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legend of the burning sands

  1. A

    [L5R-4th] Legend of the Burning Sands Conversion

    Is now available on the l5r.com web site, for those interested: http://www.l5r.com/rpg
  2. Aysez

    [L5R] 4th edition conversion for Legend of the Burning Sands?

    I vaguely recall somebody mentioning that we would see this at some point. Does anybody have any info on it?
  3. G

    Legend of the Burning Sands- Tell me about it

    At least point me towards a review, I couldn't find one here on rpgnet. I'm enjoying the L5R game that I'm currently in and its piqued my curiosity in the game that I understand to use the same system and exist in the same world. SO, anyone playing/have played Legend of the Burning Sands?
  4. K

    Ivory Kingdoms

    Is it just me, or has AEG completely overlooked the Ivory Kingdoms in terms of usable information and source material? I've looked through several L5R books (from all editions) and the Legend of the Burning Sands book and have yet to find anything substantial. Mostly just "snippets" and...
  5. CrackedMan_SAH

    Questions about Legend of the Burning Sands

    I've been reading through and doing some skimming and I have some questions. 1.) Are there any restrictions on mixing sahir and warrior classes? 2.) Can Qabal sahirs purchase new spells with XP, or only by raising their Insight level? 3.) What is the faction bonus for Medinaat al-Salaam city...
  6. J

    Legend of the Burning Sands

    Just wondered, as this game has been out for a few weeks now has anyone used it or taken part in a game? What does it play like? I know it uses a lite version of L5R just wondered how good it was Cheers J.T.
  7. J

    Legend of the Burning Sands RPG

    Could someone give me the low down onthis book or point me in the right direction to a good thread review of it. Reall interested but don't know too much about it. Cheers J.T.
  8. B

    [Necro]Arabian Nights rpgs?

    Hi everyone -- I've been out for a while, so if this subject has been done recently, my apologies. I'm looking for Arabian Nights-style rpgs. Commericial, amateur, PDF, cool websites, anything. 1. I have TSR's Al-Qadim. 2. Is there a d20 A-Q conversion ? (official or un-official) 3. Feel...
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