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  1. Shan Andy

    [Dread] (the Jenga one) Looking for tips and advice

    My players are lovely. I offered them three choices for our first game as a group and they, of course, chose the one I am least prepared to run. Bless them. They wanted to play Dread (the one with the Jenga tower). I've never run or played it before, but I have seen the Tabletop episode where...
  2. M

    Dark Times Issue 02 Now Available

    We are pleased to announce that The Dark Times fanzine 02 is now available. This issue contains material for Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu, as well as a couple of neat systemless items and more besides. Download the PDF for free from here...
  3. M

    The Dark Times 'zine Now Available

    I am happy to announce that the first issue of Dark Times is finally available. Spanning the horror-conspiracy-weirdness gaming genres, this premiere issue contains material forDelta Green, Dark Conspiracy, Trail of Cthulhu, Silent Legions and even a dash of Call of Cthulhu. Get your free copy...
  4. M

    Other Publisher Protodimension Magazine seeks submissions

    Hi all, just wanted to let you know that Protodimension magazine is still looking for submissions. If you have anything for us or would like further information then check out the website or drop us a line at the usual address: submissionsATprotodimensionDOTcom. Thanks!
  5. M

    Other Publisher Protodimension Issue 28 out now

    Greetings everyone. We are pleased to announce that issue 28 of the horror-conspiracy-weirdness gaming magazine Protodimension is finally available. We hope you will enjoy our humble publication, and if you haven't seen it before the past editions are all available for free...
  6. Youdontmeetinaninn

    [Dread Actual Play] Finger Lickin' Good

    Welcome to You Don't Meet In An Inn's annual Halloween Horror series! Are you ready to be spooked? Today we begin playing Epidiah Ravachol's Dread! Our heroes this week are going up to a cabin in Northern Ontario that belongs to the family of one of them. What happens in that cabin will...
  7. W

    Shuffling Horror: Unique Cinematic Card Game for 3-13 players. Final Days on KS!

    Hi RPG.Net! Zombies! Aliens! Lovecraft! Poe! Days to go on this unique indy horror card game. Lite rpg fun! One player directs (like a GM), all other players try to make it to the closing credits.
  8. M

    Other Publisher Protodimension Issue 24 Now Available

    Greetings everyone. We are pleased to announce that issue 24 of the horror-conspiracy-weirdness gaming magazine Protodimension is finally available. We hope you will enjoy our humble publication, and if you haven't seen it before the past editions are all available for free! :)...
  9. Bogota

    Halloween: looking for a one shot horror RPG for players with varying experience

    My wife asked me to run a game on Halloween evening for a group of friends with mixed levels of experience playing RPG's. I suggested a Call of Cthulhu scenerio but she thinks the ruleset is too heavy for that evening. I'm considering Dread with the werewolf scenerio or possibly Cthulhu Dark but...
  10. P

    *Kickstarter* Horrors: The Scary Story RPG

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1842635065/horrors-the-scary-story-rpg In Horrors: The Scary Story RPG you are not a monster hunter, you are not the chosen one, and you are not an action hero. You are a normal person who is now being stalked by a vicious killer or terrible monster...
  11. A

    Horrors in the Night projects question?

    Hi all, I'm looking for input to my one product the OpenD6 horror incarnation "Horrors in the Night" by Solace Games. I was wondering, if you're familiar with the product, what would you like to see in this horror line? Monsters, adventures, locations, spells/psionics, different types of magic...
  12. H

    Pronoia Works: Strange Gods, Gnostic horror with FAE

    Hello everybody. I want to introduce you Pronoia Works. Our job is to create worlds. We want to show you a variety of settings, worlds upon worlds where the background helps you to tell compelling and interesting stories, gives you hooks and starting points, and never, ever, becomes a...
  13. I

    [How would you do it?] Big Trouble in Little China scenario as a Western adventure

    So a little while ago I learned that the movie Big Trouble in Little China was originally written as a western but was changed to modern because of current trends. After a little thought, I could totally see the story happening during the gold rush days of the wild west and then I thought how...
  14. L


    Check out the details on our Halloween sale, going on now through midnight next Friday, on some excellent horror-themed product, including the Gothic Campaign Compendium, all five Gothic Grimoires and more, including special deals on the Legendary Games webstore and at Paizo, shop.d20pfsrd.com...
  15. B

    Growling Door Games Acquires Chill License

    For Immediate Release: 6-13-2014 Michelle Lyons-McFarland Growling Door Games www.growlingdoorgames.com 1-440-915-6120 growlingdoorgames@gmail.com Growling Door Games Acquires License For Chill RPG US Roleplaying Game Publisher Brings Back Classic Horror Game Cleveland, OH: Today, Growling...
  16. L

    Hammer Horror RPGs

    We've got the AD&D Era of Ravenloft. What games fit this "genre" like a glove?
  17. Jim Hague

    [Accursed RPG] Witches and Werewolves and Savage Worlds, Oh My!

    Fipping through my various feeds, I ran across Accursed today...and I am intrigued. I likes me some Savage Worlds, and playing the monstrous heroes? Hell yeah! Plus, the authors' pedigree is pretty badass, and I'm a sucker for dark fantasy settings. So, anyone else out there heard of this one...
  18. S

    New from NUELOW Games -- Modern Basics: Tools of Terror and Blood

    The latest from NUELOW Games draws upon the design crew's love of all things horror movies, books to bring 18 all-new feats and three all-new talent trees designed to augment horror-flavored OGL Modern d20-based RPG campaigns. Modern Basics: Tools of Terror and Blood uses game mechanics to help...
  19. Z

    [Horror] The Gruesome Deaths Thread

    My group is at that stage where we're trying to decide what to play next. My proposal is a Bookhounds of London campaign for Trail of Cthulhu. I want to kind of sandbox it, so I'm pulling together lists of things to be useful at the table (you know, a list of random names, a list of occult...
  20. A

    Horror Game Reccomendation

    I'm looking for games with extreme horror in them. This has to do with the human condition and things like stories Clive Barker might write. Any ideas?
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