1. Demon Squid God

    (setting riff) Dungeon Town, but forget the dungeon

    One of the staple of gygaxian d&d was the little town that would spring up near the entrance of a well known dungeon. You can sell your loots here, buy other people's loot, stay at inns, maybe buy potions, maybe a man with a mule will rent you a "treasure cart" to take down with you, urchins...
  2. M

    I want to Run/Read Castle Greyhawk. Is This Possible?

    Here's what I know of the sordid history of this famed dungeon. 1: It was among Gary's central works, adding levels to it at the rate of one a week as early as 1973. 2: The first appearance of anything called Castle Greyhawk in print was the joke-module, which I've actually played through. It...
  3. Tom McCambley

    Since when does Gygaxian mean Random?

    Over on the RIP Gary thread, a poster had said (probably joking) that instead of me offering a free level to all my AD&D players (as a memorial gesture to Gary) that I should instead allow them a draw on a Deck of Many Things as that was 'more Gygaxian.' If was an off-hand comment, but it got...
  4. Pillsy

    [GURPS] Gurps Dungeon Fantasy?

    So, I was thinking of picking these up, or at least the first one. I really like D&D 4e, but it's probably got the narrowest scope of any edition of D&D since the Red Box, and I was kind of curious to look at a different approach for comparison. Especially if that different approach is based on...
  5. A

    {Exalted}Gygaxian GM tools

    Anyone remember those tables scattered throughout the DM's guide in AD&D 1st? A lot of coolness there, I always thought. How about we brainstorm some tables for Exalted? The idea being that a GM can look at a set of tables, roll and/or cherry-pick elements, and come up with interesting things...
  6. JimLotFP

    [Traditional D&D]D&D is all about taking their stuff. Killing them, not so much. An interesting take on the matter.
  7. Nahualt

    Gygaxian Monsters, lets make a list.

    Okay so from another thread they mentioned "gygaxian monsters' or monsters that Gygax sorely created for D&D. Of the top of my head: Beholder Rust Monster Roper Owlbear Mind Flayer Gelantin Cube Xorn Green Slime .....
  8. @

    How would you definte "gygaxian"?

    To me, a gygaxian trap is one that's creative, gonzo, and maybe even a little cheap. For example, a pit trap on the ceiling..but the floor has a rune that shoots the PCS up into it. The old "diamond in a pool of acid" one also gets me. How would you define it? and what's your favorite...
  9. T

    [Where I read] AD&D First Edition

    I own all the hardcovers for AD&D first edition, and in preparation for my upcoming campaign I was thinking about doing a thread going through all the books, posting my reading and interpretation, and content review. I'll begin with the DMG, as I'm currently plowing through it, cover-to-cover...
  10. U

    [Lets read] Dragon magazine - From the beginning

    After much scouring of ebay, and other less reputable places, I finally have a copy of the dragon magazine archive, plus a big chunk of the remaining issues (and hopefully I'll be able to complete my collection long before I reach the missing issues ). Which leaves me with the question of how I...
  11. Piestrio

    [Gygax] What happens to his works in progress?

    Hi all, With the passing of Gary Gygax I've begun to wonder what will happen to the projects/ business relationships he was working on for the past several years. As far as non-rpg related stuff goes, Troll lord games was publishing his Gord the Rogue series of books. Will this continue? Will...
  12. JongWK

    [Gygax] just doesn't get it

    Read and weep: Oh, where to start...
  13. Chaot

    [Gygax] Is this Blasphemy?

    So, I had an opportunity to meet up with some old friends yesterday. We were talking and one of them turned towards me and said, "Hey, did you hear that that one guy died?" I said, "Who, Buckley?" "No, that one guy. The guy who did the game." "Gygax? D&D?", says I. "Yeah, how did you...
  14. T

    [Gygax] Today's xkcd

    This has probably been mentioned already in one of the numerous threads about Mr. Gygax here, but for the sake of completeness on the offchance it hasn't...
  15. D

    Mike Mearls plays 1974 OD&D at work (no kidding)

    LOL Actual play thread at the Original D&D Discussion board of Mike Mearls' lunch hour OD&D (3 little brown books) campaign: I'll leave the conjecturing here to the reader, but it's an interesting...
  16. K

    Gary Gygax Funeral Arrangements - Open to Public

    Visitation is on Saturday, March 8 at 11 AM at: Haase Derrick Lockwood Funeral Home 800 Park Drive Lake Geneva, WI 53147 (282) 248-2031 A Funeral Service will follow at 2:00 PM, also at the Haase Derrick Lockwood Funeral Home. In the evening, there will be an informal gathering to remember...
  17. I

    Gygax Tribute - Things I learned from Gary Gygax

    Just like the title says really. Post things you learned from Gary Gygax (either directly or indirectly). Some of the things I learned, for example: Orcs like pie. They like it so much they sometimes guard it. A ten foot pole is my best friend. And insurance policy. Vocabulary can be fun! So...
  18. S

    Gary Con Across the Globe This Weekend

    An excellent suggestion from Ed Charlton at theRPGsite Please share this idea with your gaming friends, and let's make this a big, global event in Gary's memory.
  19. Wraith2020

    16 Gary Gygax Jokes We Better Not Catch You Making Last one is simply the best and made me chuckle and tear up all at the same time.
  20. MuscaDomestica

    Gygaxian Dungeon...

    OK I started RPing a little late and never had any experience in one of these things. I hear some vague horror stories, but what are some the hallmarks of one of the early Dungeons besides instant kill traps and illogical monster placements?
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