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legend of the 5 rings

  1. adamsmith

    [L5R] Customs of Rokugan

    Hi Guys I am shortly going to start running L5R for my group. None of us have played it before, and are not super-familiar with the setting. To help break us in, before every session I want to provide an example of a custom common to Rokugan. What are the ones that stick out in your mind? Do...
  2. Kappukzu

    Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition Rules Expansion (Yobanjin)

    Hi all, I'm planning a L5R 4th Ed campaign, and have been expanding & changing a bunch of the rules to suit my needs. One section is finished, so I thought I'd share in case anyone finds it useful: my take on the Yobanjin. Link to a PDF below...
  3. Kid Twist

    [L5R] Oni and Names

    So I'm running a 5e game and I'd like to add some darker material from the Shadowlands once the players get a couple of adventures under their obi--blood magic, oni, that sort of thing. However, one thing that's really got me is the idea of giving an oni your name. Why would you do that? There's...
  4. SnowDog

    FFG Legend of The 5 Rings Character Generator (Unofficial)

    In case there are some L5R players out here: I'm happy to present an initial release of Paper Blossoms, an unofficial, open source, free character generator for Legend of the 5 Rings! https://github.com/dashnine/PaperBlossoms We've currently got data entered and code working for everything...
  5. I

    Looking for people near Roy, Utah wanting to play the Legend of the Five Rings RPG

    We have a GM and a book, live in Roy, Utah, and are looking for at least one other player to play L5r E-mail me at jonosaurusrex@hotmail.com if you're interested
  6. Bipolar Bear

    🎨 Creative [L5R] Help Me Prep an Epic Game Featuring All Crab Clan Characters

    Okay, so I've got buy-in from players to start a new Legend of the Five Rings game, using the new FFG rules. One of them is familiar with the earlier editions, but the others are going in blind. Abent any guidance, they all chose to play Crab Clan characters. That's great, it gives me a reason...
  7. K

    Legend of the Five Rings - Kanazawa

    These are the session logs from a fairly long (58 sessions!) L5R campaign I ran recently. The session logs were primarily intended for my use and the player's reference. There are a few places with missing NPC names, which were mostly for incidental characters that even I couldn't remember a...
  8. DailyRich

    FFG Buys L5R!

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/11/a-new-emperor-rises/ The CCG will complete with the upcoming Evil Portents expansion from AEG, with an LCG version to follow at GenCon in 2017. Don't see anything about the role-playing game, but I have to imagine that's coming over as well...
  9. I

    [L5R 4E] Anyone know the status on this game?

    Like the title says. A few months ago it seemed like a reprint of a bunch of books, including the core, were coming soon but now I'm looking for it and the core doesn't seem to be available, including in the AEG store itself. I looked on the AEG forum but the last thread about reprints dates...
  10. Rangdo

    [L5R] Help me choose a new Let's Read!

    So, several recent L5R threads have reminded me that I wanted to do another Let's Read for one of the products. I'm just not sure which one, so I'm going to ask you guys via my first poll on this site! Note that I've still only read the corebook and Enemies of Empire (Let's Read links in my...
  11. J

    (L5R) Experimenting with a formal, story-based XP system

    So I'm planning a new campaign of Legend of the Five Rings, and I'm tinkering with an XP system designed to emphasize particular story goals, and to give each session a different mood based on the turning of the year. For instance, PCs get XP for using the Attributes linked to that season's...
  12. The_Gekko_State

    [L5R] Domain Management.

    I'm wondering if anyone has done a domain management/ kingmaker style campaign. Also wondering if there are any rules around for L5R that help with domain management? And if anyone has done this kind of campaign any tips or advice and how'd it go?
  13. SJE

    L5R - how exactly do the Spider Clan fit in?

    So, I've been a bit confused by some references to the Spider Clan as a Great Clan thats now part of the Emerald Empire. Yet they were also Shadowland dwelling bad guys who worship Fu Leng? How are they part of Rokugan society without the Crab in open revolt? How do other Bushido following...
  14. R

    [RPG]: Legend of the Five Rings Fourth Edition, reviewed by Daniel Weber (5/4)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/14/14869.phtml Daniel Weber's Summary: Legend of the Five Rings moves to its Fourth Edition, does the Shadowlands Taint consume it or is this the edition the fans have been waiting for? Go to the full review for more information.
  15. SteveD

    So, Clan War - any good?

    I just got given Ye Back of Some Gamers Cupboard, in the ancient rite we gamers know so well (give your crap away to the guy who seems to care more). Clan War was in there. Haven't got down to unpacking it yet, anyone want to give me some highlights or entice me to play?
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