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live action

  1. yalborap

    [WIW] Kamen Rider Build! Where the hero’s conducting an experiment.

    Whew, what a day. Made a good bit of progress on some things, though, even if I did end up having an absurd amount of sweets. Anyways, welcome back, people! We wrapped up Ex-Aid, so now we’re checking out…That’s right, the next Kamen Rider series! It’s Kamen Rider Build, episode 01! Here we GO!
  2. yalborap

    [WIW] The Good Place, season 2! Where the heroine is not having a good time.

    Okay, so, we’ve got a few things to run down the line. First and foremost, you might notice the lack of image. Real talk, I delayed this by two entire series, just trying to find a way to screenshot or screen grab or somehow get a fucking image out of Netflix on mobile. I have, as you can see...
  3. Eled the Worm Tamer

    First trailer for the Battle Angel Alita live action is out.

    https://youtu.be/CqYfXOYqzy4 I am filled with both fear, and exitement by this. Exitement becase Battle Angel Alita is my favorite manga with ideas and vistas that indelibly sank into my mind to be devoured and returned to, underpinning roots of my ideas in many ways. Fear because, well...
  4. yalborap

    [WIW] The Good Place! Where the heroine, really, doesn't, belong here...

    This is, in the strictest technical sense, coming to you the day after Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. And thus by being technically correct, I am the best kind of correct. …Anyways I’ve got people who’ve been really wanting to see this, and I’ve got stuff I gotta do when the sun’s up, which means...
  5. R

    Orem, UT Vampire LARP players wanted

    Play Location/Method: Orem, UT LARP Game/System: Mind's Eye Theatre Vampire the Masquerade Player or GM? I am the Storyteller of a new Vampire LARP. Time/Frequency: Alternate Saturdays 6pm to 10pm. Genre: Modern World of Darkness Current needs: Looking for additional players. We only have 10...
  6. T

    anyone else get a look at Dresden Lives?

    i was visiting an out-of-town buddy of mine who was lucky enough to get in on the Dres Lives playtest. after much begging he let me look at the PDF. to avoid getting anyone in trouble or pissing off Evil hat, i wont post any spoilers. but i do have a question....where are the magic rules? like...
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