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  1. J

    *Kickstarter* Antimatter: A Cosmically Balanced Space Heist Storytelling Adventure Game

    Hey there! I just launched a small project on Kickstarter and I wanted to share it with the RPGnet community. It's a fiasco-style storytelling game where your successes and failures catch up to you through a karmic backlash system. Please have a look and don't hesitate to ask if you have any...
  2. Parenthesis Press

    Etherfields? Anybody know more?

    All of a sudden yesterday I was bombarded with social media ads pushing this new board game on Kickstarter called Etherfields. Then, after a cursory search, I find out it has somehow established a fan base already (EDIT: I just did a little more searching and saw that they were the same folks...
  3. Mike Myler

    *Kickstarter* A Touch More Class has funded more than $91,000 and ends in 4 days!

    The A Touch More Class Kickstarter has less than 4 days remaining and is still unlocking stretch goals! Here's the lowdown: A Touch More Class - A softcover book with 9 new classes for your D&D 5E game. A Touch of Class (Revised) - A softcover book with 7 classes all carefully re-developed...
  4. B

    Wicked Ones Kickstarter, 72 hours left. Play as monsters building dungeons. 700+ backers, several stretch goals, and a few ambitious goals ahead.

    So let's start with a tl;dr. I wrote a game that mixed Dungeon Keeper with Blades in the Dark because who wouldn't want to play as badass monsters making a dungeon and killing adventurers? It's up on Kickstarter and doing awesome - 600 backers, busted through 6 stretch goals, and we partnered up...
  5. RPGWebby

    The Spy Game Modern 5E Action and Espionage RPG is LIVE on Kickstarter

    Hey folks! Our campaign for The Spy Game is live over on Kickstarter. The Spy Game is a modern 5E roleplaying game of international espionage and adventure, presented in a hardback core rulebook, brimming with full-color illustrations, missions, villains and super spies. We want to create a...
  6. S

    Audio Adventures Kickstarter

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but Im going to give it a go. If this is breaking any rules just remove it and no hard feelings. I am working on a series of audio adventures and have recently launced my kickstarter and Im just trying to get the word out. I invite you...
  7. Mike Myler

    EN5ider #278 - Top Shelf Spell Components

    Today's issue of EN5ider takes a good hard look at one of the fundamental aspects of spellcasting and considers one way to make it more engaging: better spell components! Frequent contributor Andrew Engelbrite has over two dozen suggestions on reagents that will bring the magic back to your D&D...
  8. Mike Myler

    *Kickstarter* A Touch More Class is live and FUNDED in just 4 minutes!

    Within 4 minutes of launching the A TOUCH MORE CLASS Kickstarter has funded! Get the 7 revised classes from A Touch of Class, the 9 new ones in A Touch More Class, all 16 in the snazzy Masterclass Codex hardcover, and even a custom tarot deck for playing a cardcaster! Or get some adventuring...
  9. D

    *Kickstarter* 3D Tabletop/D&D Terrain Kickstarter Ends in 48 HOURS!

    My friends and I have a Kickstarter running that will be live for another 48 hours (ending Thursday, June 20th at noon EST). Monster Adventure Terrain is a fully modular, customizable, and affordable tabletop 3D world builder. You can design your worlds in an instant with our "snap on" system...
  10. GarrettPLC

    *Kickstarter* The Portal Tarot: The Apprentice: A Tarot for RPGs!

    “All arcane applications of the Tarot are for entertainment purposes only, and Larcenous Designs, LLC cannot be held liable for demonic possession, apocalyptic prophecies, or little Timmy spider-walking across the ceiling after playing with these cards at a sleepover.” The Portal Tarot: The...
  11. Mike Myler

    EN5ider #277 - Archetypes of Antiquity

    EN5ider is getting positively Hellenic with today's issue! Delve further to see a proper gladiator archetype, something for warlocks looking to pierce the veil of time, and a domain for the community-minded cleric! Tomorrow the A Touch More Class Kickstarter goes live but if you can't wait...
  12. The Unshaven

    The Roleplayer's Guide to Heists on Kickstarter

    The San Jenaro Co-Op has a Kickstarter up for The Roleplayer's Guide to Heists, which is designed to be system agnostic. I'm interested in the idea for a number of reasons: for one thing, heists are always tricky to pull in RPGs. The best resource I've been previously was Crimeworld from John...
  13. M

    *Kickstarter* New Earthdawn 4E Kickstarter Launched

    FASA Games launched a new Earthdawn Kickstarter campaign for the 4th Edition book, The Adept's Journey: Mystic Paths! It introduces Paths and new Disciplines, revisiting old and introducing new material. Paths change the follower's Discipline and provide a way for existing characters to become...
  14. D

    Four Perilous Journeys: New adventures for The Fantasy Trip - ENDS IN SIX HOURS

    Six Hours Left! There's only six hours to go in the Kickstarter campaign for new adventures for The Fantasy Trip: "Four Perilous Journeys." During the campaign, thanks to backer encouragement and response a FIFTH adventure got added to the rewards, a 32-page solitaire adventure by David Pulver...
  15. matnoo

    Drone images used as RPG maps! :D

    I am bringing out a kickstarter that is 1000 drone photos and from those around 100 edited maps from around the world. I want to raise money to go on more trips to build a huge library with maps of volcanoes, lava flow, arctic environments, disused military installations, battle ships and cold...
  16. Falco1029

    Indie Games San Jenaro Co-Op's Projects

    So, I recently became part of a publishing group (of sorts) called the San Jenaro Co-op; we work through creator ownership and a profit-sharing model; everyone from the developers, to the writers, to the artists, to the editors work off a percentage of profits, rather than relying on flat rates...
  17. Anigart

    *Kickstarter* Last few hours on Kickstarter: Knights of Frontier Valley

    Kickstarter Project The last 24 hours are closing in fast... this is how it feels like running against the Kickstarter clock:
  18. genefunk2090

    *Kickstarter* Final 48 Hours - GeneFunk 2090 [Biopunk 5e] 650+ Backers, 550% funded!

    Only one Stretch Goal remaining! :D http://bit.ly/genefunk2090
  19. genefunk2090

    *Kickstarter* [5E] GeneFunk 2090 Hits Offset Print Run!

    We just hit a major stretch goal, wooo! :) http://bit.ly/genefunk2090
  20. D

    *Kickstarter* Four Perilous Journeys: New Adventures for The Fantasy Trip

    Can you handle the peril? Gaming Ballistic, LLC is pleased to bring four new adventures for The Fantasy Trip to Kickstarter. Four Perilous Journeys consists of four 16-page adventures; two each by David Pulver and the writing team of Christopher R. Rice and J. Edward Tremlett. The Kickstarter...
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