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legend of the five rings

  1. adamsmith

    [L5R] Customs of Rokugan

    Hi Guys I am shortly going to start running L5R for my group. None of us have played it before, and are not super-familiar with the setting. To help break us in, before every session I want to provide an example of a custom common to Rokugan. What are the ones that stick out in your mind? Do...
  2. Kappukzu

    Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition Rules Expansion (Yobanjin)

    Hi all, I'm planning a L5R 4th Ed campaign, and have been expanding & changing a bunch of the rules to suit my needs. One section is finished, so I thought I'd share in case anyone finds it useful: my take on the Yobanjin. Link to a PDF below...
  3. E

    [L5R - 4th edition] Stats for NPC Lost.

    I'm trying to write some Shadowlands content for my ongoing game (Set in 1118 so it precedes the Spider Clan). However I can't find any stats for `Average` Lost. I've only got some super-powerful NPCs from Enemies of the Empire, who are around Taint 8-9. I'm looking for Taint 4-5 NPCs like Dark...
  4. SnowDog

    FFG Legend of The 5 Rings Character Generator (Unofficial)

    In case there are some L5R players out here: I'm happy to present an initial release of Paper Blossoms, an unofficial, open source, free character generator for Legend of the 5 Rings! https://github.com/dashnine/PaperBlossoms We've currently got data entered and code working for everything...
  5. J

    New Legend of the Five Rings

    ......has just hit the shelves I've played other editions but know nothing about the new one. Can someone give me the low down on character creation and the rules in general Thinking of getting it so just want a bit of info before I make my mind up
  6. salinea

    [L5R 4th ed] Character Creation help

    I'm creating a new character for a L5R 4th table (a game I'm a little bit familiar from a long time ago in much earlier editions but not in depth), and as always when I do I tend to waffle endlessly about my picks etc. so i figured I might as well ask a little bit of advice. The GM has been a...
  7. M

    [7th Sea & L5R] Similarities between Theah and Rokugan

    So, I was looking at two settings that I really like -- Theah and Rokugan, both largely John Wick creations -- and noticed that the movers-and-shakers in either setting have a lot in common. The Crab Clan compares most easily to the nation of Eisen. They are constantly fighting monsters, live a...
  8. CarrotandStick

    [L5R] Dragon Age: Inquisition - Rokugan Edition?

    So I'm thinking of running an L5R game for a small group of great roleplayers; very character driven, etc etc. I'm thinking that taking the basic shape of Dragon Age: Inquisition and applying it to Rokugan would be a great opportunity to resolve a lot of L5R's sometime problems with campaign...
  9. N

    Which L5R?

    Now a lot of us have seen what's on the cards for the new FFG version of the Legends of the Five Rings rpg, which one are you likely to go for? For myself, the FFG version just hasn't grabbed me. While there are a few points I like, the majority just isn't doing in for me in a somewhat nebulous...
  10. Jetpack

    Anyone played the Beta of the new L5R RPG?

    Fantasy Flight Games is putting out a new version of the L5R RPG. I've checked the FFG forum, and there doesn't appear to be a lot of recent opinion, but what is there isn't good. Has anyone here tried it? I've only played 1st edition, and Rokugan is one of my favorite worlds. Thanks!
  11. D

    Legend of the 5 rings - Who would win a Sengoku like war?

    I'm playing shogun 2 and I'm in a campaign of Legend of the 5 rings, so this question came up. If a civil war like Sengoku broke out, which clan would win?
  12. L

    [Motivational] [MCU] [L5R]

    It's been ages since I've posted here, and I don't see a Motivational Posters thread, so I'm making one for this series of L5R/Avenger crossovers. Please tell me if this is the wrong place. Also if it's the right place. Anyway, I was feeling particularly geeky and made these. EDIT: I'm having...
  13. johnnype

    [L5R] Do we know where the metaplot stands?

    While we wait, perhaps forever, for FFG to announce an L5R RPG does anyone know where the setting stands at the moment? Is it after the last events of the old CCG or are they resetting the clock? I haven't taken the time to read the new fiction they've posted. Perhaps if someone here recommends...
  14. Behemoth

    [L5R] My problems with Rokugan

    Over the last three years I've been thinking a lot about the problems I have with L5R, especially after the last campaign I ran in L5R wasn't entirely a success. Now, obviously this is all my opinion and YMMV and there’s a lot of hyperbole and I’m not being entirely serious – or fair. And yes, I...
  15. D

    L5R Empire of Emerald Stars

    Hi everyone! I saw that many people there are interested with this particular setting and willing to collect information about it. It's already done. :p Just see out there: Empire of Emerald Stars Companion If you have something to add to the book, I'm always happy to do so! Enjoy!
  16. S

    [l5r] Buying the way of the clans vs. 4th edition

    So recently samurai rpg's have been on my mind, and therefore I decided that I should probably learn about Rokugan and legend of the five rings, as it seems to be the most well known of them. After reading some advice I ended up buying the 1st edition corebook, and City of Lies, and I am pretty...
  17. J

    [L5R] Crab Clan

    Can someone suggest movies or comics etc. that would help me role-play a Crab Clan Bushi. THankyou
  18. Yo! Master

    [L5R] [+] The thread about all the awesomeness of 'L5R'

    I love L5R & Rokugan & throughout the 20+ years it's been around, while I haven't loved everything done with it, it has, nevertheless, been the source of a lot of awesomeness! This is a thread were we celebrate all that! :) :) So, post all the stuff, be it characters, story-beats big & small...
  19. Maese Mateo

    L5R returns to 1st Edition setting?

    A friend of mine sent me an article from a Spanish blog were they talk about FFG having plans to return the L5R setting to its 1st Edition roots, and that the L5R timeline will advance with the RPG, not the cardgame. Anyone knows if this is true? Because I really hope this is true, but I can't...
  20. JobotBobica

    [Legend of the Five Rings LCG Thread]

    Stumbled upon this image on Facebook, showing a poster for the new L5R - and only the original seven major clan mons on it.
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