1. O

    [Lacuna Part 1] Explaining the mystery

    Lacuna is a very neat role-playing game, at the heart of which is a mystery - lots of things in the game are intentionally left obscure, although it is pretty plainly said that an answer exists. However, the existence of a mystery does not mean that it should purposefully remain not talked...
  2. S

    [Lacuna: Second Attempt] - Couple of files

    Hey everyone! Does anyone play Lacuna anymore? If you haven't, it's really awesome and you should definitely check it out here. Anyway, if you buy the pdf it comes as a plain pdf. There are no extras, no bookmarks, no OCR, nothing. You can download a character sheet, but it's also plain...
  3. wheloc

    [Lacuna] Who are the Spidermen?

    So, Lacuna is a game with a lot of things left as a mystery, for each group to invent/discover on their own. The game's been out for awhile, and I feel like it's on every indy game designer's "most influential" list, so a bunch of group must have played it by now. So what did you...
  4. DannyK

    [Lacuna] New Information You May Be Allowed To Know

    Lacuna Part 2 is coming out!!! And Lacuna Part I, Second Attempt is now out on PDF. This is exciting news. I am hoping for a reproducible map of the Blue City that I can hand out to players and some baffling props.
  5. V

    [Lacuna] Actual Play - Lasting Impressions

    Hi all! I see that Lacuna doesn't get mentioned any more but, in case someone still cares, I'll post a play report from the first ever session me and my group played. So there you have it. The Group: We played in a group of 4 plus me, The Control. Three players were seasoned gamers but...
  6. Mechante_Anemone

    Lacuna Game Notes: Into the Deep End

    We played our first Lacuna game (Memento Mori Theatrics) yesterday at a mini-game convention in Seattle, Emerald City Gamefest. It was an unusual setup in that the GM (Edmund) was not on site but running via Skype from California! The players were around the table in Seattle, while the...
  7. N

    New GM RPG Recommendation

    I made a post on here a while back about some ideas for getting into some games with a new group, but everything ended up falling through and gaming fell to the wayside. However, I've got a new group that I've been gaming with, and am looking for some advice as to what would be best to run with...
  8. S

    IRC/Skype/Online- LACUNA/Don't rest your head - rotatingGM -need players

    Play Location/Method: any online text-based means are preferable. Players from Northamptonshire UK would be a pleasant surprise. Game/System: Don't rest your head, Lacuna or other surreal/lucid-dreaming based system Player or GM? I assume GM might be a rotating role. Time/Frequency: free anytime...
  9. S

    [Lacuna] - How to begin?

    How do you begin? What do you tell the players? Do you tell them that they're agents? Agents in what program (I'm kinda unclear as the setting as well...)? Please advise, this seems like a game that I'd totally love to run.
  10. M

    I dont get Lacuna. Beware spoilers!

    The game itself is a neat little package, I really like the system, but the setting just doesnt click for me. It seems very... non existent, I love dangerous, twisted dreamworlds as settings (DRYH and Kingdom of Nothing tickle my fancy big time,) it seems so close to my ideal game but it tries...
  11. M

    Copies of Lacuna

    Is Lacuna still in print?
  12. M

    Lacuna part 2?

    Is there a second part to Lacuna?
  13. Rain242

    [Lacuna] Preparation is Everything

    Last weekend, I ran Lacuna at Furnace 2010, which I thought went down pretty well. As I've seen a few threads in the past asking for advice on running it, I thought I'd share what I did with it. Drawing inspiration from this post by MountZionRyan, I firstly prepared a manilla folder for each of...
  14. J

    [Lacuna] One page cheat sheet

    I am running a Lacuna round at an upcoming local con, and I am thinking about using the following cheat sheet for the players. Frankly, I did it as much to internalize the rules as I did to help the players, but I am still interested in feedback and error-trapping. Lacuna One Page Rules...
  15. R

    Let's Brainstorm... an Inception RPG (spoilers)

    First off, there's no way to have this discussion without spoiling the subject, Chris Nolan's new movie "Inception". And I don't want to talk about whether it was a good film or bad, or necessarily interpretations of it because there are already some threads in Tangency for that. But since...
  16. Rain242

    [Lacuna] Soundtrack Suggestions?

    I'm currently in the process of writing (well, actually rewriting) a Lacuna game for a convention later in the year. To this end, I've been looking around for useful threads to mine for inspiration and come across a link in this post pointing to an album by Colleen. To my mind this conveys the...
  17. thekelvingreen

    [Lacuna Part I: The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City] Scenarios?

    It is perhaps a silly question, but are there any scenarios floating around for this rpg?
  18. C

    [System Suggestion] GM don't roll dice

    Okay, is there a system where the GM doesn't roll any dice, or hardly ever rolls any dice? Especially in combat? And if such a system exists, does it use target/difficulty numbers or are there also other possibilities that the GM can use to influence how strong or difficult the opposition or...
  19. B

    Has anyone played "Lacuna Part I...

    ...The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City"? I bought Don't rest Your Head and LOVE the premise. The system looks quirky (in a good way) and my imagination went wild. In the credits for the game, the above monster of a title was listed so I went searching and read the reviews and...
  20. C

    [Lacuna] Ideas?

    Just picked it up. I've been ready some other threads about what people have done with the game -- what have you done with it? I'm looking for scenario ideas, plots, weird bits... I'm itching to play, I just need some bizarre ideas to get the old creative juices flowing...
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