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  1. MABfan11

    General Isekai Thread

    With isekai having become as popular to make as it has in recent years, especially in the light novel and manga industry, with many potential anime adaptations on the horizon in the future, i figured we needed a thread for them. so i made this Which isekai do you think is the best? Is there...
  2. 0Megabyte

    I was reincarnated as a Manga & Written Japanese discussion thread (Part 3!)

    Here we go again! Enjoy all that written Japanese goodness! First Thread: Second thread:
  3. Quasar

    Manga and other Written Japanese? Things, Part 2

    Sadly, "My Second Discussion Discussion Thread of Japanese Written Media Including But Not Limited to Manga Title Cannot be this Verbose" was too long for a title. mod edit: original thread is here...
  4. Quasar

    The Discussion Thread of Manga and other Written Japanese Things

    So here it is, a spinoff of the general anime thread, where we talk about the Japanese print media (manga and light novels mostly I guess) we read as well as related news. Hopefully there's mores folks than just the anime thread regulars who also read manga. Maybe there's some manga only people...
  5. Bull

    [General Anime][Fall 2014]A Certain Literary General Anime Thread

    The Fall 2014 Anime season is starting, and that means it's time for a fresh thread! Previously, on General Anime: The SUmmer 2014 season has some strong contenders, but ultimately seemed a little lackluster. Blue Spring Ride was the most Shoujo of Shoujo shows, but was still excellent, while...
  6. Aikireikinu

    [General Anime Thread]-kun: Master of Wasting Time

    Previous thread No one else was making a new thread, and I liked this thread title suggestion! /stamps the thread "Making a new general anime thread: Conquered!"
  7. Rabbit

    Japanese light novel translations: Suggestions and sources

    I've read a couple of translations of Japanese light novels that have made it into anime series. I'm looking for other examples of the genre to get a feel for what's out there. The ones I have are the Sword Art Online series and some soft covers put out by Viz Media. What I'm looking for are...
  8. A

    [IWIW] [Spoilers Galore] Haruhi Suzumiya after reading all the novels

    My new internship is stressful. To pass the bus ride, I’ve been reading all of the Haruhi Suzumiya novels. I watched the anime when it first came out, but in a rush, and I hardly remember it now, seven years later. Since I am done now, I really want to talk about the novels. So, in an effort to...
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