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  1. Particle_Man

    Sean Patrick Fannon called out for multiple cases of sexual harrassment

    "The alleged harasser in these cases was Sean Patrick Fannon, President of Evil Beagle Games, Brand Manager for Savage Rifts at Pinnacle Entertainment Group, as well as being a game designer and developer with a long history in the tabletop role-playing industry."...
  2. S

    Positive and Inclusive games and companies

    Hey, everyone. I've recently been getting back involved with the news and things going on. And sadly, I found out about the shit like Comicsgate and other shitty things to happen in nerd culture, such as in the tabletop hobby (I stand fully with the victims of harrassment. The reason I didn't...
  3. E.T.Smith

    [5e] Why no $10 PHB?

    A big reason I haven't picked up a copy of the current PHB is that the cover price is half-a-hundred bucks, which seems an extreme amount for a RPG book. Even though I can afford it, I'd forever feel resentful towards the thing for fleecing me so. For comparison, for the same amount I could grab...
  4. mitchw

    Systemless Setting Books - Have any ever really been successful?

    I like the idea of systemless setting books and people always seem to say they would like more of them to be made but have any ever really 'worked'. What are the most popular 'systemless' setting books that are out there? I would guess that Gods of Harn would be my personal example of one...
  5. JoeNotCharles

    Ex-Paizo freelancer: "anonymous reports of harassment" would be treated as threats to the company

    I remember Paizo was discussed tangentially back when the Frank Mentzer harrassment reports came out, leading to much back and forth over whether a company with a lot of inclusive content in their game world could be simultaneously not on the side of angels. I forget the details thougu, so I'm...
  6. H

    *Web Site* TabletopFreelance.com is Open for Business!

    Are you looking for jobs in the tabletop game industry? TabletopFreelance.com is the place to do that and is now open for business! Publishers can post to our Jobs Board. Freelance Artists, Writers, Game Designers, Graphic Designers, Editors, and more can apply directly for those Jobs. Beside...
  7. Z

    The condition of the Japanese animation industry

    So, while doing some research for my Queen's Blade WIW, I started looking up Japanese voice actors-- mainly to find out how much they got paid. The answers I've found have been... depressing, to say the least. Here's some of the links I've found: How Much Do Japanese Voice Actors Get Paid -...
  8. C

    New article in the Guardian about the collapse of the WOD multiplayer game [Irwin x2]

    This is a very interesting account of the collapse of the WoD MMO and how CCP (apparently) killed it through terrible management - I figure that some folks might find it an interesting read here. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jun/05/world-of-darkness-the-inside-story-mmo-ccp-white-wolf
  9. Civil Savage

    Who is your Mount Rushmore of game designers?

    You get to put 4 and only 4 faces on the mountain, based on whatever criteria you choose--who do you pick?
  10. heilel

    HP Lovecraft, was Call of Cthulhu responsible for it's popularity?

    I know HP Lovecraft's books have been around for a LONG time and the Coc RPG came WAY later after they were written. But it seems to me HP lovecraft's books owe a lot of his books current success (Like over the last 30ish years) due to the CoC RPG. It's not like Lovecraft's writing style is...
  11. D

    This is the Dark Age of Tabletop Gaming (and what can be done about it)

    Some observations about the state of tabletop gaming: Things are really, really bad. Then there's Paizo. Everyone but Paizo got off the supplement treadmill, and now we are seeing that the treadmill was dictated by the market. The one company that can still maintain a traditional release...
  12. R

    [Palladium] SOmething Unexpected - or rather not... Kevin, how come you don't like me

    So KS posted a new update discussing the amazing results of his 'secret' market research (whose unwitting participants were people that attended the Palladium games open house.) Check out some of the results. This is some impressive echo chamber reasoning...
  13. Sleeper

    The $23,698,655.93 book (Or: Why Amazon prices on OoP RPGs can become insane)

    http://www.michaeleisen.org/blog/?p=358 tl;dr version: Evolutionary biologist follows a classic out of print text on Amazon as the price increases from just under $2,000 to more than $23 million (in U.S. dollars) -- only to drop to just over $100 the next day. He figures out the algorithms used...
  14. Grimmzorch

    Who's got the rights t the Star Wars rpg?

    Like the title says. I heard that someone got the rights but I have yet to hear who it was or when they are going to have a game out. Anyone have any insider knowledge?
  15. heilel

    White Wolf products being dropped from Shop Shelves?

    So I went for a trip into town today to do some browsing. I dropped into the "Forbidden Planet". They had a very small RPG section, but quite pleasantly surprised that they had some lesser known RPGs like smallville, BRP and a few others. I also noted that they had lots of Pathfinder, probably...
  16. M

    Why arent superheroic rpgs dominant?

    With all of the people who read about the dramas of mask wearing vigilante style heroes I wonder why most of the readers arent playing M&M, Wild Talents or something else along those lines? How many supers rpgs have you seen advertised in a comic about supers?
  17. Rolzup

    Who is the target of cheesecake art?

    I had a conversation about RPGs with my sister-in-law a few years back, although I’ll be damned if I can remember what started us on the topic. Much to my surprise, she’d gamed in the past. “…I used to play Shadowrun in school. My character had really big boobs.” I winced. “Yeah, a lot of...
  18. Jaysin1414

    How would you rejuvenate the RPG industry

    There's plenty of talk about how small the RPG market is and about how, rightly or wrongly, it continues to contract. For this thread a small think-tank has been assembled and they've asked you how you would realistically increase the appeal of RPGs and to increase their viability to roughly...
  19. C

    [GenCon] Could use some helpful hints on a few things

    I've gamemastered at a small, local convention before (UCon, on University of Michigan's campus), but I've decided this August to take a big leap and GM at GenCon. Basically, I'm trying to break into the creative writing business (whether at an RPG company, screenwriting, or whatever), and I...
  20. Elvish Lore


    "It’s simply because I cannot see any combination of events that does not lead to the utter systemic collapse of the tabletop games industry within the next 5 to 10 years at most." Gareth prognosticates.
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