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ic thread

  1. Choo Choo

    IC [D&D 5E] Vault of Larin Karr

    It is a warm, sunny day in the last days of Tarsakh as you are let into Lord Kyle's parlor by a tall, aging butler. Everything in the room speaks of wealth - the splashes of colorful tile, furniture of dark wood and exquisite detail-work, the expertly handwoven and richly dyed textiles... the...
  2. AndersGabrielsson

    IC [Kult: Divinity Lost] Leave a Light for Me

    Los Angeles, June, 1993. Late saturday afternoon. It's hot outside, hotter than usual for this time of year. Akira has fallen asleep on the couch. Alex is finishing a call from his mother. Astrid is seeing her therapist. Joel has received a tip from one of his informants in the LAPD...
  3. R

    IC Doom of Daruma [FAE]

    Doom of Daruma is a re-imagined Masters of Umdaar play by post for Fate Accelerated. Players Iustum playing Severin Pandorym playing Kora roryb acting as GM spacerander playing T’chyck Recruitment Thread. Wiki. OOC Thread.
  4. K

    IC [Godbound] Dark Matter

    Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah had come to the Bright Republic. Word of the great artist's arrival spread from the glimmering estates of the Patriot/Citizens segments to the phosphorescent twilight of the algae mega-farms tenanted by the hosts of NV indentured workers. The...
  5. R

    IC Secrets of Qar [Barbarians of Lemuria]

    Secrets of Qar is a play by post game using Simon Washbourne’s Barbarians of Lemuria, Mythic Edition. Players: stinkyfool, playing Thrux Walkie Talkie Noise Decoder, Playing Black Beryl Xhaosdaemon, Playing Voldurr GM: roryb OOC thread
  6. R

    IC Mysteries of Lemuria [Barbarians of Lemuria]

    Mysteries of Lemuria A play-by-post of Simon Washbourne's Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition). players Pandorym, playing Sargon the Stalker Chronicler, Playing Thusuzuu GM roryb OOC Thread
  7. R

    IC Blades Against the Red Tide [Scarlet Heroes]

    A game of Scarlet Heroes play by post. Players: roryb — GM Chronicler — Gendai the Necrolator (elven Kuan Amelatu) sulldawga — Chek fai (Imperial Blade Adept) Madcat — Salim Tabari (Eskanti Treasure Hunter) OOC thread. Wiki.
  8. Civil Savage

    IC Uncharted Worlds: The Infinite

    The Job: Go to the now-defunct Transyou research & development facility on Kledge and recover a container labeled UX-497-b. Anything else you salvage is yours. The Location: Kledge has just the one city. When the R&D facility closed abruptly, this world never took off as a colony. It's...
  9. R

    IC World of Super-Science [World of Dungeons]

    A Thundarr-esque play by post using a hack of John Harper's World of Dungeons, namely, World of Super-Science. Hijinks in a post-apocalyptic world of super-science and mysticism. Find the odic reactor and disable it before the wicked tech-wizards can harness its powers to fully subjugate the...
  10. M

    IC Godbound: The City

    (OOC Thread) The City. To its inhabitants, it has no other name. It is the City and it is all that they know. Hundreds of miles in size, the City encompases all of known reality. In some areas, buildings crowd each other in districts where the poor huddle together, eeking out an existence...
  11. mpascal02

    IC [MHR] Naruto

    Graduation day! The day when, after years of training at Konoha's Academy, you have finally achieved the exalted-ish rank of genin and become official shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. And so, after receiving your official Leaf headbands, you sit here in your childhood classroom one last time and...
  12. Mr. Kent

    IC GODBOUND: Heaven Has Fallen

    A wayside inn along the Qormus River Road—evening. Settling down from your righteous wanderings, if only for a night, you find the inn empty save the elderly innkeeper, a younger man who might be her son, and a maid. You have your pick of the rooms, between a large common room with multiple...
  13. B

    IC ICONS - X-Men - Year One

    The shades of classroom B-2 were drawn, and the room was lit only by the soft bouncy glow of a hologram of last evening’s news projected next to Professor Xavier at the front of the room. Light from the hologram flickered off his smooth head as he sat in his wheelchair facing the students. The...
  14. Bellerophon

    IC ICONS AE - Justice League - Let there be Justice, though the World Perish

    PROLOGUE "Are you ready to give your speech, Madam President?" Amanda Waller smiles upon hearing the title. Am I ready? She muses silently as she straightens her pantsuit. When she'd been running ARGUS, things had been simple. Good guys, bad guys, spy versus spy. The last year of her...
  15. Civil Savage

    IC Star Trek: Pioneers

    The starship Endeavour has just arrived at Argen II. An initial sensor sweep shows the colony clearly enough: a sizable city with many developed agricultural fields nearby. Some kind of gravimetric pulse interferes with sensors, making it more difficult to get details, though you could try...
  16. Civil Savage

    IC the Aether Sea, powered by Fate

    Planet: Hanson’s World Sector: Triumph Date: 4 River, year 471 of Royal Hegemony You’re alive, and that’s something. Plus, you’ve got your ship back. You have the Havershams to thank for this, and the first part of your thanks is to come here, to Hanson’s World. This got you away from the...
  17. Civil Savage

    IC Apocalypse Weird

    It's a Whensday, around mid-morning. The sky is overcast but not really threatening rain. You can make out the sun's position through the thin cloud-layer, but it doesn't give enough light to cast shadows. Instead, everything has a kind of pale blue hue that isn't normal. It's muggy, but not yet...
  18. Pandorym

    IC Hellfrost: Ice and Death

    It is the beginning of the new year, on the second Washday of Snowmoon, 499 IR. It is the middle of winter, and snow blankets the realm. Amongst the plains of the Hearthlands, seemingly the last bastion of potential warmth and safety from the freezing winds of Thyrm's breath, the snow only sits...
  19. Bliss Authority

    IC [Ascention Nova] Disorder of Reason, Act I

    Each of you got the invitation, a physical letter, a month in advance. It found you at your mundane homes, or mundane places of work, in most cases. There is a glamour on it, for those with eyes to see, that prevent it from drawing the attention of anyone but the one to bear it. You are...
  20. Tom McCambley

    IC Star Frontiers - Mission to Alcazzar

    After almost thirty minutes of waiting, the small sub-orbital shuttle interior lights dim imperceptibly showing that it's switched to internal power. The warbling voice of the dralasite pilot echoes through the interior of the cabin, "We are leaving the Triad Skybase now, planetfall will be in...
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