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  1. jd.

    [Let's Play] Vous êtes Napoléon (You are Napoléon)

    Our journey through gamebooks rages on... So we more or less recently concluded, rather satisfyingly, a long, shambling trek through the Demonspawn saga. It was fun at times. The main item that hindered our fun was, clearly, the gaming element: combat rules were too harsh in the first two...
  2. B

    [Video Series] Dragon' Up The Past - new show on hobby game history

    http://grogheads.com/category/books-movies/dragon-up-the-past First 2 episodes are up now, and more every Friday, as we explore the roots of hobby gaming while going thru classic back issues of The Dragon magazine We'd love to hear your feedback :)
  3. J

    What are the best historical RPGs/Settings?

    I don't mind if they have a mild smattering of something fantastical but they need to be grounded in a historical setting.
  4. dr_mitch

    Coming soon: Age of Anarchy

    Soon, Ryan Ranks and I will be launching a Kickstarter for my new game, Age of Anarchy. Set in the Anarchy in Norman England, the player characters work to further the cause of their patron lord in a time of strife when King Stephen and the Empress Matilda both claim the crown. It will be based...
  5. jsnead

    Alternate History Setting Idea - US Slavery Ended in 1787

    Our primary GM is considering a new game and we've been talking about alternative histories. Because she's now big into the musical Hamilton, one possibility she's talked about was an alternate US (present-day) where slaves were freed with the signing of the Constitution, which from what I've...
  6. Jürgen Hubert

    Awesome bits of history for your game

    Yesterday, I finished Charles Mann's "1493" and came across this passage: "Known collectively as chinos, Asian migrants spread slowly along the silver highway from Acapulco to Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz. Indeed, the road was patrolled by them—Japanese samurai perhaps in particular...
  7. P

    Comics Code and Toxic Tropes

    Spin off thread from http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?763579-What-are-the-absolute-worst-examples-of-racism-or-sexism-you-ve-seen-in-published-RPG-books&p=19323017#post19323017
  8. Khyron

    Help Khyron Build Nifty Youtube Playlists, Please

    Link here "Greenland Whale Fisheries" may have written been relatively close in time to the time it's about, but it does start with a year in the first line. Any further suggestions? It does not have to be completely accurate history and the song can be sort of intended as a humor/novelty...
  9. dr_mitch

    Small Press Fate: Hunters of Alexandria

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd make a gratuitous post noting that Hunters of Alexandria is about to be released to my Patreon backers. It's still not too late to join them if you would like a copy. Hunters of Alexandria presents a fantastic version of Alexandria early in the years of the Roman...
  10. T

    Reading through Designers and Dragons [merged]

    In Designers & Dragons, the history of tabletop RPGs, the author extensively discusses the nature and impact of the d20 boom (and bust): the era when Wizards of the Coast (WotC) allowed third party publishers to publish material using the d20 game mechanics, under either an Open Game License...
  11. Quasar

    The time Marvel almost moved to San Diego and made Jim Lee EiC

    http://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/01/05/marvel-tried-make-jim-lee-eic-move-san-diego/ Well thats a fascinating alternate timeline.
  12. Xopher

    Comix History: Reed Waller and Kate Worley

    I've been writing up an essay reminiscing about certain comics that were influential on me, and I was thinking about Omaha the Cat Dancer, perhaps the first ever adult comic I read that wasn't ugly and drenched in misogyny. However, do I recall correctly that Waller had his own problems with...
  13. N

    Future History for a SF RPG: How much is too much?

    Just what the thread title says. Most SF RPG's set in the future include at least some amount of history to inform the reader of events between present day and the time in which the game is set. Depending on how far in the future it is, this can add up to a lot of material. So how much is...
  14. Xopher

    Can We Put the Punk Back in Steampunk? (Or, Occupy Steampunk!)

    Over in the "Anti-Punk?" thread, Spectralent made a great comment regarding something in steampunk that's been bugging me for a long time: I love the idea of steampunk, but frankly, most of the stuff that's out there has a tendency to gloss over the nastier aspects of the Victorian Era and...
  15. M

    Life in the 1930s

    Afternoon all, I'm looking to do some research about life n america during the 1930s. I want to learn about the culture, the crime, the politics, etc. Any good book or documentary recommendations you toss my way would be great. Thanks.
  16. K

    [Victoriana] 1875 - what's happening, world?

    Our Victorian M&M1e game, The Library is now underway, but we sort of did it all in a bit of a rush to plug a gap when we returned after Christmas/New Year. See it's our "backup game", to be wheeled out as and when the entire complement for the "main game" (currently D&D4e; soon to be 13th Age)...
  17. Alex_P

    What does real leather armor look like?

    Lots of fantasy games have leather armor. It's totally a real thing, too, across a variety of cultures. What does the real stuff look like? It's hard to do Internet research because, well, I don't know how to figure out whether a particular specimen is realistic or just fanciful in a low-key...
  18. Pip

    [We're the Exception!] Crash Course World History

    So, Tangency has introduced me to Crash Course World History which is just great. It's not 100% accurate I think (off the top of my head the one of the Buddha reports as facts a few things that are probably legends, and the one on the Roman republic refers to the senate as a legislative body...
  19. Libertad

    Civil Rights veteran John Lewis to write comic book

    The graphic novel is called "March." It's an autobiographical account of his years in SNCC, his role in the Freedom Rides, participation in the 1963 March on Washington, and other significant events of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. John Lewis, now a Representative in Georgia, was...
  20. H

    [Historical] Roman Crafts lost by the 1200s?

    This is about some stuff going on in my Ars Magica game, but the line of questioning I have is more broad. The PCs are currently in a pocket dimension several miles across called a Regio, where they have encountered a surviving Roman outpost, a copy of Cologne. They have made a deal to solve...
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