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god-machine chronicle


    [NWoD] Does anyone else prefer first edition?

    Since all the new additions to the NWoD are being released for GMC/2e, I've been trying to give it another look to see if I can grok it and, once grokked, if I like it. It's... weird. When I first heard about the GMC, I thought it was just going to polish the system and work out some bugs, but...
  2. T

    So, starting a God-Machine Vampire game. Anything I should know before going in?

    I mean, I get the rules and the rolls and all that. But are there mechanics that flow oddly in practice, or math that doesn't add up, or anything else I should know about? The only system I have any real experience with is Pathfinder, by the way.
  3. Mr Adventurer

    [nMage + GMC] I want to do something but I don't have enough system mastery to know how

    Hey hey everybody. I have just started playing in a new game of nMage also using the free GMC update. We are not Awakened yet - we're playing through our increasing exposure to weird magic elements as a prelude and will Awaken during play. I've got a clear direction I want to go with my...
  4. Juvenalian.Satyr

    [Demon: the Descent] Towers of Babel

    The year is 2048. As the tides of the global economy change, money and power flow eastward into new harbors—like Dubai. The city shines like a beacon on the edge of the desert, drawing in waves of immigrants from all walks of life, from the very wealthy to the very desperate, with the promise...

    Demon: the Descent + In Nomine = ... something cool, I hope?

    I've got a hack of Demon: the Descent brewing in my brain, in which a) the God-Machine is significantly less malevolent or even legitimately good, perhaps less Demiurge and more Metatron; b) angels are a lot closer to demons in nature, despite their connection to the G-M, having more free will...

    [God-Machine Chronicle] Am I missing something about Beats?

    So I've been diving into (the KS preview of) Demon: the Descent, and had to pause and go read some of the GMC rules updates to better understand what I was reading. And frankly, I don't get the point of Beats. As near as I can tell, they're just fifths of an Experience. Have I managed to just...
  7. The Tim

    [nWoD, Mechanics Spittballing] Life paths

    The stat array thread got me thinking about how the prioritization of Physical / Mental / Social for attributes and skills doesn't really matter or make sense. My primary complaint is that it isn't a meaningful choice or informative about the character. So here's a place to spitball some...
  8. M

    NWoD: Is it worth adopting the God-Machine update?

    I'm getting ready to hopefully run a World of Darkness game soon. Werewolf, specifically. It's something I've tried doing a couple times before in the past, but historically has fallen apart for one reason or another. I'm in the process of reacquainting myself with the rules and the setting...
  9. Heavy Arms

    [nWOD/GMC] Addressing GMC Combat Concerns

    Splitting this off from the Review the GMC thread, I have a lot of issues with how the new GMC rules interact with the nWOD combat system: *Intent and therefore Beaten Down could probably use three levels instead of two. *Unarmed combat, and Brawl in general, got the shaft. It has a huge XP...
  10. Numanoid

    [V:tR/Strix Chronicle] "Reap the Whirlwind" Free RPG day sample

    So I got a hold of "Reap the Whirlwind", the V:tR/Strix Chronicle playtest packet available on Free RPG day ( I got mine early because I promised to run a session for my LGS). Here are my thoughts... - Character creation section is pretty straightforward. I feel like it missed some stuff...
  11. jacobkosh

    [Campaign Idea] Pacific Northwestern Horror

    So after I gave it the hard sell, my RL gaming group is interested in trying out an NWoD game with The God-Machine Chronicle ruleset. I ran down the list of different options I'd been thinking about trying - Vampire, Hunter, Mummy, various flavors of vanilla mortal NWoD - and they settled on...

    [God-Machine Chronicle] We need a fluff thread

    The other thread about GMC is almost entirely devoted to the mechanics revisions, and the setting and story discussion seems to be getting drowned out. So I think we need a thread for the other half of the product. I'll start: Is it just me, or does the God-Machine remind anyone else of the the...
  13. S

    [God Machine Chronicles] It's out!

    Get it here! http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/113340/World-of-Darkness%3A-The-God-Machine-Chronicle
  14. B

    Promethean: The Created, updated with GMC

    I'm going to start my Promethean chronicle back up next week (link's in the sig, if you care), and I want to update the rules to coincide with GMC. Now, I'm aware that only a few people reading this have access to the full rules, and that's fine; this thread is meant to be not only a useful way...
  15. B

    [World of Darkness] God-Machine Chronicle Playtest: The Key

    Monday night I ran a <B>World of Darkness</b> game using the rules revisions from the upcoming <B>God-Machine Chronicle</b>. So here's what we've got. The characters are all law enforcement...but from different cities: <ul> <li>Ashton King, behavior psychology and profiler from Detroit...
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