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  1. wwysocki

    I would love to work with you! Waclaw Wysocki - freelance illustrator

    Hey! My name is Waclaw Wysocki and I’m an artist who loves to create fun illustrations with personality. Images that will catch your audience's immediate attention. My goal is to enhance your product with fun and attractive visuals and help you to deliver it to your clients, so they can...
  2. aftiago

    Hi! I am an freelance illustrator looking for fantasy jobs!

    Hi there! My name is Tiago Fernandes and I am a brazilian freelance artist. Most of my illustration works were for books or personal use, and last year I didn't really had the chance of working with fantasy art (worked only once designing a creature from a RPG). So, if you have any interest in...
  3. Jeshields

    Jeshields returns to Freelance Illustration!

    Hey all! After a six month stint in other employment, I have returned to full-time freelance illustration! Part of that means filling my commission schedule once again. If you have any available work, I'd be honored to be considered! My portfolio: jeshields.com My rates: jeshields.com/wp/rates...
  4. George Bennett

    Digital illustrator specialising in creatures and monsters available for hire!

    Hi there! I'm George Bennett, a freelance digital illustrator. I love all things monsters, whether they be sci-fi or fantasy and I'm also a big fan of horror too. I'm always up for a challenge, and I'm currently open for work. You can view my portfolio here...
  5. Tabletop Art Shop

    For Sale Tabletop Art Shop

    Come get your custom illustrations, profile pictures, avatars, character portraits, busts, groups, commemorate party achievement, maps, equipment, book cover whatever you want!!!! More samples of what I can draw for you:
  6. A Hideous Beast

    Freelance Traditional Ink Illustrator looking for work.

    Hey all, I'm a traditional ink illustrator who has created artwork for bands, and character art for peoples DnD Campaigns. I also create original pieces based on mythology. I also do some digital art on the side, but it isn't my strong point, feel free to check out my Facebook page and instagram.
  7. JavierBravomalo

    Freelance Illustrator/Concept artist Looking for Work - Javier Bravomalo

    Hey! My name is Javier Bravomalo, I'm a freelance illustrator/concept artist and i'm interested in taking on freelance jobs. If you like my work and would like to work with me me feel free to contact me at: jpbravomalo@gmail.com Online portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/jpbravomalo
  8. MorganER

    Illustrator looking to be hired!

    I specialize in black and white illustrations. Please email me for quotes and rates. Some samples:
  9. okumarts

    Dungeon Drawing Dudes List for February.

    So there is a list of D&D stuff to draw for the month and I've been following the list. So far so good. First off, the list: https://www.instagram.com/p/BP8DKfCgUOy Day One: Sentient Weapon https://www.instagram.com/p/BQAxLP3jAWD Day Two: Kenku Druid https://www.instagram.com/p/BQAxRoKDx8_...
  10. A

    Cartographer Needed

    I'm looking for a map maker work with on designing a single world map for a tabletop game roleplaying. Please send an email to GamesArcana@gmail.com with a sample of your work and estimate on what you feel would be an adequate price for your work. Needs: Fit an 8.5x11 page. 300dpi RBG and CYMK...
  11. I

    Game Illustrator for hire or become a Patron and earn free stock art

    Hello my name is Tobias White, I am an illustrator and concept artist. I am currently open to private commissions, but I have also started creating and selling stock art on RPGdrive Thru, through Strange Moon Publishing and I will be slowly filling it up with new and past art that will be able...
  12. D

    Illustrator vailable for freelance work

    Hello my name is Danny Hibbert, I'm a freelance artist who specializes in fantasy art and the tabletop genre. Drop me a line if you think my work will suit your project. See my work here: http://dannyhibbert.com/ Please contact me through: dannymartinezhibbert@gmail.com Thank you very much...
  13. gentrification

    seeking artist to illustrate text adventure game Anchorhead

    I'm seeking an artist to provide illustrations for a new edition of the text adventure game Anchorhead. Scope: The project will require between 40-60 illustrations, black & white, half- and quarter-page size, for digital publication only. I am also looking for someone to produce a map of the...
  14. I

    Tobias White Highlights [Freelance Illustrator and writer]

    Hey all I thought I would share a bit of my work with you. So far the work that I have done for RPGs has been funded via Kickstarter after I have been commissioned for a few starter pieces so that the client has something to show. If you like my work then check out my artblog "Artwork of Tobias...
  15. kovah

    Illustrator and Conceptartist Availble for Commissions

    Hi, I'm an Illustrator and Concept artist specialising in fantasy and sci-fi genres, I have several years experience in board and card games and am currently looking for new projects to sink my teeth into in the coming months. You can find my full portfolio here: http://www.kovah.co.uk You...
  16. S

    Sedone Thongvilay - Sci-fi and Fantasy Art

    Hello! Here are some samples of my sci-fi and fantasy art. You can find more at my site: http://thongvilay.com. If you'd like to hire me to create some artwork, feel free to use this contact form: http://thongvilay.com/contact. Thanks!
  17. Jeshields

    [ RPG Character Artist ] - Jeshields.com

    Thank you for dropping by! My name is James E. Shields and I am a freelance character artist who focuses on the RPG industry and on art geared towards it. If you like my style and are interested in my work, you can contact me here or email me directly at freelance-at-jeshields-dot-com. You can...
  18. V

    Concept Artist/Illustrator looking for paid work

    Hi everybody, my name is Vito Rafiie. Im a 2D artist looking for work. Feel free to contact me at: v.rafiie@gmail.com Here is my portfolio: http://vitorafiie.crevado.com/
  19. S

    Skull Dixon, Illustrator and animator for hire

    Hello, I am a freelance Illustrator and Animator. I have worked on Illustrations for books, playmates, and cards sleeves. I have also worked on commercials, a cartoons series, animated short films, video games, and banners. Please take a look at my Behance site or my linkedin site
  20. H

    Jordy Lakiere - freelancing Illustration, concept art & 3D art!

    Hello! My name is Jordy Lakiere I'm looking for any job offers, small or large freelance, commissions. I specialise in -Concept art for the entertainment industry -Illustration work -3D art for games! PORTFOLIO: http://www.jordylakiere.com CONTACT: lakierejordy@gmail.com
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