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iphone application

  1. S

    ROLF! for the iPhone!

    "ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game for Big Dumb Fighters" has entered the mobile computer game app age (or something like that....) The ROLF! iPhone app game is now available in the iTunes store! Go to iTunes and do a search for "Rick Blair" and list all his apps and you'll find it! Yay! The app...
  2. Paka

    [Diaspora] Clusternomicon

    The data known as the Clusternomicon is a myth, like Earth, like the Lost Generation Ships and aliens and so many other bits of folk lore that come out of the void. Here we will gather what we can, using Chapter 2. Clusters, page 13-30 of Diaspora and share what we know of the universe...
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