1. T

    eBay Skyrealms of Jorune Collection (with rarities)

    Due to space problems (way too many books...) I am sorting out my Jorune books. You will for example find some real rarities such the PLAYING THE ISCIN RACES Special Pre-Release Edition. See: Ebay-link
  2. T

    So, what's the most original and unique fantasy setting out there?

    Basically... something new. I'll make a list: -No usage of material from Tolkien or Dungeons and Dragons -Cultures presented are not simply analogues to actual ones extant or extinct on Earth -Cultures presented are different from the fantasy norm, yet realistically reflect envirodeterminalism...
  3. SJE

    Oh Wow- Skyrealms of Jorune

    So I finally read my copy of the 1992 Chessex version of Skyrealms of Jorune. And what a trip it is! The first striking thing about it is some of the incredible artwork by Miles Teves - and since he does nearly every picture, it's a really unified, detailed look and illustrates wonderfully the...
  4. ShannonA

    Sarceen’s Knowledge

    Does anyone know the publication date of Sarceen’s Knowledge #1? It's an ancient SkyRealms of Jorune fanzine by Alex Blair that was printed in the UK.
  5. Afterburner

    For those who have played original Deadlands and Savage Worlds, which do you prefer?

    Finally got around to reading the Savage Worlds rulebook I purchased years ago. I can definitely see the Deadlands influence, with the different die types, aces, raises, bennies, and so on. But the original Deadlands was a dice-pool system (and a fairly neat one at that), whereas Savage World...
  6. MacAndrew

    For Sale Skyrealms of Jorune (2nd and 3rd Eds)

    Hey everyone, I have some old Skyrealms of Jorune books and a box set that I would like to find a home for. Most of the pieces have not been used for gaming but show signs of wear from storage. I have used Noble Knight's grading system as to their condition, and I think I have priced them...
  7. gtroc

    [Jorune+]H'okay 'splain it to me!?

    I like the setting of Jorune. Well, I like the art for the setting of Jorune. To be honest the setting never captured me the way the art did. So explain to me what it is that draws you to this setting? What are the roles of the players? What is unique to the setting? I want to like this...
  8. M

    tell me everything you can of "Skyrealms of Jorune"

    Hi please tell me of Skyrealms of Jorune I know nothing about it... anything and everything about system and setting and so on... what makes the game cool give me something to hook onto
  9. Mark D. Eddy

    [Skyrealms of Jorune] Why Drennship?

    This is a question/musing for those of you who are actually into Jorune's more-than-a-little quirky culture and background. I don't have my books in front of me, so I may be getting some of my terms mixed up. The basic conceit of the editions of Skyrealms of Jorune that I'm aware of is that...
  10. S

    Jorune - Art for some new projects

    I believe the good worker is "worthy of his hire" but can't afford to pay for art with the new Skyrealms of Jorune support materials - technically fanzine material. Previously I published Sholari Magazine and Journal of the Tansoor Historical Society. The newest release will be The Gomo Guide to...
  11. S

    Skyrealms of Jorune: How to roll up non-humans?

    I've been looking at this game, and I was curious how one would roll up a group of non-human adventurers. Are there any changes that should be made? A party of those mantis dudes would be interesting
  12. J

    Jorune. Any news?

    The Skyrealms of Jorune was one of the more fascinating campaign settings I've ever read. I know it's been out of publication for years. Anyone know if it'll ever be printed again?
  13. M

    Help Me Stock a Colony Ship (please)

    For a game I am running, I need to figure out what is on an early stage colony ship. Here is what the planners on Earth know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Givens: Travel between systems is hideously expensive (it is gate based), so the colonization will happen in two stages. A...
  14. V

    Skyrealms of Jorune : a stronger motivation and a stronger ethos

    Skyrealms of Jorune : Lets fix it Just stumbled on this fascinating world. Having read various reviews and discussions about the game, mainly this excelent "Lets read.." by Grymbok, I feel the consensus is that the setting is great but lacks a central motivation, a sense of purpose by the...
  15. M

    Science Fiction - Low metal technology

    I am re-writing Jorune for use with my gaming group (Deadlands system conversion). This includes some map alterations and demographic shifts to make the political scene more coherent (for example). For those who are unfamiliar, the Jorune world is enveloped in the energies (Isho) of 7 crystal...
  16. Grymbok

    [Let's Read] Skyrealms of Jorune, 3rd Edition

    Introduction I've been fascinated by Jorune for over twenty years. I remember seeing the 2nd edition boxed set in the RPG section of a Virgin Megastore, and being intrigued by the back cover's call to "Leave your world behind". Later a chance encounter at a train station led to a conversation...
  17. Pete Rogers

    (Ebay) Skyrealms of Jorune, Weapons of the Gods, Delta Green

    Some more reluctant sales from my RPG collection, my last lots mostly sold within 24 hours so get 'em while they're hot ! :D Skyrealms of Jorune 2nd Edition Boxed Set eBay Auction No 260366282164
  18. Reverend Keith

    Games that you find too bizarre to use

    At a local gamer flea market, I recently managed to purchase GOO's Tekumel as well as Sky Realms of Jorune (and a few Jorune supplements) for dirt cheap. I've heard about these game worlds for years, but I never read them ... or even saw them at the local game store. So for ten bucks, I went...
  19. W

    [Skyrealms of Jorune]Sell me on the setting

    I see it on ebay really cheap all the time but I only know a really small amount about the setting. I know it has that old school science fantasy thing going for it but not much else. So what I want to know is whether it's worth picking up for the setting and of course some explanation as to...
  20. A

    Skyrealms of Jorune

    I've always been interested in getting into Skyrealms of Jorune, but I've never actually seen any of the books. Can anyone tell me what the game is about, and what the current edition is?
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