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gurps 3rd edition

  1. DrStrangelove

     After The Nuclear Winter Comes The Nuclear Spring [GURPS Post-Apocalyptia]

    After The Nuclear Winter Comes The Nuclear Spring A long-term GURPS campaign in the post-apocalyptic USA Campaign 1. Classic Roleplay-By-Post. I want players who are dedicated enough to make the gameplay smooth for all of us, that is with no significant and especially unannounced delays. I...
  2. C

    [GURPS 3rd] Discworld Small Gods Adventure Ideas?

    Hello All. For years I have been running games for a small group of ladies who don't consider themselves "Gamer's" (Despite spending playing in several long running games on a regular basis). One of the players was looking through the games on my shelf, found a copy of GURPS Diskworld, and...
  3. P

    GURPS 3 E Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle design

    Ok guys before i ask my question people will ask why im not using the White Wolf version, is because i have GURPS and i like what i see of the 3rd edition. Now my question is HOW do you design a chronicle. im going over stuff on the Clans and the politics , and all the rest ..its really...
  4. C

    starting a GURPS 3rd edition Star Trek campaign

    The main characters are fresh out of the academy midshipmen cadets who were about to be assigned garbage scow duty on a robot freighter when fate intervenes and they are given an assignment as they are summoned to the empty halls of Archer Arena to recover a lost Starfleet vessel dead in space...
  5. NPC

    💀 Necro Wow: a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset!

    http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?3731-GURPS-Turns-30-Starts-Kicking-Down-Doors-to-Celebrate-With-Dungeon-Fantasy-RPG#.V8cb4UiXyEY ...and now the plans for my next fantasy campaign in 2017 will probably see quite a few changes ;)
  6. S

    [GURPS] Favourite GURPS Books?

    My thread has two parts! Part the first: What are your favourite GURPS books? I have 4e and 3e basic books (never played 3e, though); if the book isn't 4e, how tied to its own edition is it? Part the second: What are your opinions on the following (that I have): Banestorm (4e) Cliffhangers...
  7. A

    [GURPS] Working on some new magic systems

    I wasn't sure whether this belongs in TRO or in Game Design; apologies if I made the wrong choice. I’m working a bit on a potential GURPS (3rd edition) campaign set in a fantasy world of my own creation, and I’ve decided not to use the standard GURPS magic system. Not that I have any real...
  8. S

    [GURPS FOTNS] A nagging thought.

    Having recently found GURPS to be to my liking, I've had a nagging idea for the past couple days. I started watching Fist of the North Star again (After about a year or so) and it struck me as something GURPS might actually be suited for. I've been reading through the third edition books, and...
  9. B

    Where I Read (And Mine For Worldbuilding): Mordant's Need

    Lately I've been toying with running a low fantasy game with GURPS 3E (technically I'm already running one, but I'd like to try one where the characters are actually, well... humanoid. :o ). I have also been toying for years with the idea of doing something with the setting from Stephen R...
  10. B

    Help me figure out GURPS

    I have spent years decrying GURPS as the platonic ideal of everything I don't like about roleplaying. I have ranted about the finicky rules. I have whined and moaned about single-minded obsession with detail. I have sworn up and down that wild horses couldn't drag me to a table that ran it. And...
  11. F


    I'm really late to the party but GURPS 3rd. just recently became my "go to" system and I'm thinking of switching from Godlike to GURPS : SUPERS to run a WWII supers game. Can anyone tell me GURPS : SUPERS ? What kind of power level is it best at ? Any problems or pitfalls I should know about...?
  12. S

    [GURPS 3rd Ed] GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

    Did any of you run a campaign with this setting? What was the plot? How did it turn out? Did the players like it? Or, if you were a player in such a game, give me your take on it.
  13. A

    [GURPS Dune] - Fresh Tracks

    A beginning is a very delicate time. I've started another GURPS (3rd ed) game set in the Dune universe. This follows on from my previous campaign, but isn't a sequel - the party is Fremen again, but they are completely new characters, based in a different sietch. The events of the previous...
  14. Sethra007

    [SELL ME ON/OFF] Transhuman Space

    I guess this isn't technically a "sell me" thread, since I was able to get most of the books at a steal from a used bookstore.... I'm going to be running Transhuman Space in the near future. This will be my first-ever GURPS experience, so I plan to sit down this weekend and start trying to...
  15. F

    For Sale GURPS! 3 Varied Books

    All books are rated using a comic book evaluation style. All books, unless otherwise noted. come from a non-smoking home. All purchases to be paid via paypal. All purchases final. Shipping to U.S. via media mail, fair cost to be agreed upon. International shipping possible. *** GURPS All...
  16. Kevin Mowery

    What's the big difference between GURPS 3e and GURPS 4e?

    I've got an idea for a campaign that actually needs a universal system. I'm currently leaning toward Mutants & Masterminds 3e, but I'd like to know what's new with GURPS. (And, yes, I've thought about Fate, and Savage Worlds, and whatever else. My first choice would actually be Cinematic...
  17. N

    eBay [UK] GURPS Books sold in 3 lots

    Deathwish International Super Teams IST Kingston Super Scum Supers Supers Adventures Supers: Mixed Doubles Supers: School of Hard Knocks Supertemps Wild Cards Wild Cards: Aces Abroad Sold here 1. Bestiary 2nd Ed 2. Castle Falkenstein 3. Dragons 4. Faerie 5...
  18. P

    GURPS - Using 4th Ed. Magic With 3rd Ed. Revised

    Ok, so I've made 2010 the year when I force myself to like GURPS, and, after a few trial sessions, I kind of do. Now I want to run an episodic campaign with some old friends. Episodic because I still haven't got a new group together after my long term group disolved, moved on, etc.. So, it...
  19. Mr Adventurer

    [GURPS 3rd] Anyone got any experience with GURPS Black Ops?

    I've owned Black Ops for ages, and now it looks like I might actually have to run it. Has anyone had any experience with either running a Black Ops campaign/adventure, or playing in one? Did you notice anything while doing so that you'd like to mention? Are there any pitfalls I should look...
  20. P

    What Can I Play With The GURPS Books I Have?

    Hee. Ive been like an old dog barking at my GURPS books for a good long while. Ive sniffed them, didnt know if I liked them, and barked some more. Recently, I think Ive had an epiphany about what GURPS is and does, and its starting to make sense. I think Im ready to GM a game, but Ive...
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