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  1. T

    (Discord) Godbound Mini-Series

    I'm planning to run a Godbound mini-series. The reason I'm doing this is that I realized that I have a lot of tabletop RPGs that I've wanted to try, but I can't fit them into my regular weekly game. I figure I can just run a few mini-series of different games and see what appeals to me. Godbound...
  2. miedvied

    [Godbound] Session 0 1-on-1, feedback appreciated

    I'm soliciting feedback on how well this prepped scenario accomplishes the goal of introducing OSR 1HD power levels (as opposed to Godbound power levels to come), and a chance to explore different pieces of the setting for someone setting-naive and sourcebook-averse. I've been intending to...
  3. Pandorym

    IC I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria

    It is a dark day in the nation of Lumina, one of the Nine that bends their knee to the will of the Incandescent Empire. Black clouds block the sacred azure rays of Sorcen, the blue sun of Eiphoria, which casts a gloomy pall across the floating land of enchanted clouds. Normally this would be a...
  4. Pandorym

    OOC I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria

    Welcome to the out of character thread for I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria, a game of Godbound set in the custom fantasy world of Eiphoria. I am Pandorym, the game master, and with me are five players: @ajdynon @DannyK @Donan @Ramidel @squidheadjax. As normal, this thread is for all rules...
  5. Pandorym

    [Closed Recruitment] I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria

    I summon the five players interested in a game of Godbound within my custom fantasy world of Eiphoria: @ajdynon @DannyK @RdMarquis @Donan @squidheadjax. All Words are allowed, including everything from the Lexicon of the Throne. Concept Words may be taken with an appropriate concept, obviously...
  6. jeu de marseille

    [Discord, text only]Looking for players for a Godbound-in-space game

    Play Location/Method: Discord text chat Game/System: Godbound with Stars Without Number elements Player or GM? I'm the GM. Little experience with Discord in particular but lots of experience running games. Time/Frequency: I and one of the currently committed players are in EST; running it like a...
  7. Pandorym

    🎨 Creative Godbound/Apocalypse World Crossover?

    I'm mulling over a way to combine aspects of Godbound with the mechanics of Apocalypse/Dungeon World. See, I enjoy Godbound something fierce, but can't really stand d20 systems. So I thought to myself... "what if I don't have to?". The initial idea is this: use the Stats, Damage, Armor, HP, and...

    [Godbound] Traditional fantasy classes as martial strifes (with an eye towards Final Fantasy but not exclusively)

    I had this idea some months back, and I think it has legs. I was originally thinking of this as a way to do Final Fantasy, particularly the versions where you tend to mix and match classes on a single character (III, V, Tactics, both MMOs), but there's no reason it has to be limited to that. The...
  9. Pandorym

    IC Blessings of the God-Emperor Upon You (Godbound WH40k)

    Feudal World of Nibiru, 101.M42 BOOM! The unmistakable sound of a krak grenade goes off deafeningly nearby, soon followed by a second and then a third as lasers blast and bullets fly across the ash and blood-soaked battlefield. The rampaging tribe of feral Orks only push closer, pulping with...
  10. Pandorym

    OOC Blessings of the God-Emperor Upon You (Godbound WH40k)

    Welcome to the OOC thread for Blessings of the God-Emperor Upon You, a game of Godbound set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000 - the grim darkness of the 42nd Millennium after the Indomitus Crusade. This game will have five players: t@nya, playing Quintilius Drago, Space Marine Ramidel...
  11. Pandorym

    [Semi-Closed Recruitment] Godbound 40,000

    Hey everyone! I know a number of people in the Meta thread expressed an interest to join a game of Godbound using the Warhammer 40,000 setting. I'm more than up to GM it, though my writing skills concerning WH40k are hardly on par with those such as Tylorva. I'm willing to run for a group of...
  12. TavelGorge

    Godbound: Evicting Epistle

    Introduction https://sponsoredbynobody.podbean.com/e/godbound-evicting-epistle-introduction/ We have returned to Godbound for a full campaign now that the Lexicon of the Throne has been published. Welcome to the Evicting Epistle, a primordial realm at the dawn of creation, being invaded by...
  13. Numanoid

    IC [Godbound] We Who Are about to Live Salute You

    Ancalia Even in the thickest of boots, the chill of the sodden earth of Ancalia's northwest bogs creeps into your feet with each step. This land is one of great beauty and great tragedy. As you walk the decaying roads you still see traces of its once-envied kingdom; hollowed-out fortresses...
  14. Numanoid

    OOC Godbound: We Who Are About to Live Salute You

    We Who are About to Live Salute You: A Godbound PbP game A tale of Gods when they were merely Mortal Cast: squidheadjax as Ajawan, the Humble Flame t@nya as Leonello Caloprara The Wyzard as Serendipity ajdynon as Astrid Johannsen Icon as Mikkos Szabo EnigmaticOne as Zhou...
  15. F

    Could I use Godbound for Soulsborne play? If not, what?

    Like the title says, how do people think Godbound would fare at Soulsbound type play? Has anybody tried this? If Godbound wouldn't do it, what would you say would be a good choice?
  16. K

    IC [Godbound] Dark Matter

    Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah had come to the Bright Republic. Word of the great artist's arrival spread from the glimmering estates of the Patriot/Citizens segments to the phosphorescent twilight of the algae mega-farms tenanted by the hosts of NV indentured workers. The...
  17. K

    OOC [Godbound] Dark Matter

    Welcome! Zaenso Xi sector Wiki
  18. Fred

    [Interest/Lookin for GM] Godbound set in Star Without Number

    I'm watching Altered Carbon and the futuristic visuals coupled with the technological name dropping have really wheted my appetite for a scifi game. And since my motto is that "anything is better with superpowers", I immediately pictured superpowered characters in a setting like AC's. This led...
  19. GrendelForx

    IC Godbound: Better to Reign in Hell

    GODBOUND: BETTER TO REIGN IN HELL PART I : THE BLEAK LEGION You find yourselves on the Road of Last Hope, running near parallel to the Oasis States and Ancalia. You have recently heard of a former Pavian knight by name of Amala Dega, now the Lordess of a small southern Ancalian town called...
  20. GrendelForx

     Recruitment: Godbound: Better to Reign in Hell

    This is a recruitment for the Godbound game cheerfully titled: Better to Reign in Hell. The game takes place in the Realm of Arcem, the core realm covered in the core Godbound book assuming those Backgrounds and history from the volume's Gazetteer. Please use the complete character creation...
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