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it's my birthday!

  1. Fred

    [Yesterday was my birthday] It's RPGnet column appreciation day again!

    Yup, it's that time of year again when I try to highlight the awesome RPGnet columns. Last year, I asked people to post about the ones they liked. This year, I want you to highlight specific installments of the current columns that you found good. How old I am you ask? I'll let this picture...
  2. NinjaWeasel

    [It's my Birthday!] Give me Your Weird, Surreal & Eldritch Cats!

    As the title suggests, I want descriptions (and maybe Story Hooks) of weird and/or surreal Cat NPCs. They can be for any game or any background you want really but I'm particularly keen if it's for games like Unknown Armies, Heaven & Earth, Over The Edge, The Esoterrorists, or Call of...
  3. Fred

    [It's my birthday] Give me some love for RPGnet columns!

    I've been writing Superseeds here at RPGnet for eight years now. It's one of many interesting columns the site has. Though there are some ways to know if they generate interest (forum posts, site metrics etc.), it's difficult to gauge how RPGnetters feel about them. So I decided to use my...
  4. P

    🎨 Creative I just gave in my dissertation! To celebrate, how about 101 (more) locations in an inter-dimensional city

    I loved the last inter-dimensional city thread, and still love the comics of Grimjack and the concept of inter-dimensional cities in general! I'll start with three (apologises if these were already brought up): 1) Mr Fenwick's Doom Emporium - managed by the charismatic and former warmonger Mr...
  5. Extinction Burp

    [Ma Birfday, Dammit!] I'd like to see some Amber/Gossamer and Shadow/Lords of Olympus characters, equipment, domains and stuf

    Looking for characters and other cool stuff from the Eric Wujick diceless system.
  6. A

    🎨 Creative Birthday Request: Give me 101 locations in an interdimensional city

    I love Cynosure (obligatory Grimjack shoutout), and I've read a few other takes on the City that Lies at the Heart of the Dimensions, but I'd adore seeing a bunch of locations that could fit in -- the more culture mash-up-y the better! Thanks all!
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