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  1. A

    Inconsequential slice-of-life headcanons, pt2! (Credit to That Other Guy and Lonewolf23)

    Since the previous thread is now at the length cap, I've started a new one. [Carmilla webseries] Danny is a trans woman.
  2. T

    Re : Zero - Headcanons, Theories And Spoilers Go Here

    This is the headcanon, theories and spoilers thread for the Re : Zero canons. This thread will probably be full of spoilers, so please don't read it if you don't want to be spoilered.
  3. D

    The Alternate Character Interpretation and Death of the Author thread

    So, a book or movie presents you a story and the author clearly has a point you want to believe. Usually, a man or woman is presented as a hero for making certain decisions in a story or someone is presented a villain. However, you disagree. Not just with the conclusions but the very scope of...
  4. T

    Headcanons, Fan Theories And Fic Bunnies For The FMA Series (All Versions) - Spoilers Galore

    This is the thread for fan theories and headcanons about all the versions of the FMA series, including the manga, both TV series, the movie, the spinoff novels, etc. Fic bunnies (fic ideas) and such are all right, too. This thread will be filled with spoilers, so please do not read it if you...
  5. D

    Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire inconsequential headcanons thread

    Pretty much what the title says. At this point, BOTH show and book readers are more or less caught up with one another. So there's no point in not doing a combination thread. I hope everyone gets to enjoy this as much as the other threads.
  6. Longspeak

    [Possible Spoilers, but old ones] Star Wars, Your Headcanons, Pre-prequel

    Was reading this thread about someone's complete rewatch. And it raised a thought in my head which has been raised before. I saw Star Wars in theaters just before my 10th birthday. I grew up watching and loving these movies. I squeeed with irrepressable glee when I first saw the Star Wars RPG...
  7. T

    Headcanons, Fan Theories And Fic Bunnies For The MCU-Verse (Spoilers Galore)

    This is the thread to discuss headcanons, fan theories and fic ideas about the MCU verse without worrying about spoilers. If you want to know more about the MCU, please look here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvel_Cinematic_Universe
  8. D

    Inconsequential and consequential Star Wars headcanons w/ the usual thanks

    DDG Headcanons + My headcanon regarding lightsabers is they're kind of like the Yellow-based weakness Green Lantern ring. When the Jedi Knights adopted them as weapons, they did so with full knowledge of a pretty damning weakness. In practical terms, the Jedi Knights could have easily developed...
  9. D

    [Warhammer 40K] Post your inconsequential slice-of-life headcanons...HERETIC!

    Pretty much the title says. I think we know how it all works now. I'll start us off. You can also post regular Warhammer stuff here. Warhammer 40K + The Chaos Gods are incredibly immature. This really is one gigantic game to all four of them and Tzeenach is the guy who sets up the games...
  10. LibraryLass

    Other inconsequential slice-of-life headcanons! (Credit to That Other Guy and Lonewolf23

    Might as well, right? You know the drill by now. I'd suggest tagging your headcanon's source material just to avoid confusion. [Disney] Rapunzel is Elsa and Anna's cousin. Their mothers were sisters. [Star Trek] McCoy is actually very good at cooking Vulcan cuisine, and he's been known to...
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