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heroquest 2

  1. S

    Heroquest 2 - I'm running it on Sunday; what do I need to know?

    So, yeah, that's it. Using HQ2/HQG to run a game set in the Roman Republic during the Marcus Livius Drusus "crisis" (and the subsequent Socii War). The campaign is envisioned spanning those four years (from 92-89 BC), players will be movers and shakers, doing, well, Roman Noble things. There...
  2. T

    HQ2E as a gateway into the hobby for crunch-averse group; yay or nay?

    So I've taken it upon myself to (attempt) to introduce some new people in my immediate vicinity to roleplaying (upon their own request even:D). As a bit of background, none of these persons have any experience with the hobby whatsoever, and most seem to think of roleplaying as a sort of...
  3. C

    [HeroQuest 2+] Anybody still play?

    So I find myself thinking of HeroQuest 2 today, which seems to be mostly associated with Glorantha nowadays. While i Love Glorantha, I believe HQ2 has potential for lots of other settings, and I'm curious if anybody else still plays. It would be a shame if the Moon Design and Glorantha IP...
  4. legopaidi

    [Glorantha] How different is the Heroquest 2e/GtG era from Heroquest 1e/Hero Wars setting-wise?

    What the title says actually... Has the setting as described in Guide to Glorantha / Heroquest Glorantha (and the earlier Heroquest 2e books like Sartar Kingdom of Heroes and Prax Gateway to Adventure) changed from what it was during the first Issaries era of Hero Wars/Heroquest 1e? If yes...
  5. Extinction Burp

    Chained Contests in Mythic Russia: good for a Heroquest 2 port-over?

    I've had issues with the augmenting rules in Heroquest 2, and I'm uncertain about going back to the Hero Wars augments. I've heard that there are things called "chained contests" or something similar in Mythic Russia. How do they work, and what has been your experiences with using them?
  6. F

    [HeroQuest] Tactical Options in a Conflict

    Hi all, I like HeroQuest and love to play it, but conflicts are often simple rolling and rolling in a conflict. Are there any rules that I have overlooked, that give you a bit more tacticle options in a conflict? HeroWars had the bidding rules that were good and bad at the same time and the...
  7. eggdropsoap

    [HQ2] Help me understand consequences of using Community Resources

    One of the draws of HeroQuest 2 is the interaction with the clan/community, and the tensions between the heroes' goals and the community's goals. And then when you use Community Resources, if the roll goes really well or really bad, it can spell epic victory or sudden doom. But I'm setting up...
  8. F

    What does Heroquest Glorantha Add to Heroquest II

    Heroquest Glorantha is based on Heroquest 2 - does it add anything that can/should be ported to Heroquest 2 in general?
  9. E

    [Contrast and compare] Other Worlds and Heroquest 2e/Heroquest Glorantha

    Hi all, Can anyone talk to me about those two game engines? I read a bit about them and right now i am fascinated. It seems to me that one of these 2 games could very well be perfectly suited for one of my rpg groups (this group is: very focused on roleplay, not much dice throwing per session...
  10. Belgath

    Glorantha how to introduce?

    Glorantha being one of my all time favorite setting and the first fantasy setting I rollplayed in. I'm surprised that people have such a hard time the races and cultures are so much different from tradition fantasy. Ie Mostali, Aldryami, Uz, Morokanth and the most hated of all the DURULZ. I...
  11. S

    [Glorantha/HQ2] Might do a one-shot - any advice on scenarios?

    So, player might not make it to the next game, and depending on what the group decides, we might do a one-shot rather than continue the regular campaign without him. I just got HQ2 some weeks ago and I'm quite digging it and would like to give it a whirl. Also, I like, in general, what's in HQ2...
  12. Chris J

    HeroQuest 2 Question(s)

    I'm not too sure about the 3 different ways you can use keywords (page 10). Could someone give me a visual example of all 3 using perhaps, a pirate character? Thanks all
  13. Imperator

    Please enlighten me: what are the differences between HeroQuest 1 and HeroQuest 2?

    As the title says, I got the first edition of HeroQuest when it got translated in Spain by Edge Entertainment. It was a game set in Glorantha, and therefore of interest to me as an RQ / Glorantha fan. Now I understand that the 2nd edition of the game is setting - agnostic, and that it features...
  14. S

    How do Fate Core and Heroquest 2nd differ in their approach to, well, everything?

    So, I'm a long time user of Fate Core (using it for a campaign now, in fact) so I know something about it. I also recently ordered Heroquest 2nd, which ought to arrive sometime in the next two weeks. My question is, roughly speaking, how do these games different than each other? I know they're...
  15. V

    [necro]HeroQuest Glorantha: is this thing out yet?

    I was under the impression that there were copies distributed at Gen Con, but I can't find any indication that it's out yet in any form. Anyone know?
  16. Herne's Son

    HeroQuest 2 vs. Fate Core vs. FAE... Fight!

    I like them all. Indeed, they're all struggling for dominance in my pile of 'best RPGs ever!' I'm a big fan of the way they all handle the dramatic structure of film and fiction, and shy away from the resource management and fiddly rules of other systems. I start off any session by thinking...
  17. C

    [HeroQuest: Glorantha] Prince of Sartar: How One Man Became a God online comics as a great intro to the setting

    The graphic novel Prince of Sartar: How One Man Became a God written by Moon Design Publications' creative director Jeff Richard & drawn by Kalin Kadiev can be a great introduction to Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha as well as a fun read for all kind of roleplayers. Here is a picture of the...
  18. B

    What narrative system should we switch to in our Shadowrun-ish campaign?

    I've been running a near-future game in my own setting on a (fairly attenuated) Shadowrun 5 platform for almost four years now. Our campaign works great...until I need the system to do something. Then the momentum stalls. Combat is tedious and unthrilling, Social tests yield nothing cool, etc...
  19. CK!

    HeroQuest/Hero Wars Conflicts: Failing but scoring a Victory; Succeeding but Losing

    There is a lot I like about the conflict resolution system for HeroQuest and Hero Wars, but there's one thing that bumps my brain every time I go near it (and when I played it with friends, they had the same problem). When you roll the d20, you roll to see how well you did against your target...
  20. E

    Glorantha - 101 adventure ideas *aka* what do I do with this setting?

    Alrighty folks. I have hit a stage in my life where I can afford to support some of my indulgences. RPG books are my big indulgence. I spend more on them than anything else. I have never played Glorantha in my 30 years of gaming. I had heard about it, but never even looked that direction as...
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