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john wick

  1. dmjalund

    John Wick 3: para bellum [Spoiler Thread]

    This thread is for people who have seen John Wick 3 to discuss it.
  2. A

    Would you like a Lost Girl/John Wick crossover?

    Would a Faes of Lost Girl fits into the Criminal worlds of John Wick? Comment what you think will happen.
  3. Andrew Sheeler

    So, 7th Sea: 1868...

    Apparently, it's really happening. If you missed it, JWP sent out a Kickstarter update for 7th Sea 2e this weekend that had a little Easter egg: A teaser for a heavily steampunk-inspired 7th Sea expansion called 7th Sea: 1868. The teaser gives us a glance at Theah in the 19th century, complete...
  4. Tango Samurai

    Female John Wick Action

    Two really great female action scenes that remind me of a gender flipped John Wick First is an actual Korean movie with an outstanding first person perspective sequence. WARNING: Graphic violence and gore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkGV_oNwMKM From Ak Nyeo 2017 (I would LOVE to see the...
  5. Seroster

    VLTTP: I watched John Wick 2 tonight

    I'd been meaning to rent this online and the announcement of the TV show reminded me that I wanted to see it. I don't think I have any particularly meaningful commentary to make except maaaaybe one thing which I wasn't able to find with a search of the main JW2 thread here. I thought Lawrence...
  6. P

    [John Wick TV series] You working again, John?

    So with Keanu Reeves as a producer and sometimes guest star a new TV series is being produced based on the John Wick series of movies called The Continental. Excellent! This was exactly what I wanted after the second movie! I’d love a story about how one gets inducted into the svelte world of...
  7. Boris

    The John Wick films as a game setting

    So I'm rewatching John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2 at the moment. I think one of the less acknowledged strengths of these films are their subtle world building. So, what elements have you noticed, what would you add, how would you use it as a game setting? Here's some of what we know so...
  8. W

    [Movie Version] John Wick / Blades in the Dark

    So I just watched John Wick Chapter 2. I really like the whole alternative assassin culture that both films potray. My question is does Blades In the Dark capture this vibe?
  9. S

    (John Wick-verse) I'm trying to figure out Jimmy the Cop

    I think it's supposed to be implied that he's on the take in some fashion, and so turns a blind eye to the goings-on in Wick's life. But... that seems a little too neat, for me. Maybe even trite? For me, I like to imagine they have a working relationship- that, or Jimmy is smart enough to...
  10. Tango Samurai

    John Wick Chapter 2[here there be spoilers]

    First: I love the counter 50 Shades counter programing commercials. Second: I want to go see this on Sat but I haven't seen the first one yet. Do I need to rent #1 tomorrow night before or can I go in cold?
  11. Pandorym

    [Recruitment] Vampire: Blood & Smoke

    Pandorym here, and I've got the itch to run a Vampire game using the new Chronicles of Darkness rules. The premise of the game is one that I tried to run before but fell apart due to issues between players. You're a group of Kindred who awake one night to discover that all of the elders and...
  12. A

    John Wick 2 full trailer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChpLV9AMqm4 The scene of him just headshotting everyone was all it took to convince me this could be as much fun as the first one
  13. T

    John Wick's "Play Dirty"

    I just finished reading John' Wick's Play Dirty, and I gotta say... I like it. This is good stuff. For those who don't know, John Wick is a game designer. Play Dirty is a series of articles he wrote for Steve Jackson's Pyramid. The articles are about how to practice good storytelling. His...
  14. A

    John Wick 2 Trailer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMqETeQrgqU&feature=youtu.be Honestly, the Morpheus Neo reunion alone would have me psyched. Throw in Ian McShane as a villain and I cannot wait.
  15. P

    [John Wick 2 so I guess this goes here] Keanu Reeves is a legitimately dangerous human being

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpr8oqyjKIc Holy crap, man. I'm not much of a gun guy, myself, but this was posted by one of my friends in the US Army on Facebook and he seemed seriously impressed. Like, I'm worried the dude may actually be able to stop bullets, now.
  16. O

    [PF] Wicked Fantasy World Map?

    Hey, so I bought the PDFs of both Wicked Fantasy and the Wicked Fantasy Companion. I really like the setting... But MAN is it annoying that there's no map! It seems kickstarter backers got one, but I spend the money when I can actually afford it, and I can't get one? Really disappointing. :(
  17. T

    John Wick: quick question [SPOILERS, one assumes ... ]

    SO, based on some comments in another thread, I'm interested in watching John Wick. Here's the thing: I find violence against animals completely traumatizing. Like, I won't be able to sleep at night traumatizing. As I understand it, there's a point in the film in which the bad guys kill...
  18. K

    Any other movies/ shows with gunplay like John Wick or Shoot em up?

    Title says it all. I really liked the style of the fights in those. Are there anything else out like it?
  19. A

    John Wick 2 announced

    http://comicbook.com/2015/05/04/john-wick-2-with-keanu-reeves-officially-announced/ I honestly don't know anyone who saw the first one who didn't enjoy it, and I thought it was one of those rare movies that managed to have an admiradbly self-contained, straightforward story while still setting...
  20. CanoeMan

    I'm Watching John Wick And Holy Shit Do They Manage To Sell Him As A Dangerous Man

    I'm twenty minutes in, and holy crap this is amazing. I mean, he hasn't even done anything for the last twenty minutes except make coffee and drive a car, but everyone else acts like Theon Greyjoy just named Hastur by stealing John Wicks car. Don Russian Guy seems like the stereotypical...
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