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  1. W

    Artist available for freelance $10/hr (B/W lineart, grey scale, full color painting)

    I just have a few samples here but will add more soon: http://s1116.photobucket.com/user/tooncraft/library/?view=recent&page=1 I have a large family to support, and I really need the work. So I am trying to keep my fees to almost minimum wage as I am unemployed and will happily take any job I...
  2. C

    Let me sketch your characters

    Greetings rpg.net, I am currently looking sketch up a couple of requests as an exercise to improve my character design. I am currently on vacation, with time to draw but I have fallen into that period in every artist's life were suddenly my work and ideas suck and I should probably quit art...
  3. S

    Artwork for Feng Shui 2 RPG

    Hey everyone! Here's some artwork I did for Feng Shui 2. Thanks!
  4. S

    Freelance illustrator and Indesign layout Artist

    Hello there. I am a professional Artist looking to expand my costumer base. I create Illustrations, book Covers, and create book layout designs. You can see examples of my illustration work at :https://www.behance.net/skulldixon You can also see an example of my Book Cover design skills and...
  5. johnnype

    What artists would you like to see more of in your RPG's ?

    On Tumblr there's a hashtag for #fuckyeahbritisholdschoolgaming and it made me realize it really is it's own mini-segment of the market. I love it and one of the key elements of it is the artwork. Some of my favorite artists don't seem to appear in the books I buy any more. I'd like to see more...
  6. V

    Do the BECMI books have the same art as the Rules Cyclopedia?

    I have the RC and it is a terrific set of rules. But the artwork... ugh. Does the same stuff sully the individual BECMI books?
  7. A

    Looking for a fantasy illustator for 150 colour illustrations cimc-style

    I need 150 colour illustrations, size 160x115 pixels. The theme will be creatures for a fantasy role playin game, and I would like a comic-style. There are not too much funds so I greatly consider a low fee. Please let me know your offer and some samples of your work. Thank you...
  8. A

    [Art] Available for Illustrations/Logos/Maps/Graphic Design

    My name is Aaron Acevedo and I'm a full-time artist, author, and game designer living in New York. I'm art director for Savage Mojo and also freelance extensively. I've worked on A Song of Ice & Fire, Babylon 5, Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, Dungeons & Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Solomon...
  9. Asklepios

    (image thread) Fantasy Art with black men and women...

    (...and I don't mean Drow!) I'm looking for high quality fantasy art images that depict African skin tones on human or humanoid fantasy characters, to use as visual reference material for my rpg campaign (not for a published product, but rather just to show players and say "and he looks like...
  10. C

    Custom RPG Character Portraits

    New and vastly improved, www.RPGCharacterIllustrations.com is back! Why You Should Choose Us: By gamers for gamers, we care about your character as much as you do. Our Custom Character Design Tool ensures we draw your character perfectly Fast Delivery! The first draft in your inbox in less...
  11. D

    Fredrik D.T. - Artist for hire

    Hey guys, My name is Fredrik Dahl Tyskerud. I'm an illustrator and concept artist with going on five years in the business now. I've done concept art for film, games, the advertisment industry and of course roleplaying games. I've done work for: CoG on Mutant Chronicles Catalyst Game Labs on...
  12. Storn

    [Art] Storn's stuff

    Here are couple of color interior pics that I did for Hero 6th edition and now that it is out, I can share...These were done primarily in Painter IX, a bit of Photoshop, over scanned pencils. I like the grittiness of the pencils bleeding through the digital paint here and there. This first one...
  13. Owlbear Camus

    Worst RPG covers for reading in public.

    Sometimes I like to bring a guide or sourcebook for reading in downtime at work or the like. Sometimes the covers of said books makes this difficult, over and above the usual "LOL A D&D NERD" ridicule. :D Of course, special mention has to go to pretty much any Avalanche Press 3.X product. I...
  14. ChopSockey

    [Art-] Srsly? What's the big deal with Erol otus? (necro)

    I'm baffled. People are always going gaga over EO's art and I find it repulsive. When I'm struggling to be at my most open minded and objective I still find it cartoony and amateurish. I figured that it's a nostalgic love by association thing but now folks are saying they used to not like it...
  15. S

    Hackmaster Basic cover by Erol Otus!

    Finally on their site and it looks amazing! The cover alone is worth the price for me. Scheduled for June 30th release. http://www.kenzerco.com/product_info.php?cPath=25_94&products_id=670
  16. M

    [Defiance] Opinion Needed For Cover

    This is the most recent draft of the front cover for my game... What was the first word that came to your mind when you saw the cover? What feelings does this cover evoke for you? What impression does the cover give you about the game? Would you want to read and/or play this game? What...
  17. C

    [4e+/ Pics] Perfect "Race/Class" Illustrations

    Okay everyone, in this thread go ahead and post pictures that represent certain D&D races or classes perfectly. We should only have great art in here, and it should be fairly easy to tell what kind of class or at least role/power source the individual is. I'll set the tone by posting some pics...
  18. L

    Compensating Artists?

    I've had a few artists email me, saying they would like to do art for our games. However, that is always followed up with "How much can you pay?" Now, assuming for the moment I would actually have money to pay someone for art, what is considered fair compensation for art? We are looking at...
  19. S

    Reuse/sale of game art across books?

    So, I'm thumbing through my copy of 10th Anniversary Fudge; a gift for my birthday. I'm looking at the cool pictures and I'm noticing that some of these look familiar. Then it hits me: some of them were in Hero 5th as well (the Genre-by-Genre section). This is the first time I've noticed it...
  20. T

    Recommend Clipart packs

    Looking through the free-license clipart packages on RPGNow for my first S&S sourcebook. Unfortunately, these packages aren't very descriptive as to the actual art they contain. My budget for art is pretty much next to nil, and I need images of the following: Naga Locathah Kelpie Sea Elf...
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