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  1. Shadowjack

    Shadowjack's In Which I Watches: The Rehostening

    As you know, I draw cartoons when I do an IWIW thread. At the time of this posting, the image-hosting site Photobucket—upon which had been mosted most of the screenshots and original art for my various IWIW threads, including the Sailor Moon watch/rewrite—has at last crossed the User Despair...
  2. E

    [IWIBM] Batman! Batman! Batman!

    I don't know why I enjoy making these threads, but for some reason I do. Anyway, this time I'm looking at Batman, starring Adam West. Because I'm sure we can all agree this one was a classic. A classic I barely remember as I haven't seen this in over 20 years. But hey, I managed to pick up...
  3. E

    [IWIR] Pool of Radiance, for great nostalgia

    Hi ho. I thought I could use a little something to break up my Ranma watching, and I’d recently stumbled upon this book in a used book store. And while it may be theoretically preferable to not take on more than one project at a time… let’s face it, I ain’t finishing with Ranma anytime soon...
  4. Shadowjack

    [IWIW] Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon Thread 13: The Magic Horse Ate Our Fancy Title

    Okay, let's try this again, for real, honest. :p Link to previous thread: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?696340-IWIR-Pretty-Guardian-Sailor-Moon-%28Sailor-Moon-Thread-12%29 Link to index: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2133352/shadowjack.html Stand by for incoming post.
  5. L

    [IWIW] Star Wars the Clone Wars

    This show recently popped up on Netflix and occasionally people talk about it on this forum in what I assume is a favorable way. If I do horrible at this then feel free to tell me so I can just marathon this show until I ultimately grow bored of it. Till then I hope my impressions and guesses...
  6. E

    [Anything Goes IWIW] Ranma 1/2

    Some little creep just bounded on by and spilled some Shǒuwànīchuan* on me, but before I get started here It’s probably a good idea to share my very tragic story. Like many nerds from my time I Ranma ½ was one of the early anime I watched, and I fully blame it for some of the… odder thoughts I...
  7. Pip

    [IWIW] Avatar: The Legend of Aang -- Where Appa is Gangnam Style!

    Ok, this series, called Avatar: The Last Airbender by its original creators, but known in Europe as Avatar: The Legend of Aang is very popular. I've seen bits of it before, but not the whole thing. I have seen the sequel Avatar: The Legend of Kora, which I thought was most excellent. So...
  8. Shadowjack

    [IWIR] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Thread 12)

    A long silence. And then, a voice beyond the lights: "…Whoops." "'Whoops'?" "I said nothing." "I distinctly heard you say 'whoops'." "Oh." "I heard you say it, too." "Then it must be so." "I don't like it when you say 'whoops', Pluto. What happened?" "I think we have gone in the wrong...
  9. E

    [IWIBD] Twinkle, twinkle little Lucky Star

    Well, I haven't got any projects I'm working on and I've had a long week at work full of filling in for other people's shifts, malfunctioning equipment, drunken celebrators, and subsequent visits from the sheriffs. So it's time to watch another show, I think. And this one will hopefully be a...
  10. Summer Solstice

    IWIW Steel Angel Kurumi

    So I like magical girl harem animes, I'm odd. I just got this over Christmas even though its an older series and love it. Anyway, on to the show. Episode 1, "The Activation" or Kurumi Stands on Solid Ground!" So we start off with some guy watching some mad science experiment Whoa! A naked...
  11. Shadowjack

    [IWIW Sailor Moon] Sailor Math: 8 Sailors + Mistress 9 = Thread 11!

    And now let us begin to spill over. Here's the previous thread. Here's the index. I hope to get the next episode up by Friday, but you never know. Daimons might attack.
  12. Shadowjack

    [IWIW Sailor Moon S] Thread 7: All Good Sailors Go To Heaven

    We just can't stop talking! Previous thread. The very helpful index.
  13. Shadowjack

    [IWIW Evangelion] Part 5, The Many Worlds Interpretation [fanworks and spinoffs]

    And we're back on. Like I said, I'm still doing these reviews, just slower now. Off now into the wide, wonderful, weird world of fanworks and non-canonical spinoffs. Obviously, this thread is filled with spoilers, so if you want to be unspoiled, better read the works before the post. This...
  14. Shadowjack

    In Which Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon S (you are thread No. 6)

    I haven't even loaded up the DVDs yet, but let's get this party started! Previously, in this series: Sailor Moon (Season 1) http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=468442 http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=479656 Sailor Moon R (Season 2) http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=493974...
  15. Summer Solstice

    [IWIW] Invader Zim

    I've watched this many times and its been done to death, but I'm watching it now and want to do an IWIW :) I'll make it detailed as they are short. The particularly good quotes I'll call out at the end. I could burn through this quick but I'll post one a night. I'm new to this, so writing...
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