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  1. rabbithat

    Chaosium Announcing Chaosium Con Down Under (Sydney, Australia - 2-3 May, 2020)

    Chaosium is excited to announce that Chaosium Con Down Under is going to take place a year from now (2-3 May, 2020) at the evocative and historic Glebe Town Hall in inner Sydney, Australia. With our friends at Aetherworks, we're planning a boutique yet captivating program that's going to be in...
  2. MadMax906

    RUST : THE AFTERWORLD - The Roleplaying Card Game

    Hello everyone! RUST : THE AFTERWORLD, our new game project, is now live on Kickstarter. The campaign has started brilliantly (more than 17% achieved in less than 3 days, over 200 likes on our facebook page, over 15k contacts to our launching post), and we are marching at good speed toward our...
  3. Scorpio Rising

    [Heroquest] Help me get it

    This is a thread about the roleplaying game, formerly known as Hero Wars, Heroquest: Roleplaying in Glorantha and Heroquest 2nd edition, now known as Heroquest: Glorantha. I bought into this line with Heroquest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, due to hype here on RPG.net. I'd already played...
  4. I. J. Betty

    Which Glorantha do I want? (Sell Me)

    I've been vaguely familiar with the Glorantha setting for some time, but have never played a game in the setting. The other day I picked up The Glorantha Sourcebook and fell in love. My only problem is that there are three different RPGs out right now, and I really can't decide between them...
  5. silburnl

    For Sale [eBay] [UK] Pendragon, Heroquest, Ars Magica, Aria

    This post is an advance notice for a series of auctions I'm setting up to clear out some of my older game materials. They will be going live on 31st January and will run for 10 days. I have the following auctions already scheduled: Pendragon 1st Ed. (original box, plus 'Nobles' and 'The...
  6. S

    Sell me on Heroquest.

    Hi fellow gamers, what are the major differences between Heroquest and its BRP close relatives? Best regards, Soulquest50
  7. T

    Heroquest rules released under the OGL!

    I just learned that the Heroquest rpg engine will be released under an OGL and there will be an SRD available soon! And there are a number of genre packs on their way (including SF, Supers & Pulp!). Being one of my favorite systems, these news really made my day :)
  8. wirecrossing

    What would I pick up to get started with Glorantha in 2018?

    I'm quite familiar with Second Age (worst Glorantha). But what about 3rd Age?
  9. T

    [Glorantha] Good setting. How the @#%! do you play it?

    Hey friends. Okay, so, the thread title is the tl;dr. Here's the long version. I've dug into multiple versions of Glorantha, and it really is very good, just a very excellent world. 13G finally convinced me to start exploring it, and RQG is pretty much on my instant pull list if we get it this...
  10. R

    13th Age Glorantha and Glorantha Sourcebook PDFs sent to backers!

    Folks, If you were part of the 13th Age Glorantha kickstarter, make sure to check your mailboxes: https://www.chaosium.com/blog/13th-age-glorantha-update-exciting-news13g-and-the-glorantha-sourcebook-are-out-to-backers/ Some highlights: - 13th Age in Glorantha is a refresh of Archmage Engine...
  11. B

    Genesys Dice for other games?

    I've been thinking of using my Genesys/Star Wars dice to enhance other games. Our first idea was to use the boost and setback dice along with basically any other game to represent small bonuses and penalties. Advantages and Threats can be fairly easily applied to any game and if the game in...
  12. C

     Glorantha/The Colymar Campaign: Any Advice?

    I've been getting back into Glorantha of late, and am eager to try running HeroQuest again. The last time it was a bit of a slog, partially because I didn't really get the system. I hope to do better this time, and was thinking of running the Colymar Campaign. It is pretty linear, but I'm rusty...
  13. W

    Fading Suns using HeroQuest rules

    The explosions were deafening… One moment, the Hawkwood shuttle Callisto was flying serenely over the deep jungle of Severus, bound for the capital of Tsaritsyn – the next moment there was a huge explosion near the cockpit and then the shuttle buckled again as another blast tore a hole in the...
  14. Ian Cooper

    Sartar Rising, or the Rise of Argrath

    Heroquest Glorantha calls out two major periods for play in Dragon Pass Until now most campaigns have been set in the Sartar Rising period, although The Coming Storm's campaign pack, The Eleven Lights, extends from 1618-1625 and introduces the early years of the Rise of Agrath. Given that RQ...
  15. A

    For Sale HeroQuest Glorantha Lot

    I have the following Heroquest Glorantha books for sale, as a lot, from a non-smoking home. Condition as noted below. HeroQuest Glorantha core book (G) HeroQuest Glorantha core book (VG) Sartar - Kingdom of Heroes first edition (NM) Dragon Pass - A Gazetteer of Kerofinela (NM) Everything you...
  16. A

    [Heroquest: Glorantha] Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes question

    Can I make due with the first edition, or does the second edition add and/or change something significant that I really need to acquire it for?
  17. C

    [HeroQuest 2+] Anybody still play?

    So I find myself thinking of HeroQuest 2 today, which seems to be mostly associated with Glorantha nowadays. While i Love Glorantha, I believe HQ2 has potential for lots of other settings, and I'm curious if anybody else still plays. It would be a shame if the Moon Design and Glorantha IP...
  18. legopaidi

    [Glorantha] How different is the Heroquest 2e/GtG era from Heroquest 1e/Hero Wars setting-wise?

    What the title says actually... Has the setting as described in Guide to Glorantha / Heroquest Glorantha (and the earlier Heroquest 2e books like Sartar Kingdom of Heroes and Prax Gateway to Adventure) changed from what it was during the first Issaries era of Hero Wars/Heroquest 1e? If yes...
  19. NathanS

    The Heroquest as generic dramatic character growth

    How did I never see this before? There are a few forms of growth, whether in physical power or emotional, in RPGs that tie into the character undergoing a dramatic moment like in most fiction it's generally done by abstract gathering of points to spend, sometimes now just given at the end of a...
  20. E

    [Glorantha trivia]Chaosium RQ2 Borderlands - Duke Raus' cult?

    In the classic Borderland pack for RQ2, Duke Raus of Rone is generically identified as a being (a)from Kostaddi, in the Redlands and (b) a generic "ancestor worshipper" (presumably so as to make him palatable to either Lunars, Praxian or Lightbringer PCs). Now that we know more about Glorantha...
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