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  1. The Wyzard

    Labyrinth RPG Announced

    So, this is one of my favorite movies EVAR, and if the book is pretty I would probably buy it as an artifact even if I didn't intend to play it. But I know nothing of Questing Beast. What else have they made that's good? Is anyone else so excited they are vibrating? ... Yeah, I don't have...
  2. NioNko

    Animated Maps

    Hi there, fellow adventurers! I am a passionate illustrator who was looking for a way to share my inspiration in drawing and playing games, and the best way i came up with is to create encounter maps, mats, tokens and other content for people to boost their imagination. Offering it on Patreon is...
  3. T

    [Brainstorming] Bogey: The Labyrinthine

    --- The first thing is: Bogeys are trapped. Isolated. Caught between reality and their own memories, and sometimes there's little difference. They hide in shadow for a reason: to sense the Bogey- to see the Blindheit is to turn their corporeal body to ash, and to listen to a Gerhorlos's real...
  4. F

    [Labyrinth] I forgot how much I liked this movie

    I'm watching it again now, after the better part of twenty years. I loved this movie when I was younger, and it has not, to me, lost any charm all the from then until now, on Blu-Ray. Jennifer Connelly is cute, but she's so young here! Really great, though. A young girl must outwit the big bad...
  5. C

    [Awesomeness] Sandstorm Nets Marvel, Henson Licenses

    http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/19303.html Dear Sandstorm: I love you.
  6. L

    I just watched The Neverending Story

    My God, what a kick in the emotional pants. So many ups and downs. I have to say that, in many ways, it's one of the most emotionally brutal children's films I've ever seen. And I'm watching it now at 42. I have to imagine seeing it as a child and alternating between crying and cheering in...
  7. V

    [Exalted] Describing the Labyrinth

    So, my players defeated the 5000* hungry ghosts swarming them in the Underworld last game and have made their way to an entrance to the Labyrinth which they plan to use to sneak into their abyssal enemy's manse. Anyway, flicking through my Exalted books last night I couldn't find anything on...
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