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gurps 4th edition

  1. the cat

    You are in charge of making a new version of GURPS lite for 4th edition. How do you proceed?

    Title as topic. Reading a mix of forum threads about people finding GURPS to be too hard to make a simple game and reading a website I found http://justroll3d6.com/ gave me the idea to ask the question to this group. I think its an interesting idea…what would the general rpg community do if...
  2. J

    [GURPS 4E] Is there a free "expanded" GURPS lite somewhere?

    I like gurps. A lot. But the thing is, I like it a lot when I read it... not so much when I wanna play or gm it. It's just a headache and I don't have the system mastery with it like I have with dnd, nor the time to make it happen. Not anymore. This is where gurps lite comes in...
  3. La Conductrice

    Is GURPS of any interest to me?

    I see it's now available on DTRPG (a little pricey, though). I've heard people recommend specific supplements before, even if you don't intend to actually play GURPS, and I've heard it's super crunchy with tons and tons of optional rules to port in and super complex character building. Which is...
  4. Silvercat Moonpaw

    GURPS on Drivethrurpg.com !?!

    I'm seeing GURPS on OneBookShel. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Evidence. I thought this was a "Never going to happen" scenario.
  5. F

    GURPS 4th Edition Rules Questions

    I am reading through both the GURPS 4e Characters & Campaigns books currently and I have a quick question for all you GURPS 4e experts. I know GURPS gets criticized often for being too simulationist and complicated and this accusation is often countered by GURPS fans stating that the rules are...
  6. F

    New to GURPS, need some advice

    I am brand new in getting into GURPS, having picked up so far the 4th edition Characters book so far. I have a friend that is going to be running a Mad Max campaign in it. I have some questions. 1) I see there are a couple of character building software suites out there. One I found here...
  7. PK

    SJ Games [GURPS] Pyramid #3/106: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game II

    Corridors filled with Hidden traps and ashen ghouls? It must be Thursday. — Pholora, Holy Warrior One important focus of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is "grab and go" -- the idea that you can pull out the materials, sit down, and start playing right away. In that vein, Pyramid #3/106...
  8. Wraith2020

    GURPS: where are the mixed genre books?

    With 4th ed GURPS it seems the supplements haven't really struck that "wow cool I have to have it!" stride, for me. I'd like to see books like Monte Cook Games' Expanded Worlds, Predation and Worlds Numberless and Strange, but for GURPS. Yes I can adapt those books, but it seems like they...
  9. PK

    SJ Games GURPS Hot Spots: The Silk Road (new release)

    Even a god-king Must humbly wait a decade For Chinese take-out— Segerseni, Obscure Egyptian Pharoah Our world has always been inescapably interconnected. A moth flaps its wings in China, so the saying goes, and a day later a storm forms in Europe. Except that the true global change happened back...
  10. Lewd Beholder

    sell me/un sell me on the GURPS magic systems

    My familiarity of the system pretty much consists of gurps 3rd edition magic, gremoire, technomancy and magic items (1,2, and 3). How has it changed since then, what alternative magic systems have been created in gurps and what are the pros and cons of them?
  11. NPC

    [Dungeon Fantasy] Let's build a setting...

    ...for the upcoming GURPS Dungeon Fantasy boxset! DF comes without an official setting - but the material still implies the existence of certain sentients, gods, monsters, magical laws, and - when it comes to adventures - even some minor background details like a specific village, local region...
  12. NPC

    💀 Necro Wow: a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset!

    http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?3731-GURPS-Turns-30-Starts-Kicking-Down-Doors-to-Celebrate-With-Dungeon-Fantasy-RPG#.V8cb4UiXyEY ...and now the plans for my next fantasy campaign in 2017 will probably see quite a few changes ;)
  13. S

    [GURPS] Favourite GURPS Books?

    My thread has two parts! Part the first: What are your favourite GURPS books? I have 4e and 3e basic books (never played 3e, though); if the book isn't 4e, how tied to its own edition is it? Part the second: What are your opinions on the following (that I have): Banestorm (4e) Cliffhangers...
  14. S

    From where would one assemble a GURPS 4e patchwork bestiary?

    I am assuming that the 3e bestiary wouldn't be much use in 4e (correct me if I'm wrong). Where would one go to get bestiary entries in a patchwork fashion, outside the core two books? Obviously Dungeon Fantasy has two bestiaries. I've also heard that the Horror sourcebook has a lot of entries...
  15. Wraith2020

    [necro]GURPS 4e...out of print for most books

    I read that SJ Games was going to reprint the core rule books (Characters and Campaigns), and that printing new books is not quite cost effective. Most of the 4th ed line is currently out of print. Some books were reprinted as black and white soft cover editions (magic, etc). Some of the 4th...
  16. P

    Gurps 4th Edition- Whats Good about it.. or bad about it..?

    System wise and overall game play and implementation.. How good is Gurps 4..?
  17. R

    Need help creating a game set in Tokugawa rule using GURPS

    Following on for my pervious thread http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?630344-Kindred-of-the-East-set-during-Tokugawa-rule-what-supplements-do-I-need this is another direction I want to pursue for creating a game set in Edo Japan. So I have also been toying with the idea of using GURPS for a...
  18. S

    Sell me on BRP and/or GURPS

    Pretty much what the title says. Hit me with your best spiels! I have some experience with BRP having read through Call of Cthulhu (the latest edition) and having played a swedish game that used a variant of the BRP rules. I felt that it suffered from a "One stat to rule them all"-type of flaw...
  19. T

    [GURPS] Help me please!

    Hello! I figured I'd make a new thread since the old GURPS thread got shutdown for being at post limit. I'm trying to get into GURPS fourth edition. I'm about 70 pages in but I was wondering if people could perhaps guide my reading a bit. Right now I'm just starting at page 1 and reading. Is...
  20. mook

    [GURPS 4e] Character Creation Questionnaire/Walkthrough

    Howdy Folks - I'll be starting up a regularly-meeting GURPS group in the next few weeks (Yay! Finally!). Not all of my players are familiar with GURPS, and/or want to create their characters themselves, so I put together a sort of "character creation walkthrough" questionnaire for them...
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