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  1. grodog

    OSR Games grodog interview on Twitch TV, Sunday 18 August @ 7:30pm EDT

    Jay Scott, one of the gamers I know in South Jersey, runs a Twitch TV channel dedicated to his 30+ year 1e campaign set in the World of Greyhawk. While visiting with him on my last trip back home, he asked about having me on his show, which will be live-streamed on Sunday this weekend...
  2. DeathbyDoughnut

    [Lore] Greyhawk

    I don't know anything about Greyhawk. Ghosts of Saltmarsh is set in Greyhawk yes? Tell me about Greyhawk. Lore, opinions, and commentary are welcome.
  3. Daz Florp Lebam

    [5E-ish] Your assignment: compare and contrast Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk

    With 5E's Saltmarsh book being default-set in the world of Greyhawk, I ask ye, o hivemind: what are the differences between the Forgotten Realms and the world of Greyhawk? I can find basic, technical setting details with a quick online search, and reviews are useful, but those doesn't give me a...
  4. grodog

     Celebrating Greyhawk: A Fandom Renaissance - GaryCon XI Seminar

    The audio recording, slides, and handouts from our Greyhawk seminar at GaryCon are now available for download. Details at https://grodog.blogspot.com/2019/03/celebrating-greyhawk-fandom-renaissance-garycon-seminar.html and at https://greyhawkonline.com/seminar/ Allan.
  5. K

    best of the lesser known Greyhawk modules?

    Everyone knows the big ones (Against the Giants, Slavers, Lost Tomb, Barrier Peaks, etc...).... but of the much lesser known printed modules and other Dragon/Dungeon magazine adventures set in the World of Greyhawk - which are the most ripe for adventure ... or great ideas for updating...
  6. N

    [13th Age] What Icons would you use for the Greyhawk setting?

    I'm putting together a campaign that's basically a mash up and streamlined version of the stories from Vecna Lives, GDQ 1-7, The Temple of Elemental Evil, and Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk - basically Greyhawk's greatest hits. I'm using 13th Age to run it, and I'd like some advice...
  7. NobodyImportant

    Rumors of the Barrier Peaks

    This just caught my attention. Wizards is working on another product for the charity organization Extra Life. A new adventure taking place in Greyhawk’s Barrier Peaks, home to the famous expedition which introduced froghemoths and vegepygmies to the world. Now there’s not much information...
  8. Pillsy

    [5e Setting Riff] The Theocracy of the Pale

    Not long ago, our DM [1] had us take a brief sojourn in the Theocracy of the Pale, and it's caught my imagination more than anything else in Greyhawk, and perhaps more than anything else in the whole range of official D&D settings. I was looking for a place which might actually send an...
  9. B

    Tell me about different versions of Greyhawk

    Way back in the mists of time, some time in the mid '80s, I acquired a copy of the Greyhawk setting. This was the first version, I think, the 1980 one with the poster-map and the booklet in a brown folder... Sadly, after a number of house moves I no longer have that set. I think I might still...
  10. Gears

    Greyhawk advice?

    Looking for advice on the Greyhawk setting. I'm familiar with the (very) broad strokes of the world, but I'm sure I'm missing out on loads of what makes it tick. I've managed to get my hands on the 1980 'World of Greyhawk' folio (two big maps and a brief gazetteer of major cities), but I don't...
  11. K

    Greyhawk - specific forums?

    I'm DMing a campaign set in Greyhawk. I'd love to get some thought on Greyhawk world NPCs, locations and important events from canon story.... but also get ideas based off choices my PCs are making in our Greyhawk sandbox.... Are there better forums to ask and get variety of replies? Where...
  12. K

    [Greyhawk] evolving the timeline from classic 576 to 1076

    What would the Greyhawk world look like if the timeline evolved 500 years? Considering our own timeline real world advanced from Middle Ages to Modern Day in 500-1000 years... lets assume the same style of evolution could happen with a fantasy world of Greyhawk with long-lived...
  13. Zeea

    [Greyhawk] Least boring way to learn about the setting?

    I've always kinda liked Greyhawk's deities and some parts of the setting I'm aware of. But reading Living Greyhawk for 3e is like watching paint dry. Are there any better writeups of the setting? I know there were 2e products advertised, but I also remember some complaints about metaplot...
  14. grodog

    Other Publisher Kuntz launches new company with DVD Archive project

    Rob Kuntz's new company, Three Line Studio, is going live today with the launch of his El Raja Key Archive DVD: The Collected Maps, Manuscripts & RPG Artifacts of Robert J. Kuntz! Details @ http://lakegenevaoriginalrpg.blogspot.com/2016/10/three-line-studiothree-little-books_26.html and...
  15. K

    Greyhawk - making a NEWB players guide 1-page info sheet

    I'm organizing a short 1-page Player's Guide. I've tried to do so before, but my challenge is I am ALSO new to THE WORLD OF GREYHAWK... so my answers are slow for research and (I don't feel) as natural as someone that grew up with and/or loves GREYHAWK. So. Two requests of aid fellow...
  16. Doc_Klueless

    [Greyhawk] 1983 Greyhawk Box Set vs From the Ashes: Differences and Opinions?

    This thread ( Explain Greyhawk to Me ) got me thinking. I know the old Greyhawk Box set from 1983 very, very well as most of my high school adventures took place in it. However, I don't know much about the From the Ashes Box Set. Since dndclassics ... er... Dungeon Masters Guild had the From the...
  17. F

    Explain Greyhawk to Me

    I didn't play D&D at all until college (started in '99) and didn't really get into it until graduate school. Consequently, I don't know anything about Greyhawk. I've sort of been randomly getting bits and pieces of it here and there as I collect old D&D books, and a vague impression is starting...
  18. Giblet Blizzard

    Failed Our Save vs Nostalgia...

    ... and have started playing a 5E game in Greyhawk using the old 1st Ed Modules. First roll of the night being a nat 1 fumbled shot at some lizardman raiders hacking up some peasants, followed by a nat 20 on the kid he hit instead. Glorious start to the campaign. Here's the starting map...
  19. Afterburner

    What's the latest Greyhawk sourcebook?

    I own a couple boxed sets and setting books for both the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance in various eras (1e, 2e, and 3e). I always meant to get into Greyhawk and learn more about that world, but never did. What's the most recent sourcebook or boxed set to detail the Greyhawk setting?
  20. G

    [Rant] The Living Greyhawk Gazetteer is s**t!

    I'm 15 years late to this rant but, still. I'm enjoying 5th Edition and, although I'm a Forgotten Realms fan, I decided to explore another classic D&D setting: Greyhawk. Having bought some items off Ebay (The World of Greyhawk box set is fantastic), I was looking forward to the 3rd edition...
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