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  1. Jürgen Hubert

    Tell me / sell me on the Weirdness of Mystara / The Known World

    I was vaguely aware that Mystara existed from my early days as a gamer, of course (at one point I had read the German translation of the Red Box), but it only got stuck in my head as a "generic fantasy setting", and the focus of my gaming group was on the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance...
  2. S

    Mystara questions

    I recently purchased the reprint of the Rules Cyclopedia. It has a little info in the back about the Known World/Mystara. There seems to be a pseudo-Mongolia and a pseudo-Byzantine Empire as well as other lands. Do any of the old supplements have a China or Tibet analog?
  3. Caldorian

    [Artesia: Adventures in the Known World / Mythic GME] Witch’s Brew and Dragon’s Fire

    Background Inspired by Autumnflame’s wonderful AP threads, I dug out my old copy of the Mythic RPG in order to run a solo campaign myself. In my search for an adequate RPG to do so, I eventually decided on ‘Artesia: Adventures in the Known World’ for a number of reasons: 1) I really love the...
  4. A

    [Sell Me On] Mystara

    So I am not a fan of the Forgotten Realms, and while I do enjoy Greyhawk, I stumbled on this map recently, and remembered always being curious about Mystara. So I thought I would turn to you all and see who loves Mystara and why. So tell me about this world you love and why people should give...
  5. S

    [Mystara/Known World] What product should I start with?

    Pretty much what the title says, if I had to start with just one product (setting wise, not rules wise), what would it be? And where would I go form there?
  6. B

    💀 Necro [Let's Read] The Known World/Mystara - ALL of it, from the beginning

    Inspired by this post from JoeNotCharles in the Rules Cyclopedia thread: Since JoeNotCharles doesn't have the time I thought I'd have a go at this... First a bit of background. Over the course D&D's history there have been many published settings. Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Al Qadim...
  7. sagaston

    B4 - The Lost City, Share Your Stories

    I'm currently running the classic module The Lost City for my monthlyish D&D&D campaign (BECMI D&D, with booze, completely non serious) and I'm really enjoying the adventure. It feels like a precursor to more politics and social styles of gaming, mixed with some dungeon crawling and a lot of...
  8. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    Greyhawk Or Known World?

    Which setting should I choose for a nostalgic D&D romp, and why?
  9. G

    (BECMI) Quick ?

    What year was it that dragon magazine published a series on the (some?) other lands of what later became known as Mystara? I know someone knows it right of the top so THANKS in advance.
  10. Miss Atomic Bomb

    Best of the GAZ series?

    As I tinker around with my next D&D campaign, which will be fairly Rules Cyclopedia-centric, I once again have my eye on the supplementary material produced for the RC. Which of the Mystara Gazetteers do you like best, and why? Any you'd recommend staying away from? Is there any significant...
  11. N

    Artesia Beginners Help

    Hi, I'm pretty new to Artesia. I bought the book a few weeks ago and am impressed by the overall material. I have tried to search through this forum for some play aids, but haven't found many. So far I found - a thread entry with an overview on character creation - different beginner's magic...
  12. Caldorian

    [Artesia AKW] The Golden Knights (Artesia Besieged #3 Web Supplement)

    Being about to start my first Artesia campaign this weekend, I searched for stuff and stumbled over this document via Google: Really don't know whether this was ever announced... In any case, enjoy! :)
  13. V

    What new classes did the Mystara books add to the RC?

    In another thread, someone mentioned that some of the Mystara supplements had new races/classes in them. Can anyone fill me in on what they were?
  14. Z

    [Sell me/Unsell me] Artesia: Adventures in the Known World

    Hi, I knew of the game by way of Mouse Guard RPG (which I've recently acquired and I'm enjoying it right now). I've glimpsed the Artesia rpg at Drivethru, read a couple of reviews and some previews of the comic book too. So, what are the big pluses of the game? What are its low points? Has...
  15. I

    [D&D/Any] New Software Map Tool: Hexographer

    [I figured the best place here to mention this was in the D&D forum since the software creates early 90s D&D style maps. If there's a better place to put it, please move it.] Over the past month in my "spare" time I've been working on a program that allows a user to create hex maps like those...
  16. Crinos

    [Lets read] Monstrous Compendium Mystara Appendix

    Well, as I promised in Noism's epic level Lets read the Monstrous Manual thread, I am throwing my proverbial hat into the ring and reading the Mystara Appendix cover to cover, having finally gotten a PDF of it. Why this PDF? A couple of reasons: *Its one of the few Appendixes which is stand...
  17. Mithras

    School Me In ... Basic D&D

    OK. A wonderful guy named Brendan Howard has shipped at considerable expense his entire Basic D&D collection to me for free. The guy is a saint. I was looking for a simple to learn fantasy game to try out on newbie 10-year olds. Looks like this is it! But I'm a bit confused. I understand some...
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