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jonathan strange & mr norrell

  1. AegonTheUnready

    Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell boardgame out now

    For up to 4 players. I wonder who the other two magicians might be. I remember there were other mages in England, but none of them were comparable to Strange or Norrell iirc. more https://ospreypublishing.com/store/military-history/upcoming-books/preorder-3-months/jonathan-strange-mr-norrell
  2. R

    [tv] Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell [no books, no spoilers]

    With magic long since lost to England, two men are destined to bring it back; the reclusive Mr. Norrell and daring novice Jonathan Strange. So begins a dangerous battle between two great minds. This thread is for the tv show only -- no books, no spoilers. So far, off to a very promising start...
  3. Yo! Master

    [TV series] 'Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell' trailer [Turned into a discussion thread with some spoilers]

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE1nsOoTJos My favorite book's adaptation is coming soon. :) The tone of the trailer is pretty comedic, but the book is damn funny at places & with a certain kind of wit throughout (even if more of the sardonic kind of humor than anything else), & with a...
  4. Hodden

    The cast of the BBC's Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

    With filming due to start next week, the BBC have announced the cast. Mr Norrell shall be played by the wonderful Eddie Marsan: He can be charming, terrifying, a lovable dope, he can play whatever he wants to be. Jonathon Strange will be Bertie Carvel: I'm not familiar with him, his Imdb...
  5. Wuluag

    [BBC] Adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell commissioned @_@

    http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/news/commissioning/bbc1-orders-jonathan-strange-and-mr-norrell-adaptation/5049559.article?blocktitle=LATEST-NEWS&contentID=870 This is very relevant to my interests! Sooo.... fantasy casting, anyone? ;D
  6. Yo! Master

    [books] 'Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell': a discussion thread

    After some fussing about what to read listen to next i said fudge it & went for what has been my favorite book i have read in recent times Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - the amazing audiobook for it (the actual book will have to wait yet again it seems). And the book is as much a good read as...
  7. V

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell movie?

    It's apparently being adapted to the big screen by Christopher Hampton (the person who addapted Atonement) and currently seems to be slated for some time 2008. Damn. I'm speechless. I hope the movie's great and does the book justice. My paperback is all beat up with coffee stains and bends...
  8. S

    Mr. Norrel and Jonathan Strange

    I just finished reading it this evening. :eek: It has soared to the top of my favourites list. It presents an altogether fascinating, enchanting view of magic and the story the author weaves is beyond awesome. I got the thick, 1k-page edition as opposed to the 'trilogy' edition. I had trouble...
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