1. L

    [Props] Printing fake news articles?

    I'm doing some early prep for a game I'll be running in a few months time -- during the first session, I'm planning on the PCs coming across the notes of a dead guy who's been tracking supernatural activity in the city. I'm going to actually bring out a big corkboard covered in news articles...
  2. F

    The Big Prop Creation Thread

    Okay, so I'm looking to start a Night's Black Agents campaign leading into the Dracula Dossier, and I'm also running Blades in the Dark, and one of the things I want to do is make a lot of props -- handouts made to look like real government documents, fake emails, fame memos, fake books of...
  3. J

    Printable Handouts - What Are The All Time Greats?

    Printable hand outs can really bring a game world to life. What are the all time greats?
  4. Qusoor

    Failing Forward with Translations in Call of Cthulhu...

    Often, a Call of Cthulhu adventure calls for the characters to read a document in a language they are less than perfectly proficient in. And if they don't read it properly, they won't get the spell or the handout. This means that if they miss that roll, they don't get the clue, which can be...
  5. eggdropsoap

    What should an intro handout for Glorantha say?

    I'm slowly (slowly) gearing up to run a Third Age Glorantha campaign (using RQ6), somewhere where the PCs can start out mostly ignorant of lands beyond their local clan/town area. Despite that setup though, I still need to at least loosely inform the players of the setting, its overall style...
  6. Argent

    Character files for espionage/conspiracy games?

    My tabletop is shortly starting up a Conspiracy-X-by-way-of-NEMESIS game, and I thought it´d be nice to provide some possibilities for handouts etc to take a load off from our very ambitious GM. Specifically, I´m looking for ways to make up faked character files for PC:s (the kind of stuff that...
  7. K

    Realistic Blank Police report/Autopsy report

    So I'm looking for some handouts for a modern monster hunting game I'm planning. I've done the google search and while there were some results nothing was exactly what I wanted. Does anybody have a source for a cool realistic autopsy report maybe with the body drawing on it? Thanks in advance
  8. T

    [WFRP3] Players guides to The Edge of Night and The Gathering Storm Campaigns

    I did these up for fun because I like for my players to have some decent notes (kind of like the NPC chart from Spires of Altdorf (which was one of my favorite scenarios for 2e). http://dl.dropbox.com/u/167876/WFRP3%20Players%20Guide%20to%20The%20Edge%20of%20Night.doc...
  9. I

    Black Ops / Secret Agency Documents

    I'm working on a game for Dundracon, involving secret government agencies during the cold war. One thing I thought would be cool was to have some documents, about particular projects and agents, that I could actually hand to the players. However, I've realized that I don't really know what...
  10. Rain242

    [Lacuna] Preparation is Everything

    Last weekend, I ran Lacuna at Furnace 2010, which I thought went down pretty well. As I've seen a few threads in the past asking for advice on running it, I thought I'd share what I did with it. Drawing inspiration from this post by MountZionRyan, I firstly prepared a manilla folder for each of...
  11. M


    How many of you out there use real world pictures,sound recordings, etc. in your games? How do you implement them?
  12. Nahualt

    [visual aids]need help in emulating a old and aged page..

    I wanna give my players some visual aid for our next Post apocalyptic game, I need a way to document look aged and torn down. Anyone has a background image or nice trick to get this done?
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