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  1. M

    Icons Assembled Edition & Great Powers

    I finally decided, my next superhero RPG campaign will be done with Icons (Assembled Edition)*. I will use the Achievement optional rules and I will do a "by the number" character creation (I have Origins), I will also use some options from A to Z. My question is about using Great Power or not...
  2. M

    The lightweight superhero RPG games match

    Fed up with super hero polls with various RPG supehero polls without taking in account their crunch ? Sure, if you mix heavy crunch games with light crunch games, a poll cannot be really a good one. So in this poll, I offer to choose between light crunch superhero games only (because it seems...
  3. M

    pick-up game ?

    I was reading Icons again this morning and twice in the book, Steve write "ICONS is great for pick-up games" and "Although designed to be an easy “pick-up” game," What is a pick-up game ? I have not found a french translation yet. Regards Merlyn
  4. M

    game mastering a campaign with Icons

    have you tried it ? How long did it last ? How were the PC created ? What sourcebook did you use ? Has you players get any fun ? What was the tone and the style of the campaign ? Anything you want to say about it :). I need experience feedback !
  5. I

    Small Press Map Icon Patreon Relaunched

    A couple years back Inkwell Ideas started a Patreon (something like a monthly subscription) for map icon mini-sets for use with our software programs (Hexographer, Cityographer, Dungoenographer and now Worldographer). The time is right to re-launch that thanks to an agreement with...
  6. AusJeb

    [Fading Suns] Icons of the Known Worlds

    Generally, the Icon system from 13th Age makes everything better. For Fading Suns, it may provide both needed structure and a way for players and GMs to engage with the setting. First, let’s look at the potential Icons for the Known Worlds: Nobility • Emperor. Could represent both the...
  7. T

    [ICONS Assembled] Universal Table

    Hey, I made a universal table for ICONS Assembled! Check it out and let me know if I screwed anything up ... EDIT: Updated link - made some fixes, included both PDF and MS Word versions, in a zip file.
  8. F

    [Icons] The Society of Super Villains dilemma

    How would you handle this classic comic situation: Our heroes face a lone villain and find him an appropriately tough threat for all of them. Later, our villain teams up with others and our heroes find all of them an appropriately tough threat. Besides the obvious small army of minions solo...
  9. R

    [EXTREME EARTH /BASH!] - Just received Extreme Earth..

    Hey all, I just received my soft copy of Extreme Earth A Dystopian Superhero Setting for BASH! and it is a real beauty! Easily the prettiest book on my book shelf. I will start reading it tonight but in the interim, job well done! PS - If Fainting Goat would put out a hard copy I would buy...
  10. F

    [ICONS ASSEMBLED] Using it as a generic, universal RPG

    Has anyone here used Icons Assembled for anything other than superhero roleplay? It seems to me to be an excellent system to use for cross-genre games where players want simplicity of rules. I'm specifically thinking of using it with GURPS' excellent Infinite Worlds setting. For those of you...
  11. R

    [DC Heroes (MEGS) + Icons + Marvel SAGA]Awesome, insane, or just garbage?

    I found an article about benchmarking Icons using a sort-of AP system like MEGS on the Icons website. This article led me to the latest version of DC Adventures, which has a benchmark table similar to DC Heroes / MEGS as well. Combine this with Marvel SAGA: - Attributes and Powers on a scale...
  12. A

    [ICONS Assembled] Character Creation Preference

    So there are two methods of character creation in ICONS baked in for this edition: Random generation with some choice involved here or there, and Point Buy. I'm curious which method is more popular among ICONS fans right now. Personally, I can't stand the random generation system. I need to...
  13. M

    ICONS Random Character Generation Boogaloo

    So - there's this cool online random character generator for ICONS. This made me think it might be fun if we had a thread with random characters we cooked. So - here's the first. Note that I've done some minor tweaking with the random stats the website game me. Doctor Oni Prowess Incredible...
  14. M

    *Kickstarter* Kickstarter for Supervillain Handbook for ICONS and SUPERS! has launched...

    Kickstarter for Supervillain Handbook for ICONS and SUPERS! has launched... The Super Villain Handbook is a resource for the ICONS Assembled Role Playing Game (and SUPERS! RED) to help GMs craft super villains that feel larger than life and which threaten your heroes. Written by Dr. Jason...
  15. Alienmastermind

    Stark City's Newest Sourcebook! "Stark City Stomping Grounds: Silver District" Is LIVE!

    Here's the link to the first companion book for Stark City! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/418021592/stark-city-stomping-grounds-the-silver-district
  16. M

    Small Press new for ICONS - Lair of the Wrathmaster

    A savage group of teen-aged villains is raiding a long abandoned base of a retired supervillain. Can your heroes stop them before they unleash a reign a terror with the super-science weapons they'll find there? Lair of the Wrathmaster is a short, fun, fast-playing scenario that is ideal for a...
  17. F

    ICONS for Pulp Action?

    What's the consensus on using ICONS for 1930's, pulp adventure. I'm thinking of two-fisted private eyes, jungle lords, men of bronze, and gun toting masked avengers. My concern is that the system might not be granular enough, but I've not play tested it or anything. Thoughts on if it would...
  18. M

    Small Press [ICONS] He's an 8 inch tall menace - Vertexor

    And - here's something you'd hope NOT to see under the tree tomorrow morning... Vertexor is a possessed action figure and supervillain for hire. Don't let his 8 inch height fool you; he compensates with his penchant for violence, extreme firepower and complete lack of scruples.
  19. M

    Small Press Fainting Goat Game Holiday Nog Fund Sale

    Fainting Goat Games is having a holiday sale! From now until January 3rd - all products are 50% off! We've got a great line of pdfs for ICONS, SUPERS! and some for M&M3e. So give it a look now because the deals will NEVER be this good again. (And because we need to build up our 'nog fund before...
  20. M

    new for ICONS - Villains: Accelerated!

    new for ICONS - Villains: Accelerated! Villains: Accelerated for ICONS is a treasury of supervillains statted up and ready for action right now. Villains: Accelerated contains Professor Hebanon - Demonic Mad Scientist with a split personality in the tradition of Jason Blood/The Demon and...
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