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looking for group

  1. Artemis2314

    Player looking for a group to play

    My name is Daniel. I'm from Hungary and 18 years old. In my free time I play computer games and read books. I am creative, logical and sometimes I have weird ideas. I'm relatively new when it comes to roleplaying (only played some d&d 5e with friends). Preferably I'd like to play D&D 5e or...
  2. Bliss Authority

    Oakland Endgame - Scum and Villainy - GM - Seeking players

    Location: Endgame, Oakland, CA Game: Scum and Villainy Player or GM? GM Time/Frequency Thursdays 4-7, possibly grabbing dinner after Genre: Doing crimes in a space opera setting. Current needs: More players! Accept Drop-In Players? Yes Accept Spectators? Yes Go to space, be gay, do crimes...
  3. R

    Via Hangouts - World of Dungeons - bi-weekly group on Thursdays

    Play Location/Method: via Google Hangouts (video/mic) Game/System: John Harper's minimalist World of Dungeons (lite hack of Dungeon World, a PbtA game) Player or GM? I'm the GM, seeking 3-5 players Time/Frequency: roughly bi-weekly on Thursdays starting Oct 12 at 4 pm PST (2 to 2.5 hour...
  4. REZcat

    Norwich, North Norfolk, UK (Cromer) gamer looking for group

    Any roleplayers in the area? I'm more of a superhero player, but I'd be willing to try other games. If it leads to an ongoing campaign, I might be willing to throw in some free character illustrations ;)
  5. Quasar

    [LFG] Newcastle, Australia

    So after several years without a group, I'm desparate enough to take some more direct action. At this point I'll play almost anything. So if there any any Newcastle groups needing an exta player, pm me.
  6. S

    Any Call of Cthulhu Gamers in Chicago?

    I am a Keeper looking for players. I run CoC in many time periods. Campaigns I have and want to run include: Cthulhu Britannica: London Guide Tatters of the King Ripples of Carcosa Any Sci Fi setting Magic World (BRP Fantasy) Also into many other non-D&D games like Dungeon Crawl Classics...
  7. S

    Looking for a pathfinder group to join!

    Heya. Since my failed quest to start a CWoD group, I've been looking about at a few other rpgs, most notably the NWoD's Beast: the Primordial and Pathfinder. I found myself well and interested in pathfinder, and brought a few supplementaries over DriveThruRPG, these being: Novus Draco - "New...
  8. Aethyron

    Toronto - Looking for group

    Hey RPGnet, Basically, come September almost all of my current group is leaving town and thus I am looking either to join an existing group somewhere in Toronto (most anywhere I can get to by transit), or to put a new group together. I'll play anything, and I'm also willing to GM, pretty much...
  9. J

    Pittsburgh, PA - Lve game - Player -Hoping to join

    I live in Pittsburgh, and I am looking for a new group. I am willing to try almost anything at least once, and I have some minor GM experience. I own... lots of games. I have experience with D&D 4e, 3.5, PF, M&M 2e, DF RPG, SF 20A, and nWoD. But I would jump at the chance to get to use one of...
  10. GorgonDynamo

    Looking for a game/group in the Atlanta, GA area

    Hey there, I'm looking for a game/group in the Atlanta, GA USA area that would be willing to take on a couple of additional players. To give you some back story, I've been living in the Atlanta area about two years now and I have been running several games off an on and so has a good friend of...
  11. K

    On line- Feng Shui and/or HKAT2! rpg- looking for players or group to join

    Play Location/Method: on line, Play by forum, email Game/System: Feng Shui rpg and/or HKAT2! Player or GM? I could be the GM in this campaign or one of rotating GMs Time/Frequency: to be decided together Genre: action, wuxia, hard boiled Current needs: find a group Accept Drop-In Players? Yes...
  12. M

    Looking for a player to join a long standing, friendly 4th edition DnD

    Hello all, We are a friendly group of 4th edition, and other edition, players looking to join our dedicated group. requirements: english language able to play in our standard time-slot (6pm-11pm GMT / <other time zones>) on sundays understanding of D&D 4ed understanding of maptools preferred...
  13. A

    LFG in UP Michigan or Wisconsin

    I live right on the border between Michigan and Wisconsin; I am looking for a gaming group to join that would be within a couple hours' drive. I have experience in D&D, World of Darkness (including Masquerade, Requiem, and Forsaken), Exalted, Star Trek RPG, and a host of other games. Friendly...
  14. M

    [Online] Looking for a group

    Play Location/Method: Online, preferably MapTools Game/System: D&D 3.5 (I've never played 4e, but I want to learn) Player or GM: Player, I'm not very good at being a DM Time/Frequency: Weekends, anytime. I'm in PST I'm new to playing online and I've only played a few times in person. I'm...
  15. O

    Looking for gaming in London

    Hey, I'm going to be doing study abroad for a semester in London and I was hoping to do some gaming while I'm there. I'll be in the city from September to January. I'm interested in just about anything, let me know if you've got a group and could use a player or a GM, or if you know good...
  16. Jrandom

    [ONLINE] Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy player - Looking for a game (Ventrilo, Maptools)

    Hello there, I swiped the title from a similar post that had 20+ replies saying that they wanted to join the posters game. Since he only had a couple slots to begin with, I think the thread should be put to rest. I am a longtime RPGer/40k player. I know the fiction inside and out. I am...
  17. Djehuty3

    Looking for a group in Dublin...

    Just moved up to the city as a student, and thus distinctly short of a group. I'm living on the South Circular Road, but I'll happily get a bus to anywhere. Anyone around?
  18. D

    [Orlando, Fl] Fate/DitV/Indie games

    We just moved to Orlando and I'm looking for gamers interested in playing some less traditional games. I'm not adverse to playing D&D or WW games with the right group but I am much more interested in lighter, stranger, more hippie? types of games. I enjoying hacking settings and rule systems and...
  19. E

    [Los Angeles, CA] Player looking for a Game.

    Play Location: Los Angeles, CA Game/System: D&D 3E or 4E Player or GM? I’m looking to play. Time/Frequency: Need to discuss this with potential people in the Los Angeles area (particularly in near distance to West Hollywood). Genre: Whatever kind of D&D, really. Current needs: A game to...
  20. A

    [ISTTROKO] Group finder websites

    OK, TRO, my google-fu has failed. Where are all the find-a-gaming-group websites I know exist? The rpg.net classifieds are bone dry for my area (not even a D&d ad!). I know I saw several matching sites out there, back when I had a stable game group. Now that I'm trying to find more players...
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