools?

    Are they battle grids, dice towers, erasable sheets, boards? Curious to see what everyone uses.
  20. A

    GM Tools

    I'm making a GM Tool of my own at the moment, in the shape of a space station map generator. What tools (outside the norm of dice/character sheets etc) do you folks use on a regular basis, be it digital, paper or otherwise? Are there ones you use all the time or just every now and again, or...
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