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hero wars

  1. Scorpio Rising

    [Heroquest] Help me get it

    This is a thread about the roleplaying game, formerly known as Hero Wars, Heroquest: Roleplaying in Glorantha and Heroquest 2nd edition, now known as Heroquest: Glorantha. I bought into this line with Heroquest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, due to hype here on RPG.net. I'd already played...
  2. Ian Cooper

    Sartar Rising, or the Rise of Argrath

    Heroquest Glorantha calls out two major periods for play in Dragon Pass Until now most campaigns have been set in the Sartar Rising period, although The Coming Storm's campaign pack, The Eleven Lights, extends from 1618-1625 and introduces the early years of the Rise of Agrath. Given that RQ...
  3. CK!

    HeroQuest/Hero Wars Conflicts: Failing but scoring a Victory; Succeeding but Losing

    There is a lot I like about the conflict resolution system for HeroQuest and Hero Wars, but there's one thing that bumps my brain every time I go near it (and when I played it with friends, they had the same problem). When you roll the d20, you roll to see how well you did against your target...
  4. E

    Glorantha - 101 adventure ideas *aka* what do I do with this setting?

    Alrighty folks. I have hit a stage in my life where I can afford to support some of my indulgences. RPG books are my big indulgence. I spend more on them than anything else. I have never played Glorantha in my 30 years of gaming. I had heard about it, but never even looked that direction as...
  5. C

    What Games can I play exclusively with a D20?

    This is mostly just a "what's out there?" question. I just got myself a Braille D20, from the 64 Oz Games Kickstarter I'm wondering what games I could play exclusively with that die. ironically, I don't think the D20 system fits—it uses other dice for combat and so on. I know HeroQuest fits. I...
  6. E

    [Glorantha] After the fall of the Red Moon - Post Argrath Gaming in Glorantha

    I've always been intensely curious about The Harshax, Glorantha's 4th Age, and what the world might look like after the Hero Wars. Since Stafford only hints at this, this is really up to our own speculation, and I'm not really interested in beating on any canon drums, but instead looking at what...
  7. C

    [HeroQuest:Glorantha] 101 characters for Dragon Pass, the Holy Country, Prax, the Lunar Empire, etc...

    The thread title says it all... in celebration of the soon to arrive HeroQuest: Glorantha let's show the RPG.net community what freshly-created Gloranthan characters look like in HeroQuest 2. Characters created -as of now- either with the List Method, the Prose Method or the As-You-Go-Method...
  8. D

    Design Resource: Games you should look at, as a designer

    This thread is a place for us to list particularly innovative, interesting, or influential games that game designers might want to check out for various reasons. I'll start off the list but feel free to contribute. I'm deliberately limiting myself to three not because they're the top three, but...
  9. GM Joe

    Recommend a skill-based fantasy RPG under 200 pages?

    I'm looking for a fun, skill-based fantasy RPG with core rules of around 200 pages or less. Could be a new one or an old one. It would be nice if it is (or was) supported with supplements and adventures. Is there such an animal?
  10. J

    Reading an rpg rulebook: How do I get through this thing?

    I doubt anyone remembers but I made a post some time ago about finding a good rpg that is mostly about social interaction and relationships. I recently felt interested in taking a look again, and I think I found something that is great. There's just one problem: these books are so huge! I've...
  11. GM Joe

    [POLL] Favorite Generic RPG

    Since it's been a while, I thought it'd be interesting to get a sense of people's favorite generic RPGs. I included the ones from vivsavage's poll, plus BRP (oft-mentioned in that thread) and a few others. Apologies if I didn't include your favorite generic system; I just went with the ones...
  12. Extrakun

    Sell me on Glorantha (for someone who's not keen about Sartar and lots of details)

    So with the 13th Age in Glorantha running, I find myself curious about the setting again. I know that it's vast and highly detailed and is orientated around mythology. I played two sessions of HeroQuest set in Sartar, using the Kingdom of Sartar sourcebook, and I wasn't really wowed. There's a...
  13. GM Joe

    Are you totally generic?

    I know I am! Of course, I'm talking about role-playing systems. Do you exclusively (or almost-exclusively) use a generic system these days, or do you like to mix it up?
  14. N

    Is Having a Single Core Resolution System Important?

    Food for thought: we roll our D20s, our 3d6, or 4dF, our d%, or dice pools, etc but how important is it that a game system only uses one of them? Can using more than one to handle different things present new opportunities in game design and play experience? For that matter, can a system have...
  15. W

    What is the recent hotness? Games out in the past five years that I should at least know exist?

    I haven't been keeping up as much as I used to when it comes to RPG buzz, and when I ask around about stuff I'm hearing a lot of new titles that I didn't even know existed. The last time I was really paying attention to all the big new things coming out was when Dresden Files was being released...
  16. C

    [Glorantha] Is it intended for Orlanthi to look hypocritical from a Lunar mythological perspective?

    I read King of Sartar, and it struck me that Orlanthi (and Orlanth by extension, I guess) are having the same problem with the Lunar Goddess that Yelm had with Orlanth. Orlanth (okay, Umath at first, but still) was this new dude on the block who presented a challenge to the status quo and...
  17. ChalkLine

    RuneQuest 3 era - Gloranthan Pygmies

    Does anyone know what the stats are for Praxian pygmies such as the Bolo Riders or the Ostrich Riders?
  18. V

    Freeform attributes & skills: yea or nay?

    Give me your thoughts on freeform skills & attributes, as seen in something like HeroQuest. Do you like them? Does your opinion change depending on whether you are a GM or player? If you're cool with them, do you like them to have some firm guidance from the rules? Or do you just let the GM...
  19. Tom B

    Okay...so what OTHER new systems are trending?

    I'm afraid the current wave of game design has left me a bit cold. Even systems I really liked at first are proving disappointing. Really liked Fate Core, but I'm now having issues with certain base Fate concepts. I really like a lot of what Fate does...but the rest of the implementation is...
  20. C

    Very Easy To Learn Universal RPG?

    Begin Rant. Ahem. I'm fucking sick and tired of these godforsaken bloated rules where I have to spend untold hours of my life learning and crafting shit well in advance. Whoever was responsible for the d20 open license, I hope you rot in gamer hell. I'd rather chain myself to a cargo sled and...
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