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  1. That Other Guy

    Minimalist RPG Cover Redesign 2: Even More Less

    Hey guys, remember that RPG cover redesign thread I did a few years back? I thought I'd do another Here's a couple to start us off
  2. Fred

    [necro][Star Wars campaign] Photoshop pimping

    I'm about to start an all-Jedi campaign (powered by Unisystem) that will begin in the last year of the Clone Wars and (hopefully) go into the Dark Times. My players are pumped and they are good in the character-development part, go somewhat above-and-beyond in buidling up the background. One of...
  3. johnnype

    Power Armor - Do you have a favorite look or type?

    RPG's, miniatures, movies, comic books wherever... I'm asking because as much as I love WH40K I think Space Marines look...ridiculous in those outfits. Too bulky and impractical. I know that's not going to change but I'm looking for inspiration for something similar (i.e. just slightly larger...
  4. Jürgen Hubert

    Inspirational Real-World Architecture

    We have plenty of image thread for inspirational artwork for various games. In this thread, I would like to do something different - share images of inspirational real-world architecture that could find its way into games. "Architecture", for the purposes of this thread, need not be buildings as...
  5. johnnype

    What artists would you like to see more of in your RPG's ?

    On Tumblr there's a hashtag for #fuckyeahbritisholdschoolgaming and it made me realize it really is it's own mini-segment of the market. I love it and one of the key elements of it is the artwork. Some of my favorite artists don't seem to appear in the books I buy any more. I'd like to see more...
  6. Blackwingedheaven

    [Exalted+] Autochthonian Images

    So my Solar party just managed to open a small portal to Autochthonia and they're getting ready to explore the great unknown. None of them know much of anything about Autochthonia out of game (like, one of them has heard the word "Autochthonia" before) so this is going to be a lot of fun. The...
  7. Walkie Talkie Noise Decoder

    Post apocalyptic images.

    Lets find pictures/photos for our Post Apocalyptic games. Here's a Link with 30 photos of abandoned places. http://blogof.francescomugnai.com/2013/01/30-of-the-most-beautiful-abandoned-places-and-modern-ruins-ive-ever-seen/
  8. S

    Non-sexist RPG artwork

    I was just wondering if people would be cool sharing some links, or images with me, that show women in RPG art work that aren't just sylph like with boob windows? It's been bugging me for a while, and I have a couple of friends who are looking for some inspiration for their own RPG book, and I'd...
  9. That Other Guy

    Minimalist RPG Cover Redesigns

    So, I've been mucking around with some pictures, redesigns of some RPG covers that try to capture the essence of the game in a simple a manner as possible. Some things are homages to other minimalist works, other elements are, I'm not afraid to say, flat out stolen because I thought they looked...
  10. E

    [Inspirational pictures] Post your pictures of fantastical cities

    Hi TRO, Soon, i will start an exalted inspired campaign and i am looking for art/pictures/paintings of fantastical cities. As my google-fu is weak (seems i am out of essence) i turn to you, TRO. First an foremost i am looking for fantasy-ish cities (something that'd fit perfectly into a Final...
  11. N

    Some CoC PCs from 20 years ago #1

    Here are some pictures of CoC PC sheets I saved.
  12. L

    [Day After Ragnarok] Brag: My adventure has artwork!

    Fly-by-Night Terre Haute In Trouble So I've done some web work for a good friend and artist. He's paying me by doing these two pieces of art to promote a Day After Ragnarok adventure. I'm going to be running the adventure at at least one convention in New England this year. PCs will be sent...
  13. F

    "We're no SASE ogres"

    I've been trying to show a friend this ad from Dragon magazine for weeks now and I can't find it--if anyone remembers it's the one with the ogre sticking his tongue out and it's touching his nose. Does anyone know where to find it?
  14. S

    [Exalted] Inspiring Image Gathering Method

    So, with the recent rash of Exalted threads, I've felt the need to restart a campaign that died months ago. To this end, because I like to hand people pretty pictures and say "He looks like this", I'm looking for images that people consider "Exalted-y", either characters, scenery or action...
  15. Paka

    Ugly Little Maps

    No, not your beautiful photoshop creations. There are other threads for those. This is for sharing ugly little scrawled maps from your gaming notebook. With archipelagos that look like a bunch of walnuts in red ink on lined notebook paper. I'm working on re-sizing this. Sorry. It...
  16. D

    [Gamma World] Inspiring pictures?

    What pictures have you seen that inspire your wild imagination for a Gamma World setting or adventures or characters?? From actual Gamma World images (old or new), to other RPG images, to comics/cartoons, to movies, or just neat/bizarre images or landscapes or characters, etc... Post...
  17. M

    Movie/TV Macros

    I love 'em. Why don't we collect some here? I know there's some good Inception macros out there; this is the only one I had on hand at the moment...
  18. johnnype

    Post inspirational images - any genre

    This is how I picture a city in a mature (read thousands year old) fantasy setting. Source: Guildwars 2
  19. Lizard

    What is old school gaming? THIS is old school gaming!

    Source. I propose other people post images which best exemplify what they feel "old school gaming" means. No discussions. No dissertations. No statements of value. Just images that sum up what you think of when you hear the phrase "old school gaming".
  20. Lethe

    [Scion: Hero] Post inspirational images here

    Because it seems like there should be plenty of material out there on the Internet, but I haven't been able to find a whole lot beyond what's in the book.
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