1. genefunk2090

    *Kickstarter* [5E] GeneFunk 2090 Hits Offset Print Run!

    We just hit a major stretch goal, wooo! :)
  2. D

    *Kickstarter* Four Perilous Journeys: New Adventures for The Fantasy Trip

    Can you handle the peril? Gaming Ballistic, LLC is pleased to bring four new adventures for The Fantasy Trip to Kickstarter. Four Perilous Journeys consists of four 16-page adventures; two each by David Pulver and the writing team of Christopher R. Rice and J. Edward Tremlett. The Kickstarter...
  3. Anigart

    Crowdfunding live for Knights of Frontier Valley

    Knights of Frontier Valley, a roguelike fantasy survival RPG is now live on Kickstarter: Take the role of an adventurer and live through his years from age 20 to 40 in a unique and dynamic world. Gain fame and fortune, while never losing the most important goal out of...
  4. genefunk2090

    GeneFunk 2090 - A 5E Biopunk Setting, is Now Live on Kickstarter

    Check it out, it's been 18 years of slow-cooked development, finally ready to get it out there. :)
  5. Jacob Kellogg

    *Kickstarter* Deck of Many Names: More than just a random name generator!

    Hey folks! I've been absent for a long while due to feeling pressure to use social media platforms instead, but you know what? I like forums! So here's my latest Kickstarter: the Deck of Many Names! When players inevitably decide to engage a random background NPC, suddenly you need details...
  6. S

    Infinity's Edge... Get Amazing Character Art!

    Kyoudai Games' new Kickstarter for Infinity's Edge, the LitRPG and MMO inspired tabletop roleplaying game, is going very well! One stretch goal down, hopefully a few more to be checked off the list. Hopefully you'll check it out and see what you think! But that's not specifically what we're here...
  7. I

    New Dungeon Geomorph Dice & Cards Kickstarter

    Inkwell Ideas has just launched a new Kickstarter for more DungeonMorph Dice & Cards! These are dungeon and cavern maps designed to connect to each other printed on cards or engraved on 1" dice. Several artist/cartographers are creating the designs, including Dyson Logos who created the format...
  8. The Unshaven

    How Fate of Cthulhu (currently on Kickstarter) is doing something with mythos storytelling I've not seen before.

    {I'm not affiliated with Evil Hat or the project in any way, I just want to talk about the project.} So the kickstarter for Fate of Cthulhu just started, and hit its funding goal within four hours. Here's the blurb: And there's a lot about the premise that interests me. According to this...
  9. genefunk2090

    GeneFunk 2090 Setting Book on DTRPG for FREE!

    I've put up the setting book (sans rules) with a bunch of art for the game included. We'll be up on Kickstarter on April 30th! Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions, cheers! :)
  10. G

    Gamers' Notebooks Kickstarter

    We're reprinting our popular A5 Gamers' Notebooks with a short Kickstarter. The previous print run sold out over a year ago and the new ones will be printed on improved paper. Here's a link the the Campaign which ends on Monday April 22nd...
  11. D

    *Kickstarter* Zombie Golf Kickstarter is still going Check it Out

    Zombie Golf. All the Frustration of Golf, all the Satisfaction of Killing Zombies. We have added a play through done last sunday at the Prowlers and Pargons 24 hour end of KS party. Added some test expansion card images as well. We will be adding pledge badges and some more video before the...
  12. F

    kickstarter - ARCANORUM

    Hello, I have registered in the forum to promote a patronage on the kickstarter platform, I am not the author, although I know him, I hope you like it and can collaborate on the project. We present you This legendary artifact and mystery that will leave your friends and colleagues in awe. We...
  13. Joe Pearce

    *Kickstarter* Wyrmkeep Dungeons TZ2: Curse of the Desert Outpost - KS now live

    My company recently launched a Kickstarter funding drive for our fifth 5E D&D module, Wyrmkeep Dungeons TZ2: Curse of the Desert Outpost. Visit the project page for details on the adventure...
  14. L

    *Kickstarter* The World After- Epic adventures for the Open Minded

    Hi guys, I just wanted to introduce a TTRPG we’ve been working on. It uses a unique d6 system and has a deep lore of our world 8000 years after environmental collapse. Thanks for reading. Click here to see more- We offer US and EU shipping, and a pdf-only option. And...
  15. MonkeyBloodDesign

    🎨 Creative The City of Great Lunden Kickstarter is now LIVE!

    And it is already over 75% funded in less than 4 days. Check out the promo video
  16. I

    Kickstarter for Snowhaven

    Hello folks, I wanted to come by and share the Kickstarter for the snowpunk fantasy RPG setting Snowhaven. What is Snowhaven? Snowhaven is a dark fantasy setting perched on the edge of a snowbound wasteland. Cut off...
  17. S

    Introducing "SKALD: Against the Black Priory"

    Hi, SKALD: Against the Black Priory is an indie CRPG of dark, grounded fantasy with a strong retro look and feel! The game draws heavily on "golden era" titles like "Ultima", the "Gold Box series" and the "Magic Candle series". It features party-based, story driven, roleplaying that mixes...
  18. W

    *Kickstarter* GODS: Lose Yourself to the Power of the Divine!

    The old and forgotten gods are preparing their awakening. To do so, they need the men and women of the Wildlands to remember them. To believe in them once again. They are choosing their heroes. They are choosing the men and women who will become their voices and their hands among the mortals...
  19. OmSwaOperations

    *Kickstarter* BEINGS from BEYOND: Demons, Devils and Angels

    Have you ever wanted to root out Demonic Cults; travel between worlds to unimaginable dimensions; or generate an infinite variety of unique creatures, each with their own bizarre and terrifying powers? If so, you're in luck! I've just started a Kickstarter for "BEINGS from BEYOND", a...
  20. MadMax906

    RUST : THE AFTERWORLD - The Roleplaying Card Game

    Hello everyone! RUST : THE AFTERWORLD, our new game project, is now live on Kickstarter. The campaign has started brilliantly (more than 17% achieved in less than 3 days, over 200 likes on our facebook page, over 15k contacts to our launching post), and we are marching at good speed toward our...
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