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industry speculation

  1. D

    This is the Dark Age of Tabletop Gaming (and what can be done about it)

    Some observations about the state of tabletop gaming: Things are really, really bad. Then there's Paizo. Everyone but Paizo got off the supplement treadmill, and now we are seeing that the treadmill was dictated by the market. The one company that can still maintain a traditional release...
  2. B

    New big thing, cool new sites ?

    So, we've been through some "waves", if you may call them, in the RPG scene the past few years (as always), with the OSR, iterations of Cortex and FATE, indie games before that, and so on... What do you guys think will be the new big thing in RPGworld (besides off course, the almighty 5e :D) ...
  3. Elvish Lore


    "It’s simply because I cannot see any combination of events that does not lead to the utter systemic collapse of the tabletop games industry within the next 5 to 10 years at most." Gareth prognosticates.
  4. H

    mongoose and cubicle 7 in trouble?

    http://nukezilla.com/2010/05/11/rebellion-games-not-paying-out-redundancy-to-closed-derby-studio/ Their parent company appears to be in trouble
  5. J

    Mongoose's Holy Grail

    Has this been revealed yet? It was first hinted at so many years ago. I was just wondering if we ever found out what it is/was/was going to be. I'd be really interested to know. JAR
  6. V

    Why did WotC abandon OGL?

    When 3.5 hit the scene, D&D took off like gang-busters again. Granted some of what was put out there was garbage. But it seemed an overall positive game plan. Anyone know why they abandoned it in 4e? Or didn't they? Last I heard there was none for 4e. It seems to me that channeling rpg fans...
  7. M

    [RPG Publishers] Who is number three? And what are the market shares/tiers?

    We all know the list starts as: 1. Wizards of the Coast 2. White Wolf But who is number three? Three possibilities come to mind: Mongoose, Paizo, and Fantasy Flight. A few other names would probably be in the next tier: Steve Jackson Games, Palladium, Cubicle 7. And what about market shares...
  8. T

    Speculation on Future of Pathfinder

    Anybody care to speculate where Pathfinder will be in 6-12 months after the hype has died down?
  9. Nahualt

    Goodman on success of 4E...

    (Did I get scopped?) http://www.goodman-games.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6207&p=25324#p25324
  10. T

    [White Wolf et al] Future of the White, Fluffy Cainine Entity?

    I was just thinking about White Wolf. They are in a good position as a company, and I see them having a relatively long future. So, what could we expect out of White Wolf in the years to come? --EVE the ______, will eventually be put out, presumably --Maybe they'll kill off the New World of...
  11. D

    [Biz] Pricing Problems.

    I decided to do some analysis of current game pricing. To cut down on variables I plotted the price of White Wolf, Mage release per year from 1993 to 2008, then corrected for inflation to 2008 using the calucluator at http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/cpicalc.pl. In doing this I attempted to avoid...
  12. S

    [Necro][D&D] 4e sales lower than 3e

    http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=557512 Basically its mongoose's state of the mongoose address, a very interersting article 9as always) where Matt SPrange tells us insider stuff. (I look forward to the "make rpg's as a living guide") Anyhow, apparently 4e is not doing...
  13. B

    RPG Sales Data

    Is there any way to find info on the sales data of various RPGs and RPG products? Does anyone publish a bestseller list of some kind? Obviously D&D kicks every other game's butt, but I'd be interested to see what other games are selling and what other games aren't. Would Amazon's ranking data...
  14. V

    What happened to GURPS?

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, but what is going on with GURPS? They came out like gangbusters in 2004 and promised us an ocean of supplements. But as far as I can tell, the supplement parade has grown to a slow crawl. It sure isn't like the days of 3rd edition which had a billion...
  15. V

    Top 10 Hot RPGs

    I'm curious. What do people here thing are the top 10 popular RPGs this summer? I'm looking for a new game and I'm wondering what charmers there are in-print and on store shelves now.
  16. Shingen

    4e Sales?

    Does anyone have any idea what the sales numbers for the first month of 4e has been? I was curious just how many copies were moving.
  17. mhensley

    Pramas on 4E and New Players

    I'm surprised nobody has linked to this yet. http://www.chrispramas.com/ Yep, yep.
  18. Enlightened

    Sales Figures

    I was just goggling around to see if I could find some actual numbers on D&D 4E sales figures and I learned that WotC never releases sales figures for any of their products. I'm wondering, is that normal for a game company? Do other publishers also not release that information? Does Steve...
  19. T

    [The Industry] - is the slump over?

    Recently, a whole bunch of new releases have sold out quickly: D&D4e (into it's second printing even before being released) Dark Heresy Mongoose Traveller Aces & Eights Dreams of the First Age The fact that they have sold out indicated to me that demand has been higher than the publisher...
  20. E

    New D20 Modern

    Is there any word on a Modern D20 game or better yet a supers game based off the 4e system?
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