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heroquest glorantha

  1. Scorpio Rising

    [Heroquest] Help me get it

    This is a thread about the roleplaying game, formerly known as Hero Wars, Heroquest: Roleplaying in Glorantha and Heroquest 2nd edition, now known as Heroquest: Glorantha. I bought into this line with Heroquest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, due to hype here on RPG.net. I'd already played...
  2. Nick the Nevermet

    HQ2 Glorantha: Promising Benny Started It! (A Manirian Game)

    Somehow, I talked myself into running a PbP game. Even more strangely, I have found players willing to see what happens. Promising Benny Started It! is a PbP game I'm prepping and about to start off-site. I am starting this thread for a combination of amusement, and as an open invitation for...
  3. T

    Heroquest rules released under the OGL!

    I just learned that the Heroquest rpg engine will be released under an OGL and there will be an SRD available soon! And there are a number of genre packs on their way (including SF, Supers & Pulp!). Being one of my favorite systems, these news really made my day :)
  4. Ian Cooper

    Sartar Rising, or the Rise of Argrath

    Heroquest Glorantha calls out two major periods for play in Dragon Pass Until now most campaigns have been set in the Sartar Rising period, although The Coming Storm's campaign pack, The Eleven Lights, extends from 1618-1625 and introduces the early years of the Rise of Agrath. Given that RQ...
  5. M

    Recommend Glorantha adventures

    I have returned to the hobby after leaving it in the early 90s. Thanks to help in another thread, I will be directing a group of my grandchildren and their friends in a long-term campaign set in Golrantha. I would like to deploy commercial adventures at least to start, as none of the players...
  6. Dwarin

    [Glorantha] Hero Wars and Hero Questing

    First off, I know little about Glorantha, limited to the second edition of Runequest (launched by the Kickstarter that I pledged to because I'm a great fan of the BRP system, I like percentile systems, and I wanted forever to start a campaign in Glorantha. I also read Start: Kingdom of Heroes...
  7. legopaidi

    [Glorantha] How different is the Heroquest 2e/GtG era from Heroquest 1e/Hero Wars setting-wise?

    What the title says actually... Has the setting as described in Guide to Glorantha / Heroquest Glorantha (and the earlier Heroquest 2e books like Sartar Kingdom of Heroes and Prax Gateway to Adventure) changed from what it was during the first Issaries era of Hero Wars/Heroquest 1e? If yes...
  8. N

    [D101 Games] Hearts in Gloranthan #6 is go!

    We have a cover courtesy of Duckmeister Stewart Stansfield. I've got 60+ pages of content lined up: Lightbringers Quest a different take on a familiar tale by Matt Ryan, which allows players and narrators new to HeroQuest and Glorantha dive right in and see what is special about the rules...
  9. P

    Help me make sense of HeroQuest.

    So, I'm going to be participating in a HeroQuest Glorantha game soon, and while I'm excited, the broadness of Heroquest is very confusing to me. I've got a character set up, but I don't actually know what exactly this means, if it's good or bad, or what: Name: Heorl Culture: Dragon Pass...
  10. eggdropsoap

    [HQ2] Help me understand consequences of using Community Resources

    One of the draws of HeroQuest 2 is the interaction with the clan/community, and the tensions between the heroes' goals and the community's goals. And then when you use Community Resources, if the roll goes really well or really bad, it can spell epic victory or sudden doom. But I'm setting up...
  11. Crusty One

    Question About Rich Settings with a High Buy-in

    I was going to ask this question in the current thread about Heroquest Glorantha, but realised it's applicable to any similar setting. If I buy the game, the only way I'm going to play it is if I run it. If I run it, it's going to be a real uphill struggle as my players will definitely not read...
  12. T

    Other Worlds: Glorantha

    I have the mammoth GtG books, and was thinking which system to use for them. I have HQ somewhere, but it never really clicked with me - too few ability things, or too wide a focus on them, or a mixture of both, I think. I like RQ, but with RQ6 being a stand alone thing, I want something that...
  13. F

    What does Heroquest Glorantha Add to Heroquest II

    Heroquest Glorantha is based on Heroquest 2 - does it add anything that can/should be ported to Heroquest 2 in general?
  14. E

    [Contrast and compare] Other Worlds and Heroquest 2e/Heroquest Glorantha

    Hi all, Can anyone talk to me about those two game engines? I read a bit about them and right now i am fascinated. It seems to me that one of these 2 games could very well be perfectly suited for one of my rpg groups (this group is: very focused on roleplay, not much dice throwing per session...
  15. roko_joko

    101 HeroQuest Glorantha characters

    HeroQuest Glorantha! In this thread characters can come from anywhere in the setting, and if you're wondering "would the GM allow XYZ", the answer is yes. The complete chargen rules are in the book, but here's the summary: 1. Flicker Pippi Longstocking meets Davy Crockett meets Odysseus...
  16. B

    What narrative system should we switch to in our Shadowrun-ish campaign?

    I've been running a near-future game in my own setting on a (fairly attenuated) Shadowrun 5 platform for almost four years now. Our campaign works great...until I need the system to do something. Then the momentum stalls. Combat is tedious and unthrilling, Social tests yield nothing cool, etc...
  17. CK!

    HeroQuest/Hero Wars Conflicts: Failing but scoring a Victory; Succeeding but Losing

    There is a lot I like about the conflict resolution system for HeroQuest and Hero Wars, but there's one thing that bumps my brain every time I go near it (and when I played it with friends, they had the same problem). When you roll the d20, you roll to see how well you did against your target...
  18. E

    Glorantha - 101 adventure ideas *aka* what do I do with this setting?

    Alrighty folks. I have hit a stage in my life where I can afford to support some of my indulgences. RPG books are my big indulgence. I spend more on them than anything else. I have never played Glorantha in my 30 years of gaming. I had heard about it, but never even looked that direction as...
  19. DavidStallard

    Urban fantasy that's not dark/horror?

    My wife is a huge--HUGE--fan of the Iron Druid novels by Kevin Hearne. An RPG with a similar feel would go a long way toward convincing her to dive into the RPG world with me. Especially if they feature a dog named Oberon. :) I have a fairly big RPG collection, but one genre that's...
  20. C

    What Games can I play exclusively with a D20?

    This is mostly just a "what's out there?" question. I just got myself a Braille D20, from the 64 Oz Games Kickstarter I'm wondering what games I could play exclusively with that die. ironically, I don't think the D20 system fits—it uses other dice for combat and so on. I know HeroQuest fits. I...
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