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  1. ChalkLine

    The 'Jack' - Linen Armour for Historical and Fantasy Role Playing

    'Cloth' Armour is usually given poor statistics in nearly all role playing games, and on the surface this seems logical. After all, cloth as a substance is quite soft and well known, we wear it every day. Most games like Dungeons and Dragons or Rune Quest make it the cheapest and least effective...
  2. A

    What RPG has the most historically accurate rules for ships...

    ...for the Golden Age of Piracy?
  3. Gamble Gold

    Historical BG Info Needed: Pre-Rev France for a Musketeersy-type Game

    I'm not after huge amounts of depth*, just quick answers to run a Three Musketeersy-type game. Specifically I need a few ideas for the set-up and organisation of a typical, provincial city. In the ancien regime, did cities have something like a town hall? Who was in charge of city the size...
  4. M

    Magical Traditions of the Byzantine Empire

    So I'm considering a Mythic version of the Byzantine Empire, and I want to find out what sort of magical traditions, superstitions and other mysticism existed at the time. My research found a lot of information about the Eastern Orthodox church, but vague information elsewhere, so I was hoping...
  5. Gentleman Highwayman

    [GW/Warhammer] Legends of the... VS Necromunda & SWA?

    The painting for my Shadow War stuff stalled and 8th ed and talk of the new Necromunda seems to have made everyone toss SWA aside. Still I was thinking about 40K skirmish terrain inspired by Necro/SWA and decided that something that looked like a morph between old west and brownstone buildings...
  6. V

    Mundane Historical RPGs

    Note: "Mundane" in this case means no supernatural, magic, or super-science content. This thread was triggered by a discussion on "How anachronistic are tinted glasses in a renaissance fantasy game?" and the side discussion about Italy during the Renaissance. It seems that mundane historical...
  7. B

    Medieval low fantasy Game/System Suggestions needed for my new group

    Hi all! So I sat down with a group of new players to do character creation. We started with freelancing some character concepts and they completely blew me away with their ideas. They had strong feelings on it being a low to no magic world (magic is dangerous and rare, no magic users in the...
  8. T

    Favorite Historical Era For A Game Setting?

    Following Ken Hite's adage that the best world for a rpg setting is our own, I'm mulling over setting a fame in a nerdtroped version of our own. I'm have too many ideas. Does anyone have a favorite historical period or era?
  9. S

    [Fate Core] Ever used Fate Core for Historical/Historical Fantasy games?

    One of the things I like running most, or seem to run most, are games based on history, sometimes with fantasy elements, sometimes without. As I do every year, my eye wanders to Fate, and I've got a wondering if I can run my beloved "genre" using Fate. Previously, I ran these games in Burning...
  10. S

    What's all that stuff called?

    So... wasn't sure of where this should be asked, please move as needed. Anyway, I was looking through some art work for NPC inspiration and I realized if I were to attempt describing much of the clothing and armour to players I would be completely out of my depth. Sure, I know what a helmet or...
  11. S

    System Suggestions for an Historical Medieval Campaign

    I'm looking for system suggestions to run a historical medieval game (perhaps with subtle supernatural undertones) set in and around the Byzantine Empire and the crusader states. My current contenders system wise are Chronica Feudalis (although I'm not sure if it does long term campaigns well)...
  12. J

    What are the best historical RPGs/Settings?

    I don't mind if they have a mild smattering of something fantastical but they need to be grounded in a historical setting.
  13. V

    What is your favorite sourcebook for fantasy/historic medieval Britain?

    There have been numerous sourcebooks detailing fantasy/historic medieval Britain, going back to stuff like ICE's Robin Hood supplement and GURPS Middle Ages to Design Mechanism's Mythic Britain and Merrie England for BRP. Do you have a favorite?
  14. C

    Campaign in Classical Greece: What would you expect as a player?

    Imagine that you, as the average roleplaying gamer, are asked to join a Mythras/RQ6 campaign set in Classical Greece (between the Greco-Persian Wars and the Peleponnesian War) with mythological elements. What would you expect? What would you want to see? What would you prefer not to see?
  15. ChalkLine

    Mediaeval Society in the Late 15th century: A roleplaying tool

    Intro: I study this period of society in the Western and Central European area and occasionally my thoughts become coherent enough that I post these threads as a roleplaying tool. If you want to use facets of these please do so and please don't think that I'm demanding you do. Who the hell are...
  16. Tango Samurai

    [necro]Mythic Rome for Mythras

    https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?790768-Mythras-Mythic-Rome-Now-Available Bring it on. Happy to see this hit. And right on top of the main release too. My gladiator game might finally get the love it needs.
  17. R

    Ancient History RPGs

    I have been listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History series on the Greek and Persian wars, as well as some Great Courses ancient history stuff and it got me wondering what Ancient History RPGs were out there. I am explicitly looking for pre-Roman period stuff, from Ur to Persia. I like the...
  18. G

    Medieval City - Scale, time, travel, etc.

    Hey all, I'm looking for some answers to better convey the size, distance, movement, etc. for my upcoming game where the PCs visit a city for the first time. I personally don't know enough about acreage, sizes, populations, density, square mile this or that. Also, within my group are my kids...
  19. IdiotSavant

    [Larp] The Devil's Brood

    Five years ago I wrote a larp and threw it on the web for people to play. For Reasons, I've now prettied it up, revised the GM advice, and tweaked the character sheets to take feedback from its various runs into account. And now its on DriveThru...
  20. Evocatus

    System Recommendation: 16th Century Historical

    Have a hankering to run with an idea I have of PCs involved in the military campaign leading up to the Battle of Orsha, fought between the Kingdom of Poland/Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Grand Duchy of Muscovy (1514). Checking in with RPGnet to see what system recommendations you might...
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