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  1. ResplendentScorpion

    [GURPS] Veterans - what are your "indispensable" Pyramid issues?

    GURPS is vast. One dimension of this vastness is the myriad of artciles in Pyramid magazine (RIP). Over time a veribable treasure throve of alternate rules, expanded systems, guides on how to build towards genre tropes and infinite miscelainety has been accumulated. Too many things for any new...
  2. S

    [GURPS] Looking for some help from GURP experts

    I've long been interested in GURPS. It seems incredibly flexible and can be adjusted to work for all kinds of ideas. And even its complexity can be tuned from highly detailed/granular to almost rules-lite. And I'm making this thread because I think GURPS could be the system in which I could run...
  3. Wei

    The future of GURPS

    I’ve been playing GURPS for about 20 years now, and I remember the time when it was one of the most popular systems, at least among my friends and colleagues, here in the UK. It’s clear that the community is getting smaller, you don’t see as many add-ons as you used to, even the Pyramid is gone...
  4. Weevis

    a one-page cheat sheet for new players [GURPS 4e]

    Hey I redesigned the free fan-made GURPS one-pager that has been floating around for a while, it was originally by Karl Gallagher, then redesigned by Eric B. Smith, now redesigned by me. Its purpose is to introduce new players to the system. Here it is: The GURPSICLE (GURPS In a Concise Limited...
  5. Daz Florp Lebam

    Is there a GURPS renaissance happening? (No, not a GURPS Renaissance renaissance)

    I couldn't help but notice that on the first page alone of my Roleplay-By-Post Meta Forum feed there are 7 - count 'em, seven! - GURPS-related interest, recruitment, and play threads. There's 3 on the next page. What is going on? Is this a fluke? A trend? Is there something significant...
  6. Weevis

    *Web Site* New sci-fi rpg blog: Requires Concentrate

    I'm excited to announce a new sci-fi RPG blog: Requires Concentrate. It focuses primarily on GURPS and Traveller but also contains system-agnostic material. To launch it with a bang, I've written 25+ posts, saved them up, and released them all at once for your reading pleasure (note: they have...
  7. M

    [GURPS] planning a fallout game, need help

    Hi all, I'm planning a Fallout game next week and I've run into a problem. I've got a copy of a fan-made supplement for gurps that stats some weapons and vehicles, as well as providing character templates. The problem is, it hasn't been updated since Fallout 3. Now, for a lot of the guns, I can...
  8. Greg 1

    [Interest] Short Combat-Heavy GURPS Game Interest Poll

    I need to brush up on the GURPS combat rules so I want to run a short combat-focused GURPS game. You won’t just be fighting. I want roleplaying and all that good stuff, because it’s a lot more fun that way. And the game will be long enough that there will be more than one combat. Please let me...
  9. G

    The GURPS Path Not Taken.....

    Back in the late 80's and early 90's I bought lots of GURPS stuff. I had started out playing D&D and eventually Runequest. When I first saw GURPS with its point buy system, modular rules, and host of potential game books it seemed like a game system that would solve many of the difficulties I...
  10. Silvercat Moonpaw

     HERO "vs" GURPS

    On a GURPS thread someone mentioned the HERO system. Since I've read GURPS but not HERO I'm curious how the two compare. Mostly does anyone who uses both feel that one is better for some things over the other? Any stand-out parts of one system you wish the other had?
  11. LatinaBunny

     How does GURPS handle powers and psionics?

    I’m really excited for the Dungeon Fantasy box set reprint Kickstarter and had backed the box set recently. I’ve always been wanting to do something GURPS, and it would be a great way for me to try GMing a D&D-like GURPS game for my offline fantasy-and-D&D-loving group while learning the system...
  12. M

    GURPS non-combat campaigns

    - Using just the basic set (characters and campaigns), how satisfying would a non-combat campaign be and how would you set it up? For example: 1. Mages Guild intrigue 2. Being Political activist for tanshumanity (the sci-fi concept of people advancing beyond humanity) 3...
  13. Jürgen Hubert

    New Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter

    So today I came across the Hall of Judgment Kickstarter - in particular, it is intended as a supplement for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. The Dungeon Fantasy RPG, as you recall, was an attempt to publish GURPS 4E as a standalone RPG - in Boxed Set form - dedicated to the "Dungeon Fantasy" genre -...
  14. mitchw

    Lets talk about the 3d6 mechanic?

    I know 3d6 as a resolution mechanic has been around for a long time. Was GURPS the first to use it? Other games that I know include the Hero System and more recently the AGE games. What other games use this dice mechanic? Do any of them use any of the three dice in a different way (like FAGE)?
  15. S

    [Tell me about/Sell me on] GURPS

    What it says on the tin, really. I've long been interested in GURPS, but I've also long been intimidated by it. It sounds like the tabletop RPG world's equivalent of Linux (another thing I have zero experience with): you can do almost anything with it, but you have to set it up yourself first...
  16. S

    Sell me on GURPS and BRP.

    Hi fellow gamers, because of a post recently about a possible resurgence of big generic rpg. systems, GURPS and BRP were mentioned by some. I have never played GURPS but know that back in the days (when that is might be in the eyes of the beholder) that was a quite popular rpg. As for BRP: I...
  17. C

    Weapons or powers or both ? A GURPS 3rd edition game question...

    I have heard that GURPS 3rd edition doesn't handle powers very well. But it is lethal and realistic with guns. Is this somewhat accurate in terms of the mechanics?
  18. the cat

    You are in charge of making a new version of GURPS lite for 4th edition. How do you proceed?

    Title as topic. Reading a mix of forum threads about people finding GURPS to be too hard to make a simple game and reading a website I found http://justroll3d6.com/ gave me the idea to ask the question to this group. I think its an interesting idea…what would the general rpg community do if...
  19. B

    (GURPS) Clouting

    How would GURPS handle an open handed slap to an opponent's face, as hard as possible with the aim of knocking them out? Which combat skill would cover it? I don't recall any information on it.
  20. S

    [GURPS] Ok..what do I buy?

    Beyond the obvious two Basic Set books, if I was looking to do three different things, which books should I get? 1.) Pulp Action, both set in the 30's like Indiana Jones and more modern Tomb Raider type stuff, with cinematic actions a plenty? 2.) Gritty low fantasy, ASOIAF from a sellswords...
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