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  1. Leonaru

    [LFQW] How often did it come up at your table?

    A disclaimer right at the start: This isn't a poll to show that LFQW isn't an issue in general or anything. I'm just curious how often people encounter it. I rarely came across it, and I think there are two reasons for that: 1) Most of my games (both as player and DM) were low-level games. Even...
  2. Libertad

    [Let's Read] The Path of War

    Back in the halcyon days of 2006, when the 3rd Edition line-up was coming to an end, the game designers were coming up with new subsystems to interact with the base D20 game. One of them was a new martial system which operated off of a per-encounter format, where characters could execute...
  3. Libertad

    [Quasar Knight Enterprises] Nice Things for Fighters is out!

    Move Your Martials Up a Tier! For too long, the humble fighter and his ilk have been restricted, limited, nerfed, and outshone by high-level spellcasters in more ways than one. The groundbound swordmaster looked on in dismay as his wizard companion rained down Save or Dies on the enemies with...
  4. Libertad

    "A Wizard Did It" for noncasters

    The idea that "non-magic people can't replicate magic things" is what got us Caster Supremacy in 3rd Edition, and is present at high levels in earlier Editions as well (but not to the same extent). The D&D idea that noncasters can't replicate or interact with magic stuff, or that doing so...
  5. A

    Can wizards and fighters be balanced without nerfing wizards or making fighters magic

    When my group switched from to 4e from 3.x, while we generally liked the system, the reaction to inidividual classes really varied a lot. Basically, the people who liked to play martial characters were fucking psyched. Fighters especially suddenly got way more cool shit to do, and the girl in...
  6. Peter K.

    [Fantasy Craft] To what extent LFQW?

    I don't have Fantasy Craft, but the ads made it look interesting and the above got me wondering: Did Fantasy Craft manage to fix the quadratic wizards issue signficantly, just push it back a few levels, impact it at all? Thoughts?
  7. R

    [Pathfinder] To what extent LFQW?

    I don't have any experience with Pathfinder. A friend of mine is playing a game of it though (at around ~21st level as a caster), and he claimed that there was no LFQW problem as there is in 3.x. So I'm asking the gestalt of rpg.net: to what extent, if any is Linear Fighter/Quadratic Wizard a...
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