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green ronin

  1. BabbageCliologic

    Blue Rose in a Modern AGE (kitbashing Blue Rose AGE with Modern AGE)

    Hello Sirs, I’ve played a convention game of Modern AGE but I haven’t picked up the game yet and I’ve played Blue Rose AGE and I backed the Kickstarter. Any thoughts on kit bashing Blue Rose AGE to Modern AGE to have a modern take on the Blue Rose setting? What would a Modern Aldis look...
  2. B

    *Podcast* "Eros is moving?! [Polyhedron Interview Steven Kenson about The Expanse RPTG]

    Polyhedron | Episode 65 - "The asteroid can dodge?!" NSFW (mild language) *Mild spoilers from the book and show* We sit down with Steven Kenson of Mutants & Masterminds fame about his latest project, the official Expanse RPG by Green Ronin Publishing. Enjoy! [Website] // [iTunes]...
  3. V

    the #metoo movement and TTRPGS

    We have had a number of other threads about this, with some of the sexual harassers now no longer working in the industry (for a variety of reasons). We have had publishers respond badly, or not at all; other industries and other nerd spaces have done better, but mostly this has all been...
  4. Theron

    Green Ronin Has Licensed The Expanse

    Chris Pramas and Jack Norris just announced this on their social media accounts. Way cool. More info: https://greenronin.com/blog/2017/08/17/press-release-green-ronin-to-publish-the-expanse-rpg/
  5. NinjaWeasel

    [Modern AGE] Just Announced! What Are You Hoping to see?

    Green Ronin has just announced that there will be a Modern AGE rpg in the, hopefeully not-too-distant, future. The announcement is here. In the announcement it seems tied to a licenced setting that I'm not familiar with. I'm personally pretty curious about this though as I love Modern and...
  6. Michelle Lyons

    Green Ronin Talent Search for new women and non-binary writers

    http://greenronin.com/blog/2017/04/03/talent-search-announcement/ From Nicole Lindroos, co-owner of Green Ronin: This is an interesting opportunity, and while I have some nits I could pick, it's really not worthwhile to do so. Overall, I think it's awesome, and I wanted to make sure the...
  7. Tango Samurai

    Green Ronin State of the Year 2017

    I love when the game companies do this. https://greenronin.com/blog/2017/01/09/nymessage2017/ Finally! A Valkana Sourcebook! And Freedom City 3rd Ed! All hail the Ronin!
  8. Kreuzritter

    [necro]Roninarmy, the official Forums for Green Ronin, may be shutting down

    at 6:34 EST, it was announced that Ronininarmy.com , the official message forum for Green Ronin (makers of Mutants and Masterminds, Freeport, True20, Icons and holders of the licences for the Dragon Age and A Song of Ice & Fire RPGs), cannot continue on in its current form, complete with...
  9. E

    Is Exandria (of Critical Role) going to be an official DnD 5e Setting? Done by Green Ronin? Tell me more!

    Did i hear that right?! Can anyone give more details and/or links? I heard it was announced at Gen Con? If that's true - great! I love the CR show and i always thought Matt had a good mix of classic DnD stuff and his own myth in there. So i'd really like to see a published rpg setting for his...
  10. Z

    [Fantasy AGE] New class Emissary

    Hey As working of a new class so was looking for feed back Name: Emissary Themes: Cleric, Paladins, Jedi and other mage knight characters types. Primary Abilities: Willpower, Perception, Fighting and Communication Secondary Abilities: Accuracy, Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity, and...
  11. P

    *Kickstarter* [Green Ronin] The Book of the Righteous for Fifth Edition Kickstarter is Live!

    In 2002 Green Ronin published The Book of the Righteous, a massive tome for the Third Edition rules describing an entire pantheon of gods, as well as their churches, worshipers, and defenders. It was a big hit for us and became one of the most critically-acclaimed books of the d20 era. Now we...
  12. NinjaWeasel

    [AGE] What Are The Differences Between The Core Books?

    So, like a lot of people, I've had my interest piqued by the AGE system recently and there's a reasonably good chance I'll be picking up Fantasy Age before too long. However, I'm well aware that there's a Dragon Age compiled core book out now and Blue Rose is coming along as well. I've heard...
  13. S

    Small Press Vigilance Press Podcast: Chris Pramas talks Green Ronin, Titansgrave and the AGE system!

    The Vigilance Press Podcast returns! This week, guest Chris Pramas is with us to talk about Green Ronin and how they are involved with the Titansgrave web series! Tune in to learn how Green Ronin went from one "Ronin" publisher to a company working on one of the coolest series in the RPG...
  14. Steve Conan Trustrum

    Misfit Studios Misfit Studios Mutants & Masterminds Gateway Page up and Running

    Want to keep your eyes on the Misfit Studios Mutants & Masterminds products that are currently available? Now it's fast and easy -- bookmark, share, and follow the Misfit Studios Mutants & Masterminds products gateway page! To visit, click here. Use the conveniently provided social media tools...
  15. NinjaWeasel

    [True20] Any Good Quality Fan-Made Material?

    I've been looking at my True20 books recently and started to think how sad it was that nothing much appears to be going on with this system anymore. Even the True20 forums on Green Ronin's site are down and have been for some time. :( So I went and did a bit of searching for fan-made material...
  16. C

    New ICONS Edition Announced

    Ad Infinitum Adventures and Green Ronin announced a new edition of ICONS today, ICONS: Assembled Edition. I can't wait. I'll be pre-ordering two hard copies for sure. It sounds pretty backwards compatible, especially if you've been using Great Power.
  17. NinjaWeasel

    [A Song of Ice & Fire] Tell Me of the System it Uses

    I saw mention of ASOI&F in another thread and it got me curious as to how the system works. I've avoided looking at in the past because, as a fan of the Game of Thrones TV show who is avoiding reading the books, I'm afraid of potential spoilers. However, I would like to know more about the...
  18. Leonaru

    [Sell on me] Blue Rose

    Well, don't actually need to sell it on me, because I already got the core rulebook. However, I never ran or played it and would like to hear your opinion on why Blue Rose is good.
  19. J

    For Sale (USA, Midwest) True20, Changeling: the Lost, Green Ronin d20 Rome

    I'm looking to get rid of the following RPG books to free up some space, if anybody is interested. All of the books are in nearly new condition with slightly bumped corners at most, unless otherwise noted. The majority of them I never actually used. Prices do not include shipping and are OBO...
  20. C

    d20 Modern/d20 Future: Just ordered a copy of Armageddon 2089+The Psychic's Handbook

    Just ordered a copy of Armageddon 2089: Total War from Mongoose Publishing and The Psychic's Handbook from Green Ronin Press, both for d20 Modern/d20 Future. http://www.amazon.com/dp/190398095X/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_asp_g-xoE.01QNJ5X...
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