1. The Discerning Gentleman

    🎨 Creative [Idea Factory] Sci-Fi Horror Plotlines

    Have you played any good Sci-Fi Horror RPG's or had any ideas along that type of plotline? We would live to hear about them here!
  2. Deflare

    Scoville Rating for Horror

    Something that's been on my mind lately is how there are a lot of different types of horror movies, books, and games, with different levels of scariness on different vectors. I'm historically a total chump when it comes to horror, but often find the genre interesting for speculative fiction...
  3. Clavis123

    A Ghastly Companion to Castles, Mansions, & Estates - Rough-Hewn Edition

    A Ghastly Companion to Castles, Mansions, & Estates is your complete guide to gaming in the opulent Grand Houses of the Georgian, French Revolutionary, Napoleonic, and Regency eras. Although created especially for use with Ghastly Affair, “The Gothic Game of Romantic Horror”, it’s also an...
  4. A

    🎨 Creative Setting Riff: Space Hulk, crashes on Earth’s moon

    So it was a perfectly normal day. Preachers were ranting about the end of days and of straying from the path. Men were smoking, talking about business and women and whatnot. Old housewives talked about the newest scandals, affairs, and children. Children were playing. Politicians, secret...
  5. J

    Any suggestions about a fantasy horror suitable system?

    Hello to all of you, guys and gals! I'm asking for some help, suggestions or tips and hints. Here's the reason why I need your kind advice. My plan is to be a game master for my friends, we are a small group - four people in total. We're aiming for something like DnD style but with a different...
  6. Rowenn552

    Re-recruitment - Red Markets - Get Rich or Die Trying

    “We all joked about it. The Zombie Apocalypse. The damn things had flooded our culture in media and merch which ended up being our downfall. They called it the Romero Effect or so I heard. Some doctor in the Recession diagnosed all the Crash survivors about a year after everything went down. It...
  7. C

    Best Call of Cthulhu blogs

    I've been spoiled lately reading some great OSR and D&D blogs. Some contain months of one-page dungeons. Some contain slews of monsters created for Dungeon Crawl Classics. CampaignWiki, the Alexandrian, and the Angry GM have enough gaming theory and nuggets of wisdom to get you through all of...
  8. A Letter From Prague

    The Aglaeca: A new monster for d100 and GUMSHOE

    Buried under fields, entombed in roots, or burbling under marshes, lurks the aglæca... A new creature for your D100 or GUMSHOE-based horror mystery RPGs. The Aglæca is a beast out of the mists of folk-legends and grandam's fireside tales, an eater of children and king of the wastes. This...
  9. F

    *Kickstarter* The Black Iron a dark fantasy horror RPG

    Check out the new FGFantasy title, amazing artwork and post-apocalyptic style fantasy setting. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1635382860/the-black-iron-horror-fantasy-rpg
  10. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20181030

    More Boo! Going for the Boo! Effect, here are some more visceral tips for horror gaming! --- -0- --- Boo!: Never expect to really "scare" your players and their characters. The players have a great deal of psychological distance between them and the source of terror. The best you can do is...
  11. Youdontmeetinaninn

    [Murderous Ghosts Actual Play] Real Life Ghost Stories

    This week You Don't Meet In An Inn explores a deeply haunted hotel! Today we are playing Meguey and Vincent Baker's Murderous Ghosts! Three people enter the haunted Majors Inn to explore its abandoned spaces onl to discover that they aren't as abandoned as expected. Will they get out alive...
  12. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20181026

    Horror Gaming, the ins and outs, usually splattered on the floor. BOO! Fear and Horror in a game aka The Boo! Effect [VO: Vincent Price ] (*1) There are things that go bump in the night. Things that will unnerve you. Things you should never meet. These are the things you are gaming. What...
  13. E

    It's my birthday, and it's almost Halloween! Please give me your best horror RPGs, adventures, and characters!

    Like the title says, it's my birthday today! And I have always been a big fan of Halloween, probably because of its proximity to my birthday. So I want to know about horror-related RPG things. Could be RPGs, adventures, characters, etc. Anything that relates to both horror and RPGs. Thanks!!
  14. G

    [CoC] Go with the Standard Version 7 rules or go with FATE?

    Hey Friends, I'm running a one-shot Call of Cthulhu game (the Haunting) for a few friends on Halloween. I like the version 7 rules alright- but something is drawing me to run it using FATE or Strands of Fate. Any thoughts on the difference in 'feel' either my represent? Again, I don't mind...
  15. Basilides

    Dungeon Starters for KULT: Divinity Lost

    I have only played Dungeon World a handful of times and even though I enjoy the rules and the idea behind the game it is not really my genre. But, I have recently discovered Dungeon Starters. Dungeon Starters are made up of questions, impressions, custom moves, items and services, spells, and...
  16. Seiberwing

    🎨 Creative Plotting a Dread game for Halloween, toss me horror setups.

    If I can get a posse together I'm hoping to run a game of Dread during the Halloweenish season. I'm still brainstorming premises and trying to gather a crew, but I'd also love to see what the motley rabble have to offer in terms of ideas. I've never run a horror game before, or one where I had...
  17. Basilides

    Favorite Urban Horror Locations

    I am planning an urban horror campaign in modern setting. Of course I try to find interesting locations that are creepy, haunting and memorable. But after you have introduced the players to the: Abandoned Mental Asylum with the flooded basement. Slaughter house at the outskirts of town...
  18. Owesome

    [Horrorpack] Horror Recommendations Thread III: Bride of the Son of the Good Stuff

    "Greetings, guys and ghouls! Feast your eyes on another 2000 posts of the creepiest, the eeriest, the screamiest horror media recommendations... IF YOU DARE! PREVIOUSLY ON: [horror] the good stuff - film "But little did this unwitting poster realise... the horrors that would [HorrorPack]...
  19. B


    WUXIA DUNGEON: HORROR, KUNG FU AND A HAUNTED ROUND HOUSE Get ready for Halloween with the terrifying and deadly House of Paper Shadows, a haunted adventure where the players venture into a Chinese tulou (earthen roundhouse) brimming with supernatural threats. Available now in PDF and in...
  20. G

    Fantasy/sci-fi/horror illustrator [urls fixed]

    Fantasy/sci-fi/horror illustrator Available for contract or commissioned work.
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