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  1. Ultima

    Am I the only one who likes Kender?

    I see a lot of Kender hate on dnd forums, and I am curious as to how deep it goes. For myself, Dragonlance was a part of my childhood, so I can't help but be fond of them. How does the rest of the forum feel?
  2. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Dragonlance Campaign Setting (3.5)

    Ah, Dragonlance, a grand setting with humble beginnings. The setting's creators, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, came up with the fictional world during a car trip, and were hired later by TSR to write adventures. Around this time there was plenty of information on dungeons in RPG...
  3. Ettin

    [Kender] Oh No Mearls Didn't

    Okay, everyone hold your horses and stop eating each other's tails in the playtest packet threads, because this is important. This is literally the worst thing to ever happen to Dungeons & Dragons, and we need to stop it.
  4. H

    [-]This thread is all about Kender.

    Fuck Kender. All of them. All the time. Always. Discuss. EDIT: I meant to have the exact same title as the other thread. Aw horseapples.
  5. Libertad

    [+]This thread is all about Kender.

    So I got the word about the Ettin-headed regime change on rpg.net. And I decided that in the name of fairness, we should have a nice and positive thread about Kender for a change. I understand that their mere existence is a contentious issue for many people, but in many ways these rascals...
  6. K

    [+? -? Who knows] But no, seriously, fuck Kender

    Do you like Kender? Then you better stay out of this thread, because it is not for you. Kender really were incredibly awful, weren't they? Just a poorly executed, poorly thought-out idea all around. The most annoying, clueless race in the world with a cultural talent for pissing people off...
  7. W


    My friends were trying to relate a story to me from before I joined the group, about a guy who was playing a kender, and somehow had the ability to roll a d% and consult a table to find a random item in his pocket. He rolled very well, and pulled out a ring of three wishes. His reaction was to...
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